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What does a World Travelling Parent Look Like?

Published on 9 July 2011 by Colin Burns | 3 Comments |

This week a number of Travelling Families decided to all write posts that describe what it looks like to be a Travelling Parent. I'm just going to give you a little teaser from their posts and then you can head on over to their site to read the full post.

What Does A World Traveling Dad Look Like? (2011 Edition)

Drew Gilbert - http:almostfearless.com

Hello, it's Drew here again, and it's time for an updated version of a post I wrote seven months ago on my own modest blog titled What Does A World Traveling Dad Look Like?

Despite the fact that no one in the world is searching for the term "World Traveling Dad" and also despite the original post being a pure vanity piece so I could mug in front of my wife's camera, when I told her I was thinking of doing an updated version, she told me she wanted it posted here.

I love the way she indulges me.

When I did the original post, Cole was a mere 8 months old, and we were still in our first post-baby-travel country, Colombia. My clothing, my precious clothing was still so fresh, so new, and I thought my microfiber tech-material would last forever.

READ FULL ARTICLE: http://almostfearless.com/2011/07/08/what-does-a-world-traveling-dad-look-like/



What Does A Travelling Single Mum Look Like?

Theodora Sutcliffe - http://travelswithanineyearold.com

Travelling as a single parent, there generally aren't that many photos of you. The pic above is one of few with me and Z together, and there's hardly any of me alone (we're in Borneo above).

So I asked Z to take one outside the museum in Kupang, Timor, Indonesia, for a post in which a whole bunch of world travelling parents bare, if not our souls, then at least our wardrobes.

READ FULL ARTICLE: http://travelswithanineyearold.com/2011/07/08/travelling-single-mum/



What Does A World Travelling Working Dad Look Like?

Tracy Burns (written about your's truly) - http://ourtravellifestyle.com

A world travelling dad is a busy one, particularly if he's a working travelling dad. This post is part of a family travel bloggers series celebrating travelling parents, a spin off from Drew Gilbert’s recent post on the topic. There's some great descriptions of what the working parent looks like, so be sure to check out the links below. We've gone with a slightly different tack since Colin's wardrobe isn’t that exciting … instead we bring you the habitat, role, attire and diet of the World Travelling Working Dad.


In his natural environment, the working world travelling dad is most often be seen carrying the entire families belongings, his laptop, iphone and usually a child or two. It's rare in fact to see him in the wild without at least a backpack.

READ FULL ARTICLE: http://ourtravellifestyle.com/2011/07/08/what-does-a-world-travelling-working-dad-look-like/



What Does a World Traveling Dad Look Like?

Jennifer Miller - http://edventureproject.com

We're posting this as part of a group writing project with other traveling families. Drew Gilbert, traveling Dad extraordinaire, suggested it!

What does a traveling Dad look like? I'm sure there are as many answers to that question as there are Dads who travel. But here's what our Dad looks like:

Two things to know about our Dad:

  1. He's a gear junkie, which means he loves researching (and acquiring) the newest, best, tiniest, most versatile travel gear he can find.
  2. When we're outside, he cooks. When we're inside, Mom cooks!

This picture captures him in his element: cooking for eight (Grammy & Gramps had joined us) in the cold dark of a Sahara desert night!

READ FULL ARTICLE: http://edventureproject.com/what-does-a-traveling-dad-look-like-2/



What Does A Travelling Mom Look Like in Iran?

Michelle Duffy - http://wandermom.com

“Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!”

We spent my most recent 25-yet-again birthday in Esfahan last week. Murph reckons that this is the 20th birthday I've spent with him – how's that for making a body feel old!! No matter, his observation prompted a conversation that lasted all day where we tried (and failed) to remember where we've been on each of those birthdays. I decided that from now on we should take an official "Birthday Photo" with a landmark in the background. Ta-Da: me and my boys with the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Esfahan, Iran with it’s glorious, intricate, Islamic tile-work behind us.

READ FULL ARTICLE: http://wandermom.com/around-world-trip/women-in-iran-esfahan/



What does a world traveling mom of three look like?

Snapping Blabber - http://snapsandblabs.com

1. Kid #1 – feeling positively negative about being at the train station at 5:30  in the morning

2. Kid #2 – still half-asleep, holding onto her Lego guys plastic made up houses, because we couldn't find a plastic bag for them to tie them to her bag as we usually do.

3. Kid #3 – just rolling with the punches, although slightly annoyed that he can't eat all the biscuits we bought for the ride right now.

4. Cherry top – paid $1 for it at the Chatuchak markets in Bangkok. Now I wish I bought a few more.

READ FULL ARTICLE: http://snapsandblabs.com/blog/7750/traveling-mom-of-three



What does a world cycling dad look like?

Family On Bikes - http://familyonbikes.org/

The Vogel family left June 8, 2008 for a 2 1/2 year bicycle trip traversing the Pan-American Highway from Alaska to Argentina.

READ FULL ARTICLE: http://familyonbikes.org/blog/?p=1966



What Does a World Traveling Family of Seven Look Like?

Discover Share Inspire- http://www.discovershareinspire.com/

What does a nomadic, world traveling family look like as they wander the globe (currently in a veggie powered truck from Alaska to Argentina)?

  1. Youngest child is riding on daddy’s shoulders as usual. (There’s usually always one or two children being carried by daddy). Umbrella stroller isn’t much help for ‘off-roading’, and one of those nice strollers with the big wheels is way to big to fit in our truck. Daddy could have brought the baby back pack from the truck, but he’s too much of a man for that. Baby is watching his siblings with great interest.
  2. Daddy’s jacket which he picked up…???? Who knows, a gift, a hand me down? It’s a nice jacket though, except for the tear in the bag and the snot on the front.
  3. Prada jeans – thrashed – purchased in India with a suggested retail price of US$198. We bought them for about 600 rupees (roughly US$12). Since this photo was taken, the jeans have not survived. They are now frayed Prada cut-off shorts…

READ FULL ARTICLE: http://www.discovershareinspire.com/2011/07/what-does-a-world-traveling-family-of-seven-look-like/


Are you a Travelling Mum or Dad?

If you're a travelling Mum or Dad feel free to write an article on your blog describing yourself to others and feel free to post a link in the comment. Any legitimate link (I'm sure I'll get a few spam ones selling Microsoft Office or Viagra) I'll post in the main text of this article for others to enjoy! Thanks to everyone who took the time to help show people what a Travelling Mother or Travelling Father looks like!

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  • Here is my post:

    What Does a World Traveling Family of Seven Look Like?

    FYI - the link to AlmostFearless does not work.

    Posted by Rachel Denning, 13/07/2011 11:53pm (8 years ago)

  • Thanks Rachel,

    I've added your links to the post and fixed up those pesky broken links :)

    Hope the trip is going well... Been getting my regular email updates of your journey!


    Posted by Colin Burns, 14/07/2011 12:23am (8 years ago)

  • That was a great article! I like it very much. Keep posting like this.

    Posted by travel tamed, 20/10/2011 10:32pm (8 years ago)

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