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Private Airport Transfer – Family Friendly Solution

Published on 19 July 2017 by | 0 Comments |

As if traveling wasn’t hard enough, getting from the plane to your place of stay can and most of the time is a long lasting nightmare, especially if you are traveling with your family. Children can be demanding, and after a long flight, and an unpleasant neck ache you need some good news, something to relax you, to take you directly to your comfy bed, not needing to fight your way there.

Getting to your place of stay is a matter of choice, and normally you wish to make the best choice for your family. Using private airport transfer might seem like an expensive idea, some unneeded luxury, but let us check some facts, and judge again. You will see that sometimes the most obvious is really the best solution!

Lower your level of TAXI stress

Lower your level of TAXI stress

Airport private transport present transportation service which offers to get you and your family from the airport directly to your place of stay, and once you’re done, it takes you back to the airport. All of this is done online, so you can book it in advance, prepay it, and need to worry not!

There are plenty of advantages of hiring a private transfer, and these are only some of them:

  • Lower your level of stress: as already mentioned, the flight is stressful enough. Compared to using public transport, or hiring a rent a car, the private transfer can be cheaper, because you pay for the whole transport car, not by person, contrary to the public bus. Plus, you don’t need to drive, using maps, or GPS, or other means of navigation, so you don’t need to worry about getting lost. Enjoy your trip to your accommodation stress-free. Plus, your children will probably be also anxious and will need to blow some steam, which is not good if you’re going to walk to the bus station or wait for a taxi, which for some airports can be quite a challenge to find.
  • If you are visiting your destination for the first time, there is a chance you might get lost. Airport private transfer is serviced by professional drivers, which will take you to your place by the shortest and fastest route, even show you the tourist attractions as you travel.
  • Security: all private transfers are booked in advance, so not only you need not wait for the transport, you can inform the company about the size of your luggage, the number of passengers, etc. When using public transport, you always have to worry about your luggage; some cities are more dangerous than other.
  • Payment: you can make a prepayment online, or fully pay the service. Using public transportation often requires you to pay in the local currency, which means looking for the exchange office, plus, if using a taxi, you can easily be ripped – off, because the driver can drive you around the city, charging much more than he should. If using the bus, again, local currency can be a problem, plus some buses need a ticket bought on a vending machine, yet another stress! Private transport offers you all the information in advance, booked for a fixed price quoted on the website when and unchangeable after the confirmed reservation!
  • Split cost: when traveling with other families, the advantage is splitting the costs, because you will pay for the vehicle, not by person.
  • Language issue: no such issue if using private transfer, because most of the time, when visiting a new place, the different language can be a problem for getting around. Most of the private transfer companies’ drivers are well educated, and they speak one or more world languages, you can even use some of them as your translators on your way to your accommodation.
  • Another stress relief: you don’t need to worry about parking fees, pay toll fees, rent a car paperwork, car insurance, passenger insurance. All of these fees are predetermined, so there are no hidden charges, never!
  • Dependable: many airport transfer companies offer their services 24/7, 356 days a year and most of them track your flight, and so in a case of flight delay, they ensure you on time pickup.

Always make sure you book some of the most reliable and trustworthy companies, who made their reputation by always giving the best service possible. Companies like kiwitaxi, blacklane, mydriver, Canada transfer, USA transfer etc.

Private Airport Transfer – Family Friendly Solution

Private Airport Transfer – Family Friendly Solution

Offering services in all of the most visited countries in the world, Kiwitaxi is one of the most popular choices when traveling. All the transfer can be booked online, with services offered so far to more than 100 000 tourists all over the world, gaining a vast experience in the process. They work with only the most experienced and reliable service providers in every country. You can choose the right transportation for your needs, they offer cars from 4 all to 19 passengers, and can even choose the child seat option; the driver will install the seat before your arrival, or departure.

Few more important things: always book your transfer at least 16 hours before; if in a hurry, be sure to contact the companies support team, and try and find a solution.

Life is a trip, not a destination, so give your family the time of their life!



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