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Stacy Earlywine

stacy earlywine

Stacy's first taste of wanderlust came after hearing stories of friends just returning from Nepal. At the time, she didn’t even know where Nepal was on the map but after seeing pictures and hearing tales, she began dreaming of going there. After some youthful travels around the US on a rock climbing road trip - camping and climbing in amazing places, she and hubby Randy quit their jobs and flew to Asia to begin a 6 month adventure. After experiencing the magic of the Nepal Himalayas, they traveled to Tibet, India, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, loving every minute of it. (Well, almost every minute.)

After an extended trip in Central America it was time to add to the family and determined not to stop traveling post kids, they loaded up bouncy seats and burp rags and drove their 1986 VW Vanagon from Vancouver to Nova Scotia one month after the birth of their first child. All things needing to be equal, another road trip to the US desert southwest ensued after niño numero dos was born.

In 2011 the family left their home in Seattle for a year. After exploring Alaska, Canada, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, the Earlywines settled in Peru for a few months where they are currently enjoying the Andean highlands. Stacy alternates between missing her espresso machine desperately and wanting to join the ranks of permanent vagabond family members.

When not traveling or dreaming of traveling, Stacy enjoys reading, climbing, backpacking and hiking, playing outside with her boys, gardening and cooking. She is particularly passionate about education and issues of food politics – advocating for organic, sustainable, local food systems for all. She also keeps the family's travel blog up to date at www.lustingforwander.wordpress.com.