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Places to visit in Southeast Asia

Hi Everyone,
We are a family of three (30, 28 and 3) and will be in Singapore between April and mid-May. We want to spend some time in Singapore (we have family there), but we are also looking for recommendations on child friendly, not too expensive and not overly touristy destinations in SE Asia.

Also, does anyone have experience with camping in that part of the world? We have heard mixed reviews, but our little guy really enjoys the experience and since we have camping gear with us we would be willing to give it a try.

Thank you all


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I don't think camping is useful - the only campers we have met were long distance cyclists who stayed in guest houses in SEA. We went to Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand (writing from Koh Mak). Would especially recommend Laos - although it is hard not to be a tourist. This island is really perfect too, very family friendly. We have used a small mosquito net, but my son doesn't like it much - we have often been able to get rooms with a good sized net. We have generally paid around £10 a night or less.

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We are 4 months in SE Asia now , we are traveling with a 2 year child. The place we most liked is the northern part of Koh-Phangan Thailand

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Hello Mira,, We just spent 3 months in SEA with our 5 children. We had camping gear with us but never used it as accomodation was (for the most part) quite reasonable. A/C in SEA is also very good when you have little ones. We did use our camping gear in Australia and sent some of it back when we left for SEA. We kept the small tent thinking we could use it as a mosquito net in a pinch - should have sent it back home as well! The nesting pots, cups, bowls, and cutlery have come in handy. Bali is a great place to go (we didn't go to Kuta) with family. Melaka, Penang, and the Cameron Highlands were great. KL is a big city, but worth the stop. I hope this helps. Greg

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