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Any families in Penang next week?

We're going to spending all of next week in Penang, taking a bit of a travel-breather. Our boy, aged almost two, is in desperate need for some play time.

Any families in Penang next week?

Also, any recommendations for activities to do would be great. He's beached out at the moment. Parks, playgrounds, shopping malls with arcades, boat trips etc. Any suggestions?

Asked 8 years ago TAGS:   None Report Abuse

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I was just in Penang for about a month. Adventure zone is a great play place where you guys can get in there and play with him and it is air conditioned. A bit on the expensive side though. Penang National park is at the end of the 101 bus line and has lots of great hiking and fishing piers as well as the opportunity for boat trips around. Gurney mall has arcades and small rides scattered around as well as a movie theatre but that is probably not great for your little one. Corwallis fort is cute as well to run around exploring cannons and there is a playground. Penang youth park is a wonderful playground and pool area that is totally free but be warned it is HOT!! We also went to see the Orangutans at Orangutan island and that was wonderful. Little amusement/waterpark, beautiful grounds, a small boat ride and of course adorable orangutans. That was about 1 1/2 hours outside Penang but we did it easily in a day. Kek Lok Si is a temple that is worth a visit. It is beautiful, has a turtle pond, and a cool venicular type elevator up to a huge statue as well as lots of little animal statues to play on and around. Not sure if you can get in to Hard Rock Cafe but if you can they have a great pool with slides, it's super fun! Maybe if you eat there then you can swim as well?? I wrote them all up individually if you need more info:)

Answered 8 years ago Report Abuse Recommend (598)

Thanks Mary and Martin. Will go through your blogs on a fact finding mission. These sound like wonderful suggestions already. Really looking forward to Penang now!!!!

Answered 8 years ago Report Abuse Recommend (578)

We visited Penang fairly recently. Have a look at our blog, you maybe able to find some ideas: http://aroundtheworldwithkid.com/malaysia-with-kids-around-the-world-voyage/ but our favourite was the Kek Lok Si Buddhist temple. Our son really enjoyed it. It's the largest Buddhist temple in south east Asia...

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