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6 Facts About Family Vacation at Tuki Retreat That Will Impress Your Kids

Published on 15 February 2017 by | 0 Comments |

Australia is home to some amazing sightseeing opportunities and places to visit. When travelling throughout Victoria near Smeaton, you and your children will have the opportunity to experience a stay on Tuki Retreat. For those who are travelling in the area, this expert guide will give you the top 6 facts about a family vacation at Tuki Retreat that will surely impress your children. Let’s take a look.

Fun Facts About Tuki Retreat The Whole Family Will Love

  • Trout Fishing

Trout fishing is enjoyed in Australia and is generally fished from streams and rivers, but not at Tuki. At Tuki Retreat, you and your children can experience trout fishing at a whole new level which will delight the young and older members of the family. We have a large body of water on the property that houses hundreds of young trout which guarantees you to have a catch during your experience. All the trout that is housed in the large dam are young for the best flavour. If you catch a fish at Tuki you will have it packaged and wrapped for a price to take home with you or you can even have it cooked to perfection by our chefs and eaten at your next meal. Great fun for the whole family, come fishing on the Tuki trout farm.  

The Tuki ponds are stocked with rainbow trout

The Tuki ponds are stocked with rainbow trout

  • Great Food, Great Restaurant

Tuki Retreat also promises great meals and food for the whole family when staying for a few days. On the property, you can dine in style with your children at the Chef Ben O’Brien restaurant. The menu offers a large variety of food options to cater for both the young and old. You can enjoy eating trout, lamb, beef, vegetables, potatoes and more which offers a full round of flavour that is great for everyone to enjoy. All food is fresh for full flavour and is taken from the property for better sustainability of the environment.

  • Comfortable Accommodation

Nothing’s like sightseeing all day, then coming back to comfortable accommodation options. At Tuki Retreat, we offer a number of accommodation options with cottages that will delight both the young and old. Cottages feature a mixture of either stone or wood and provide a comfortable place to stay for everyone to have a good night sleep. The miner’s cottage is the best option for those who have a larger family. While it has a yesteryear appeal to it, you can enjoy some family time in front of the open fireplace. This cottage offers 3 bedrooms and gives your family somewhere great to sleep of a night. In the lounge area of the cottage you’ll have a wooden box full of wood which you can place onto the fire as needed to keep you warmer during the cooler months of the year.  

Tuki Retreat Comfortable Accommodation

Tuki Retreat Comfortable Accommodation

  • Relaxing Atmosphere

While staying at Tuki Retreat, you and your family will experience a relaxing country atmosphere that is great for those who may want to get away from the city life and who want to experience country life for a while. Tuki Retreat is situated on a farming property that delivers that essence of quiet luxury with that touch of country appeal. While relaxing at Tuki Retreat, you and your kids will be able to see the livestock growing on the property along with smelling the sweat air of country living. Some of the livestock include the trout in the large dam, beef cattle and of course sheep. It’s great when you want to have a mostly technology free weekend away but still enjoy some perks such as a TV and DVD player.  

Tuki Gorgeous Landscape

Tuki Gorgeous Landscape

  • All Food Is Farm Raised

What’s most impressive about Tuki Retreat is that all food is raised on the farm. This means that all meat that you’re eating is fresh, chemical free and has plenty of flavour. On the many acres the farm has to offer, cattle, trout, and lamb is raised and used in the restaurant or stored to accommodate for all guests. Due to this freshness, it reduces the risk of food poisoning, and it also helps Tuki to maintain high health standards every day. Eggs are harvested from the many chickens who are fed the green waste, plus other important grains, to help keep them healthy. By growing and harvesting their own food, Tuki Retreat is organically friendly in every way.

  • Sunset Afternoons and Early Morning Sunrises

During your stay at Tuki your family will also have the luxury of experiencing beautiful sunset afternoons which give a beautiful finish to the day. Each night, barring the weather of course, you can watch the sunset across the horizon and see the beauty as it lights up across the night sky with a brilliance of colour. In the mornings, if you’re an early bird, you’ll also be able to experience stunning sunrises that cascade across the property highlighting the beautiful colours in all its beauty. Breathtaking in every way, your children will be impressed by the stunning beauty of both the sunrises and sunsets at Tuki Retreat.  

Tuki Sunset Afternoons and Early Morning Sunrise

Tuki Sunset Afternoons and Early Morning Sunrise

Conclusion Located at 60 Stoney Rises Rd, Smeaton VIC 3364, and only a 30-minute drive from Ballarat going North, Tuki Retreat is a home away from home that will impress you and your family no matter where you’re travelling from. With its luxurious appeal and quiet country atmosphere, you and your children can relax, unwind, and really immerse yourself in the fun that Tuki has to offer. So, are you ready for your holiday at Tuki Retreat? What appeals to you the most?

Author: Anthony Briggs has worked with some of the major hotel chains in the world. He currently works for Tuki Retreat. He enjoys working in the hospitality industry and is dedicated to providing clients with the best accommodation experience available.




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