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  • ky2
  • Current Location
  • Penang,Malaysia
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Family Details

Where are you from:Korea - Democratic People's Republic of

Number of Children:1 Child

Age Range:3.5-

Travel Details

Travel Status:On the Road

Travel Duration:indefinite

Travel Budget:Super Budget ( < than $50/day)

Travel Destinations

Central America, Caribbean, South America, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia, North East Asia, Australasia & Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa

Family Information:

Hello! We are the Bradley Family, and consist of a British American mom, Canadian American dad, a 3 year old angel/demon named Kaya, and a plethora of furry pals that have come with us on our journeys. We currently live in Phuket, Thailand.

How we ended up traveling:


Well, I (mom) traveled extensively as a kid. I spent most of my life on the road, with a good portion of it in Antibes France ( which is where I consider home). I moved to Los Angeles in 2002, where I met my husband and had my daughter Kaya. We decided we did not want to raise Kaya in the states, so we moved to Paju South Korea. After a year of teaching, we left our friends ( and 9 to 5) behind and moved to Italy. We had planned to stay there and homeschool Kaya in Europe, but after 6 months we felt Asia had become our home, so we moved to Phuket. At this point we understood that travel and worldschool had become our life .


Family Contact Details

Family Name:sattvicfamily

Family Website:http://www.sattvicfamily.net

Family Members

Current Location

Currently in: Penang, Malaysia, until Wednesday 4th of April 2012

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