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Family accommodations in Bangkok

We are a family of four; two adults, one infant, and one toddler in a pack-and-play, looking for a quiet and inexpensive room/s (two nights) to recover from our flight from the States. Does anyone have any recommendations? We would like to spend less than 1500 baht per night, and are interested in guest houses. I absolutely love Phranakorn-Nornlen, but it is outside of our budget.
We would love a pool or play area for kids, and quiet rooms that have heavy darkening shades =)

Additionally, our toddler has been in his own room for almost three years now and im a little worried about sleeping arrangements. We are bringing a Go Crib for the toddler, and the baby will sleep with us in our bed as she does at home. My concern is that the baby's babbling will wake him or prevent him from falling asleep. Am i over-thinking this? How do other parents handle bedtime in the family room when traveling?

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We are curently stayng at Sarasinee All Suites. Price is exacly 1500THB. Place is fine, we are stayng here for the second time.it is a bit far away from the center, but very close to BTS station .

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I think the transition will go fine. I've been experimenting with the concept that my children will transition naturally when circumstances require it, and I've had really positive results. For instance, I continued nursing my 3 year old son right up until I birthed our newest addition. I decided I would try tandem nursing, and see if it worked for us. The week after the baby came, my toddler nursed twice, for just a few minutes each time. The second time, he stopped just as my milk let down, and said, "I'm done. The milk is for the baby." My jaw dropped, because he had always been extremely attached to nursing. I had never said anything to him to suggest that nursing was just for babies. He hasn't nursed since. Our sleeping situation has progressed similarly. For the first month or so, we all slept in the same room. Neither of our children's sounds woke the other one up at all. But we did decide to transition our son to another room because he goes to bed earlier than the baby and I, and I wanted to be able to do things in the bedroom. It's gone fine. It sounds like an exciting trip and I'd love to hear more about it. Our first was conceived in Thailand, and I'd love to go back to SE Asia with the little ones!

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Hi Jena, I really like New Siam II Guesthouse in Bangkok. Double rooms are just under 800B and have hot water, AC and TV. There's a pool area downstairs. There are always lots of families staying so plenty of playmates around. It's in the Soi Rambuttri area which is near Khao San Road but doesn't suffer the noise and craziness of KSR. There are lots of little places to eat on Soi Rambuttri - stalls and restaurants and the street is smooth enough to push a stroller on. Here's the website: http://newsiam.net/ I find the hardest thing about sleeping in the same room with our toddler is getting him to go to sleep. It's hard to be free from distractions at bedtime unless you all go to sleep at the same time (which isn't doesn't always happen). We would often find we'd need to put him to bed and then go sit in the bathroom quietly for 10 minutes so he could get himself off to sleep. That sounds particularly crazy as I type it! But sometimes it's the only thing that worked. Try and keep the same bed time routine as home - bath, book, cuddle, bed etc. And make sure he's used to sleeping in the portacrib. When are you in Bangkok? Bethaney

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Thank you Lisa for the reassurance :)

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