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3 kids, 3 and under in Asia

Posted by Alyssa Mott on 12 November 2014 | 0 Comments

Kids digging on the Danang beach

Taking advantage of my parental leave from my job as a project manager,I have dragged our kids to Asia for four months to enjoy the warm weather and cheap living. We are having a great time and the kids are loving having both parents around every day.

Planning the Dream

Posted by Domini Hedderman on 16 January 2013 | 3 Comments


When we decided to take a six-month family sabbatical, we knew we’d have a lot to do to get ready. What we didn’t realize is how the entire planning process leading up to the journey was a learning experience every bit as much as the actual time away has become. Here’s how we did it.

Grab Your Suitcase, Grab Your Kids, & Hit the Road

Posted by Domini Hedderman on 15 November 2012 | 1 Comments

Plane Window

My husband and I have must gypsy blood. Otherwise, why would we have this longing to see the world? We’re not waiting for retirement to do what we want to do. People think they can't detach from their life but if they can. We all can. Even with kids. In fact, it’s BETTER with kids!

What does a World Travelling Parent Look Like?

Posted by Colin Burns on 9 July 2011 | 3 Comments

Burns Melaka

"What does a World Travelling Parent look like?" you ask! Well lucky for you a few families have blogged about this. Initially the round-up of blog posts was suggested by Drew Gilbert. I thought it might be a nice idea to highlight those articles and to give you a link to each of them.

10 Reasons for Long Term Family Travel

Posted by Amy Sztupovszky on 8 March 2011 | 3 Comments


Having a family is not an excuse to stop traveling. Indeed, having children is the best reason to travel! Here are 10 good reasons to travel provided to you by Amy Sztupovszky of Worldschool Adventures

Vaccinations and Malarials

Posted by Tracy Burns on 8 February 2011 | 0 Comments


'Do I vacinate my children?' is a common question that parents ask before going on a family holiday, especially to less developed countries. If you're heading to a tropical country with your children you've probably considered the issue of taking anti-malarials as well. On short term holidays with young children, its unlikely that they're going to be exposed to too many nasty illnesses but its always worth consulting your family GP to get the best advice. But if you're travelling long term through multiple countries and regions, that vary in their level of development and sanitation levels, possibly trekking through mosquito filled jungles and eating and drinking what the locals do, your family GP might not have the experience to answer your questions accurately.

5 Things Not To Pack

Posted by Tracy Burns on 8 February 2011 | 4 Comments


When we first started planning our round the world trip, I spent hours scanning the internet for lists of 'essential things to pack' developed by experienced travellers. I ended up completely overwhelmed by the list after list of supposedly essential items that we needed to bring. Our medical kit alone would take up half a pack if we packed everything the lists were recommending.We'd made a commitment to travel light - just one 55L pack on wheels and two 40L packs, as well as a laptop/camera bag. How on earth were we going to fit in everything the lists were telling us we should be packing?

After a year oftravel we still don't have all the answers. Each time we pack and move location we find something else in our packs that we haven't used in months or acquire some new seemingly 'necessary' item that we usually find in the bottom of the pack three months later forgotten after the first week. Since Colin is working location independently as we travel some of our essential IT equipment might not be so essential to others if your just on a family holiday. We've also only travelled in the ludicrously warm weather of South East Asia. I'm sure when we hit Europe or Northern Canada our packing essentials list will alter radically. But after a year on the road on the road we can share what we found to be useless space fillers that collected dust and weighed down our packs.