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Multinational Family Profile

Family Details

Where are you from:Canada

Number of Children:2 Children

Age Range:6-8

Travel Details

Travel Status:On the Road

Travel Duration:indefinite

Departure Date:26 December 1997

Travel Budget:Luxury ( > $200/day)

Travel Destinations

North America, Indian Subcontinent,

Family Information:

A Canadian, An American and two Indians on a quest to experience the world. I lived in India until I was 21, moved to USA for Masters and lived there for 8 years, moved to Canada which is home now. Looking to move again to Europe or SE Asia.

We travel a lot, since we have family ties in India, 2 months every other year we live in India and make an Asia or Europe stop-over on the way. 

I am in IT and I can pretty much work from anywhere, but I am looking for a fellow family to travel together in South India. I can offer local knowledge and housing in exchange for someone who is already home-schooling their kids (Canadian/American curriculum).


Family Contact Details

Family Name:Multinational Family

Family Website:http://rtw30days.blogspot.com

Family Members

  • Ganesh Iyer (Father)