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Things To Do in Brisbane With Your Kids

Published on 9 July 2018 by | 0 Comments |

Vacationing with your kids is one of the greatest pleasures as a parent. You will also want it to be as productive and entertaining for not just your kids, but everyone in the family as well.

Brisbane is one of the best locations to take your kids, and there are plenty of activities you can take on as a family where everyone can have fun and enjoy themselves.





To help you make plans with your kids, here are a few things you can do with your kids in Brisbane:

City Botanic Gardens

We often hear about children spending less time outside than before, and more time indoors locked onto their favourite app. So, why not give your devices a break and take your children out to the City Botanic Gardens. Here, you and the kids can see bamboo groves, brolgas statues and sweat it out at an all-abilities playground.

You can guarantee that the experience will be better than any Virtual Reality game or app on their tablets or smartphones.

QUT The Cube

Take your kids to uni, specifically Queensland University of Technology, and let them see The Cube. The Cube is a two-storey high interactive displays that feature 14-high definition projectors, more than 40 multi-touch screens and sound technology. It is also known as one of the world’s largest digital interactive learning displays.

It’s a great treat for kids of all ages, especially those who have an interest in digital arts and technology to get them into it and allow them to explore and more.

The best part is that The Cube is available to visitors daily from 10 am to 4 pm at the university’s Science and Engineering Centre, located right next to the Botanic Gardens.

Brisbane sign

Selfies and group photos are great to remember your trip years after the fact. But what if you forget where you went? That is one of the reasons to have your child’s photo taken at the large Brisbane sign found at the Cultural Forecourt just outside the Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

Not only is it big and colourful, but it also makes for great vacation photos of not just your kids, but for the entire family. Have your younger children climb onto the letters and pose as wacky as they want. After all, it’s going to be a great photo to show everyone who asks about your trip to Brisbane.

Queensland Museum

Most kids go through a ‘dinosaur phase’ where they are known to read and watch everything that has to do with dinosaurs and its history and will talk your ear off explaining to you again and again what their favourite dinosaur is and how amazing they are.

Take them to the Queensland Museum and watch their faces light up with glee as they go through the exhibits featuring fossils and Queensland’s cultural and natural history.

It will surely be a vacation that they will forever remember.


The Sciencentre is also located in the Queensland Museum, but it has a different entrance fee. Here, you and your children can experience everything science has to offer and also features a variety of interactive displays and experiments for the best experience.

Here, your children can discover or even develop their love for science as the exhibits can help spark a curiosity they never knew they had; and being there to answer any questions your child may have will be a great bonding experience for everyone.

Find a place or activity that strikes your fancy? Then turn those plans into reality by making all of your bookings as early as now. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to get a car hire service near Brisbane Airport where you can also get child seats for a nominal fee. That way, you can get around the city with ease and comfort.


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