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I've been living nomadically with my 18 yr old daughter for the past 5 years. Although we are both able to work we have

I've been a self-employed music teacher all my life - turning youth and corporate teams into rock bands so they feel connected and inspired. We'd love to be able to put our laptop to work and we both have strong computer skills, but we've never been employed in this way before. Any ideas are appreciated - thanks, and all the best to everyone!

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Sounds like a fun profession! I used to teach piano and enjoyed it as well. There are people everywhere who are interested in learning music, although in some more rural or remote areas it may be more of a charity effort than a way to make money. Visa requirements may prohibit you from working as well. You might even consider online teaching via Skype, which is becoming popular and would open you to a worldwide student base, although that could be a bit harder if you teach groups. [Start shameless plug]: Also, please check out my website, http://musicteachershelper.com to help manage billing and scheduling in your music teaching business. :) Or http://studiohelper.com if you plan to hire other teachers. If you know a lot of other music teachers, you could earn some extra money referring them to those sites, because we pay 20% recurring commission on referrals. [End shameless plug.] Good luck!

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