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Renovating Italy Profile

Family Details

Where are you from:Australia

Number of Children:2 Children

Age Range:seven-nine

Travel Details

Travel Status:Planning

Travel Duration:indefinite

Departure Date:2 November 2011

Travel Budget:Budget (< than $100/day)

Travel Destinations

Western Europe,

Family Information:

Hi, I’m Lisa Chiodo and I’m the writer behind Renovating Italy. I was born and bred in Melbourne, Australia. I took my first trip to Europe in my 20?s and fell in love with a life of travel, freedom, adventure and new experiences.

In 2005 I moved to Italy with my husband and two young children then aged one and three. I saw an Italian way of life totally removed from the tourist spots I visited in my 20?s. We embraced the “rustic” life and stayed to renovate a farmhouse at the foot of the Alps.

Currently in Brisbane, Australia we have bought a home in Veravo, Liguria and are planning to return to Italy in 2011 to start renovating once again. We will be living in our campervan while we renovate and travelling when the mood takes us.

Ciao I’m Salvatore (everyone calls me Sam), I was born in Melbourne Australia. My first trip to Italy was in 2005 with my wife and young children.

“On our first trip to Italy we chose to live in the region of Piemonte as this is where my dad used to work as a 12 year old while his family all lived in Calabria. He tells me that he caught the train and left for Torino,  a place he had never been to in order to earn some money to send to his family. His Dad had died that same year and he being the oldest at 12 was the bread winner of the family of nine”.

My Mother is from Sicilia, she comes from one of the Aeolian island (Salina) all my life I have heard stories of Italia… so I knew if we went my parents would follow.

My parents after 40 something years returned to visit Italy in 2006 and spent three months with us traveling through Europe in a six berth camper van… it was a dream come true.

I am passionate about living a “Simple Life” and our goal is to create this here in Italy.

Carina and Luca, are students of the world. They are now on their second passports and sixth renovation…

family on ferry

Family Contact Details

Family Name:Renovating Italy

Family Website:http://www.renovatingitaly.com

Family Members