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10 Amazing Family Fun Places to Visit Australia

Published on 21 October 2015 by | 0 Comments |

Australia is the largest island in the World and two thirds of the country actually consists of desert landscape which is more often than not referred to the ‘Outback’. Over the years the country has become a hot spot for tourists from all over the World, interesting visitors from the likes of the UK and USA on a regular basis.

Due to Australia being some 24 hours flight time from the UK and 16 hours from Los Angeles, visitors to Oz tend to spend the best part of a month or more on holiday there.


Australia with kids

Australia with kids

For families with kids this can often be a long time spent away from home so it’s important to head there with a plan of where you are going to visit and what you are going to do. Luckily, Australia being as large as it is, has plenty of things on offer for the whole family from as far North as Darwin (crocodile country) right down to Melbourne and Tasmania in the Northern part of the country.

To help save you the time from having to manually write-down an itinerary of places to visit we are going to do all the leg work for you, so grab yourself a cup of coffee and let us show you the top 10 family destinations for families in Australia.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Many people mistake Sydney as the capital of Australia, and it’s not hard to see why when you see the types of things that are offered to visiting holidaymakers. First up on our list is the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney which you will find in the heart of the city. If you do decide to head here with the family then be sure to take a picnic and some refreshments (if you are heading here during the heat of summer especially, which actually runs from December through to February).

Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne, Australia

Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne, Australia - Image source: https://flic.kr/p/rzZFjw

The Botanic Gardens offer plenty of space so you can let the kids burn off some energy while you take it easy sitting under one of the many trees catching some shade.

Swan Bell Tower

The Swan Bell Tower stands loud and proud in Perth which you will find in the Western region of Australia. The kids can stand and listen to the bells chime, while Mum and Dad can venture down to the gift shop to get those little gifts to take back home to friends and relatives.


Swan Bell Tower, Australia

Swan Bell Tower, Australia - Image source: https://flic.kr/p/rzZFjw

As the tower stands directly by the side of the Swan River you can also capture some fantastic photos of the city from the top. A great day out for all the family, especially if you want to give bell ringing a go!

Adventure Park

Adventure Parks are scattered right across the country from North to South and everywhere in between so you won’t be too far away from one of these. If you’re looking to wear the kids out so they go to bed at night and leave you with a bit of down time then these are perfect in doing that job. With zip wires, trampolines, wooden mazes and even a BBQ area at most parks you make a great day of it.


Adventure Park

Adventure Park

It’s not just for the kids either, adults can have just as much fun climbing up and down trees and reliving their youth. Just don’t go too mad as you may not be able to move the nest day.

Melbourne Zoo

Everyone loves a good zoo so if you are staying in or around Victoria then you will want to pay a trip to Melbourne Zoo where you can get up close and personal to wildlife. For kids there is nothing better than seeing bird and seal shows at close hand, and watching native Australian animals get on with their daily routines. Whether it’s a Koala gripping on a tree eating Eucalyptus plants, giraffes reaching tall into trees or reptiles clambering up branches it can make the perfect day out.


Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo

Food can be purchased on site but if you wanted to take a picnic then there are plenty of spots where you can unwrap a blanket and take some time out.

Monster Skate Park

If you are spending some time in Sydney and you want to take the teenagers somewhere then the Monster Skate Park could just be what they need. Besides that you will end up winning parents of the year when they see the place.


Monster Skate Park Sydney

Monster Skate Park Sydney

Based indoors and outdoors this massive skate park will be heaven for your teens, and as they scoot around for the best part of the day, you can sit back and watch the world go by with a coffee.

Jamberoo Action Park

You don’t need to be in Sydney to enjoy parks though, and perhaps New South Wales has one of the best ones if you really want an action packed family day out. The Jamberoo Action Park does exactly what the name states…provides plenty of action for all the family in the form of a massive water park and a small theme park that is connected onto it.


Jamberoo Action Park

Jamberoo Action Park

If you are going in the summer periods you can cool down in the water park while enjoying time with the kids.

Bondi Beach

You just can’t head to Australia without having the opportunity to go to one of the most famous beaches in the World. Whether you have seen it on a documentary or on a TV program this beach which can be found on Campbell Parade in Sydney offers everything for the family. With safe enclosed playgrounds for the kids to run around and play in without having to worry, and a nearby skate park, Bondi will leave you with no end of things to do.


Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

The Ocean is perfect for a quick swim, and for younger kids you also have a smaller pool that is located at either end of the beach itself.

Lifeguards are in numbers up and down the beach and with acres of fresh white sand it can set you up for a great day.

Galactic Circus

Back to Melbourne we go for the 7th activity on our list, and this one will certainly get the hearts racing from gambling fans and gaming fans. Galactic Circus is one of the largest amusement buildings in the entire country and you can experience everything from interactive games and motions rides all under one roof.


Galactic Circus

Galactic Circus

Best of all, you will get free entry here so anything you do pay will be once you get into the complex.

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

Every young kid enjoys looking at the wonders from under the sea and the best place to observe sharks, stingrays and now the largest species of crab in the World is no other than Melbourne Aquarium. This particular Sea Life is unlike any other in the world due to its size, there are a total of 12 themed zones in the aquarium and you can bet your bottom dollar that your kids and even you are going to come out of this exhibit learning a lot about what goes on under the waves!


Sea Life Melbourne

Sea Life Melbourne - Image source: https://flic.kr/p/uhiwbn

Enchanted Maze Garden

Finally we end our list of 10 things to do in Australia for the entire family with a maze garden, but not just any maze garden. This maze garden situated in Melbourne is an enchanted one and happens to be the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.


Enchanted Maze Garden

Enchanted Maze Garden - Image source: https://flic.kr/p/9J1Y5Y

For kids it really is a playground with high hedges, twists and turns, plenty of dead ends and real fun experience. Once you are done in the maze (and eventually have managed to find your way out) you can take your kids for a real treat to end the day, by stopping off at the Lolly Shop. It will be a day they never forget and with all the running and excitement you can get them to bed early, and have some you time come the end of the day.


These are just the ten best places that we have selected with kids and families in mind when you head to Australia for your break. With a population that stretches over 23 million and 6 major cities you already get an idea on the scope of this country. From the Great Barrier Reef to the Golden Coast and Ocean Road there are plenty of other opportunities to make the most out of this wonderful country and explore what it has to offer you and your family.




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