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Anderson's Hike to Fitchburg Profile

Family Details

Where are you from:Canada

Number of Children:2 Children

Age Range:5-7

Travel Details

Travel Status:On the Road

Travel Duration:6-12 months

Departure Date:6 August 2012

Travel Budget:Budget (< than $100/day)

Travel Destinations

South America, South East Asia, Western Europe,

Family Information:

We have great lives....we love our work and our lifestyle...and we feel so fortunate. We have chosen and enjoy being active (and busy) people but are looking to take a year off work to travel. We are thankful that we planned 4 years ago, when our second daughter was born, to take off for the 2012-2013 school year. There was no specific goal or direction at that time but it has been the topic of many late night conversations...."If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go...?" "Have you ever heard of X?" "A friend just got back from Y and said it was amazing..." all complemented with hours of web surfing. At first it was overwhelming and we felt like we needed to "get it right" but then we realized with two simple parameters, we got the focus and direction we needed. Warm climates and Spanish speaking. We have let those guide us along with our overall goal to have time together, slow down, travel, get to know people and places around us and "Hike to Fitchburg." 


Family Contact Details

Family Name:Anderson's Hike to Fitchburg

Family Website:http://hikingtofitchburg.wordpress.com/

Family Members