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What were your biggest challenges when applying for visa to live abraod

i'm looking for other families and couples who have decided to take a sabbatical to live abroad. Not doing visa runs but people who actually had to apply for visas to live abroad.

Could you tell me about the top 3 problems you had?

I am writing an article and want to address the biggest issues and include real examples.

Asked 8 years ago TAGS:   Visas Report Abuse

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It all depends on the country Annie. In Egypt it's easier to get a 1 year visa, than buying a cup of coffee, in France it took us 18 months to get a carte de sejour. The biggest issues we have faced is: 1. Language Barrier - you need to have someone who can translate, VISA applications are never simple. 2. Finding someone who will give you the same information, we have been 3 times in Italy to get a visa from the police station immigration, and 3 times they have told us we need different paperwork, usually the next person says it's not required, and they need something else. Honestly, I think unless its super straightforward, they like to delay the process. I am British and my husband American, and we have 2 kids, it often stumps people for some reason... 3. VISA's can sometimes take longer to come through than the time we are there. As I mentioned before it took 18 months for us to receive acknowledgment of our VISA application for my American husband in France, more often than not we would have left the country by then :-/ We don't apply before we leave because we don't have a permanent base yet, we sort it out when we get there, it's easier to do that, and we've never been refused, once you are there, and you are applying in most cases they let you stay while the application is being processed - well in our case they have. Hope this helps.

Answered 8 years ago Report Abuse Recommend (588)

In 2009 we applied for visas to visit China. We made the application in Canada. A few things I found hard: - Figuring out how to fill in the application in such a way as to improve our chances for approval. We'd been to China before and I'd heard that I needed to be careful about putting "writer" as my occupation because journalists are restricted in China. I made it as clear as possible that I do technical writing for software companies, not journalism. - Deciding what type of visa to apply for. We knew we wanted to be there for 3 months, but we also wanted the option of visiting Hong Kong, in which case we needed a double-entry visa. But I wasn't sure we'd be approved for that. - Paying for plane tickets before applying for the visa. It was scary to put down the money before we knew for sure we could take the trip. The best thing we did was go to a travel agency in Chinatown that helped with my questions about the visa application. We also had a friend in Beijing who arranged a temporary hotel reservation to fulfill the requirement for lodging information (since we hadn't rented an apartment yet). Happily, we got 90-day double-entry visas and had a great stay in Beijing.

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