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How do you finance your trip? Digital work?

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I built my VA company from scratch on the road, my trip so far has been 7 years long, it explains it a bit more here http://michelledale.me I also help people do the same as I did at http://www.TheVARoadmap.com :)

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Hi we have not gone yet, we are planning and saving and going next year sometime. We have been saving for this for along time via paying off our mortgage and owning a business over 13 years since we were married. We have continued to live a frugal lifestyle with travel as the main "vice" for our lifestyle. When we go we will live off interest earnings from our investments. We will sell our business, cars, house, most furniture etc to fund it. We will also live in third world countries for 6 months of the year to make our money go further when we travel in Europe or USA etc. We will also travel slowly and rent apartments when we can, we will camp or have a caravan in the European Summer and find cheaper areas in Europe to base ourselves. Another great, but not travel-orientated, blog (if I am not allowed to post this, please delete) is: www.mrmoneymoustache.com They have a financial forum attahced as well and many financially independent people frequent this too. DH and I also plan to start another business but are giving ourselves 12 months off to recharge. This will be a business on our terms and will most likely involve importing/exporting, but may not!, as this is something we have experimented with in our current business. We plan on having our business location independent and only working hours that we want to. That said, I have heard from so many people that before you travel you over-budget costs and that is what I hope I am doing. Good luck OP! C

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We were away for 12 months with our 2 kids, but limited ourselves to only traveling 'backpacking style' through SEA, Sri Lanka and India. We didn't work, but 'worked' our mortgage and the equity in our home in order to finance most of our trip. There's a post on our site which has all the details but feel free to email me directly if you have any questions. http://www.with2kidsintow.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/but-how-did-we-actually-pay-for-our.html

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We are web designers, so we simply picked up our business and took it around the world with us. There are some great interviews on what people do at Wireless Ideaology - http://www.wirelessideology.com/2012/07/01/interview-erin-bender-of-travel-with-bender/

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Hi Katherine, Here is an excellent (and thoroughly researched) article on how to fund your travels. http://wandrlymagazine.com/how-to/make-a-living-on-the-road/ There are some other fantastic resources on that site as well. ** I have no affiliation with the site at all, I just think they have done a wonderful job!

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