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Desert safaris in Dubai Profile

  • Current Location
  • Brisbane,Australia
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Family Details

Where are you from:United Arab Emirates

Number of Children:None

Travel Details

Travel Status:Dreaming

Travel Duration:less than 1 month

Departure Date:3 September 2018

Travel Budget:Super Budget ( < than $50/day)

Travel Destinations

Middle East,

Family Information:

we are a Family of Desert safari i tours in UAE. we run daily shows and excursions to Dubai desert, we operate daily Morning Desert safari, daily Evening Desert safari and the Overnight Desert safari i in Dubai. our trips includes BBQ Live cooking, buffet dinners, salads, bonfire, dinks, camel safari, dune bashing, fire show and the belly dance in the middle of the desert.

All the families and FIT's are welcome to joing us while they are planning their holidays to Dubai. For appoinments visitors travelling to Dubai can whats app us at +971 5 88906849 or email us at , reservations@desertsafarisdubai.com provising us with their trip dates, loddging information and full names.

Family Contact Details

Family Name:Desert safaris in Dubai

Family Website:https://www.desertsafarisdubai.com

Family Members

Current Location

Currently in: Brisbane, Australia, until Tuesday 21st of February 2012

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