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I'm about to set out on a Vagabond Family-type lifestyle and wondering what the #1 tip you'd recommend?

We don't really have any plans but the tot & I are heading out in mid-April to just wander about the West Coast (maybe more!?!). We've been sort of putt-putting around for the past 2 years here after Hubby got transferred from WA to CA. We now are nomadic to some extent & go back/forth. Now we want to take it farther and actually start roadschooling/touring before the tot has to start Kindergarden (if!?!). Thoughts on where to start or a #1 tip? Thanks!!!

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Hi CoreyAnn, My #1 tip would be to stay flexible and not plan too far in advance. The beauty of being location independent is taking advantage of the fact that you can travel whenever and wherever you please. Make the most of that feeling of freedom. I do lots of research into different options and then do whatever feels best at the time. Don't be scared to go places in the off season. If you're mainly going to stay in the US, keep your eyes out for deals on Groupon and LivingSocial. It might help you decide where to go to some extent. We got some really good accommodation deals on our recent trip around the Southwest States. If you're looking for road trip ideas, we did a really nice loop around Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and California. I've got the details on my blog if you're interested. Happy to chat more if you'd like - send me a message here, on Facebook or on Twitter. Best of luck, Bethaney

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