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The Kaponay Family Profile

Family Details

Where are you from:Australia

Number of Children:2 Children

Age Range:14-14

Travel Details

Travel Status:On the Road

Travel Duration:indefinite

Departure Date:7 June 2012

Travel Budget:Super Budget ( < than $50/day)

Travel Destinations

North America, Caribbean, South America, Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia, Australasia & Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa

Family Information:

We are the Kaponay family, who started home schooling our children seven years ago, traveling Australia five years ago and traveling the world continually now for nearly 4 years. Our children, now world schooled, are both 14, (boy, girl twins) and they are the ones who drive us on to continue our travels and our journey of learning, which has now seen us travel to 30 countries on six continents. This has seen our daughter and son bloom in terms of their understanding of the world, its people, its cultures and how we all live together on this planet. It has given them an appreciation for where they fit in the world, far beyond what I ever had, well into my thirties.

In terms of education, this journey has seen our daughter, a traveling teen, create her own blog which now has several thousand followers Dreamtime Traveler and she is on the cusp of publishing her first full-length adventure novel Dawn of The Guardian a story intended to engage and inspire young people to get out there and realise their dreams.

Kaponay Family3

Family Contact Details

Family Name:The Kaponay Family

Family Website:http://www.dreamtimetraveler.com/

Family RSS Feed:http://www.dreamtimetraveler.com/feed/

Family Members