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Move to Asian Countries with kids. visa requirements

I'm doing a little research for my website about moving to or taking a career break to move to specific Asian countries with and without kids.

Has anyone made the move to any Asian country for 6 months or more.
And what did you do about the visa? did you apply for visas to obtain any special kind of temporary resident status so that you didn't have to do a border run to renew your visas?
If you have kids, school age, how did you educate them? public school, immersion in local school or homeschool.

I'm in interested in all asian countries feedaback. Thanks so much.
Can't wait to see your answers.

Asked 8 years ago TAGS:   None Report Abuse

Answers (1) Add an Answer

Hi Annie, I am very interested to get feedback about this also. Hopefully there will be some great feedback. Cheers

Answered 8 years ago Report Abuse Recommend (550)