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What's the best Canadian Travel Insurance

This is a question that was recently asked on VagabondFamily.org so I thought I would throw this out as one of the first questions for this new feature.

I'm having a problem finding affordable family coverage insurance for my family for a year overseas. We're in Canada and the Canadian site was quoting us about $1500 per child and over $3,000 per adult...that's $9,000..but the UK sites (if I were British) are much, much cheaper. Is it usually like that? Can anyone recommend a good Canadian site?

Asked 8 years ago TAGS:   Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Canada Report Abuse

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I'm not sure on that one. But $9,000 sounds ridiculous. I'm sure it can be cheaper.

Answered 8 years ago Report Abuse Recommend (626)

Hi, Here's the answer if you live in Quebec province for the first 6 months: http://www.ramq.gouv.qc.ca/en/citoyens/assurancemaladie/quitter/temporaire.shtml. For the other 6 months, get an estimate here: http://www.bluecross.ca/en/products/travel-coverage.html. I enter a family of 4 and the quote was at about 3 200$... far from 9000$.

Answered 8 years ago Report Abuse Recommend (615)

Those quotes are expensive. You should be able to get a family rate for much cheaper. First you need to look into the rules for your province. We live in BC so I can only speak from our own experience. For us we can only get travel insurance if we keep our BC medical coverage. However, if you leave the country for more than six months in a calendar year you automatically lose BC coverage. What we have to do is apply for an extension through our medical services plan. We can keep our BC medical for up to two years of travel but we can only apply for that extension once every five years. To get extended medical to cover us for more than the normal six months we need to provide proof that we have been granted the extension and will keep our BC medical. BC medical will actually reimburse the insurance company for any medical care that would be covered in BC, up to the amount that it would cost if treatment was received in BC. This is of course why they travel insurance companies will not insure you if you don't keep provincial medical, they do not have much risk! I've thought about just keeping our BC medical and just using that but they would not cover any kind of medical evacuation. Since those can cost tens of thousands of dollars its a gamble. The two coverage options I have looked into are World Nomads which came at at $800 per six months (family of four, excluding USA, no prior conditions) and BCAA which I think was about $600 per six months. It is definitely not cheap but cheaper than what you were quoted! Other options I have looked into is not keeping our BC medical and getting expat coverage through US insurers. These were not cheap either. If memory serves they ran around $1000 for a year but came with high deductibles (like $3000 per incident) so basically they just cover you if something catastrophic happens. As I said, look into the rules for your own province but then get a number of quotes. I think we will probably end up going with BCAA as we have used them before we had kids and we were happy with them. Check out your local Automobile Association (we could get a quote online) as well as World Nomads.

Answered 8 years ago Report Abuse Recommend (592)

I know that a bunch of people have used endsleigh annual travel insurance for coverage when they travel.

Answered 7 years ago Report Abuse Recommend (577)

We went with Royal Bank, BUT we got it through the travel agent who booked our tickets. It ended up being about $500 cheaper then the quote RBC gave me on the phone. We got trip interruption insurance (our flights were about $20,000 for the three of us) and quite extensive medical coverage. The premium is based on the price of your flights for the interruption portion, and pretty much just on your age for the medical coverage. Anyways all said and done the insurance was about $2,400 for all 3 of us.

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