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Financing family trips

Published on 19 March 2014 by Emma Jane | 0 Comments |

Walking in the Gibbston Valley

As a parent, you are likely far from a frequent jet setter, but it’s common to take the family on a trip once in a while.

However, holidays can be expensive so a little preparation is always useful. Parents are natural savvy shoppers, doing everything they can to reduce costs and keep within budget, so why not apply this to your next holiday? At the very least, doing some of the following can help open up potential you might have even realised.

Break it down

Every little can help and, when you know the dates, it’s easier to plan ahead. Why worry about a large cost when you can cut it down into weekly payments? If you have an end goal, saving this way is much easier. It's also quite rewarding too, since you (and the family) can literally watch the savings collect up.

A little help throughout the year

Of course, if you can get free money or discounts along the way, this will always. Air miles are a well known concept, so why not earn these for something you were going to do anyway?

An American Express Qantas Frequent flyer credit card, for example, offers flyer points as you spend, so even the local weekly shop can turn into a small part of your next trip. Considering the prevalence of flights taken by Australians – with official figures explaining that overseas travel rose to 6.8 million trips in the 12 months to June 2010 (a drastic increase from 2.1 million recorded the year before) – the significance of these sorts of benefits is clear.

Qantas card holders can even get complimentary travel insurance for both international journeys and trips across Australia itself. Again, it's all about knocking small costs off, one by one, to reduce the larger whole.

Avoid extras

Since one of the main problems with getting away is the sheer cost, have you tried cutting out all the extras you don't need? Many airlines like to charge for extra luggage and other additional features which are not always needed.

If you have young children, for instance, their clothes can often fit into one bag, and entire families can downsize into smaller luggage to ensure nobody has to pay extra fees. The same thing can also apply to hotels and other options throughout your stay – always consider cheaper options or if it’s even necessary at all.

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