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12 month trip

My husband, daughter (aged 9) and I are planning a 12 month trip starting January 2013. We will be departing from Australia and traveling through Asia - I would really love to learn from those who are 'out doing it' (in a nice way of course!) to give us your tips and suggestions as to how we should approach this. Where are the best places to go? Do you have any 'insider' tips or suggestions for us?

I'd really appreciate any help and advice!


Asked 8 years ago TAGS:   None Report Abuse

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Hi we just got back from a 12 month trip in SEA, india, philippines and sri lanka. we have lots of info on our site re family-friendly destinations and activities, as well as practical info. since you are in the planning stages, maybe this post will be of interest to you: http://with2kidsintow.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/but-how-did-we-actually-pay-for-our.html as well as the one before it regarding our costs, although the info will be nearly 2yrs old by the time you set off. good luck, and feel free to email directly any other questions you have. jess

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Hi meg, How exciting ! We leave in June for Asia too. Planning as we speak. So far we have booked our first two legs, Bali and Phuket. In phuket we got a gret family friendly 2 bedroom apartment at the residence at kalim bay. Great value for money. Another member on here shared that little secret with me so am happy to pass it on. Are u using sites like, trip advisor and travelfish to research where to go, what to do while there etc ? They can be a wealth of knowledge. Have fun planning. We are Aussie too so if u want to chat thru this journey feel free to contact us here on this site Cindy

Answered 8 years ago Report Abuse Recommend (542)

Hi Meg, South East Asia is the perfect place to travel with kids - warm, friendly and cheap. Definitely start with Travelfish.org as a first resource. It's an excellent, free online guide to everything SEA. Read as much as you can. Make a plan. Change the plans. Stay as flexible as you can when you're on the road. Consider starting somewhere where the travelling is easier - like Thailand or Bali. It helps to adjust to the Asian way of doing things and gives you a little time to get your feet wet and get into the groove of being on the road. I love Vietnam but lots of people find the travelling there hard work (me included!). If you go there first you could easily feel overwhelmed. Have you thought about how far you're going to go through Asia? Bethaney

Answered 8 years ago Report Abuse Recommend (532)

Hi Meg! We are currently in Cambodia and LOVE it! Check out our photo blog www.momentslikethisneverlast.com. Feel free to contact us for info on places to stay, where to eat, and so on.l

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