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Accomodation in cities like Singapore/KUL

I'm looking for a night of budget accomodation for once we've arrived in
Singapore before travelling on to KUL (here aswell we'll stay over at least 1
night) .I would like to book a 4 bedded room in a
hostel for our 5p family (the youngest doesn't need a bed of his own). I'm
wondering if the staff would make a problem out if this and if they want us to
book for 5p instead of 4p.?? What is your experience ?

Asked 8 years ago TAGS:   None Report Abuse

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I don't have any suggestions for places to stay in Singapore (first visit was a super-cheap hotel special, second visit stayed with friends) but we have found all throughout Asia that most hostels are happy for younger children to share bedding and don't charge extra for them. We're four people and have never had an issue with renting a 3p room or even bringing our own bedding for the kids. Sometimes they ask you to pay a little extra for breakfast but most of the time with young kids they don't even bother since little kids eat so little. Kuala Lumpur - take a look at The Nest (thenest.com.my) and Sarang Vacation Homes (www.sarangvacationhomes.com). We've stayed at both before and found them fabulous. The Nest is new, had a great family room and lovely staff. It's a short walk to everything, although the street outside the hostel is very 'local'. Sarang is fantastic too - we usually stay at Sarang Rooms with a queen sized bed, single bed and mattress on the floor in the one room. They also have a small 2 bedroom apartment with five beds that they sometimes rent out - the apartment is basic but lovely, but it's in a very local building aka noisy and run down exterior. If you aren't used to Asia I wouldn't recommend it, go for one of their other rooms.

Answered 8 years ago Report Abuse Recommend (570)

Hello Stefanie, We stayed in Singapore in December and we stayed in a hostel where we had 7 people in a 6 bed dorm. Our 2 year old bedded in with Mom. There were no issues with staff making us pay for the extra bed. Tracy was correct there. We also stayed in KL at the Classic Inn which was good for our family - I won't guarantee the same for others, but the staff were excellent. The cost was a bit high but the rooms were clean, breakfast was really good, and the location is fantastic (just 5 minutes walk from Imbi monorail behind Times Square shopping center). If you need any other info, let me know.

Answered 8 years ago Report Abuse Recommend (545)

Here's a couple of places that I've come across: www.costasands.com.sg/about-us/ (great value and you don't need to be a member) www.claremont.com.sg/accommodation.php www.betelbox.com/hostel_rates.htm (very much a hostel) I wouldn't have thought leaving out the youngest would be a problem.

Answered 8 years ago Report Abuse Recommend (536)