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Eat Play Love - Our Family Sabbatical of Discovery Profile

Family Details

Where are you from:United States

Number of Children:2 Children

Age Range:18 months-4

Travel Details

Travel Status:On the Road

Travel Duration:1-2 years

Departure Date:4 July 2017

Travel Budget:Budget (< than $100/day)

Travel Destinations

North America, Middle East, South East Asia, North East Asia, Australasia & Pacific, Eastern Europe,

Family Information:

On a cold winter night in 2017, after an especially grueling workday, Luke and Prilla began to fantasize about taking a year-long sabbatical.  Initially, the thought of leaving  careers with a four-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter seemed rash and irresponsible, but as the night went on, and their bottle of wine drained, it became clear that the idea was not crazy.   In fact, because life is a gift and tomorrow is uncertain, not leaving was robbing themselves and their children of an opportunity that may never come again.

Five months later, their house is sold, the mountains of unnecessary stuff has been purged, and the few sentimental items are stowed away.  Now, on the eve of their own Independence Day 2017,  they prepare to head out with three duffle bags, two kids, a stroller and excitement about the journey that lays ahead… 


Familly shoot 2016 28

Family Contact Details

Family Name:Eat Play Love - Our Family Sabbatical of Discovery

Family Website:https://eplsabbaticalsite.wordpress.com/

Family Members

  • Luke H (Father)