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If your kids are sick and tired of summer holidays spent at their grandparents’ cottage in the countryside, this year is a good time to surprise them by organizing a trip to a remote exotic destination. If the idea sounds cool but you are still uncertain as to where exactly your family could spend the vacation, look no further than Tanzania. A true African jewel still undiscovered by mass tourist, try Tanzania: this marvelous African region offers families a unique opportunity to see wild creatures up close during a guided safari and spend afternoons sunbathing and snorkeling at some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. In addition to that, Tanzania is also a great place to try different herbs on a spice tour, explore Zanzibar’s untamed national parks, climb up the Ngorongoro Crater and tour the colorful local food markets.


Island of Zanzibar Beaches

Island of Zanzibar Beaches – Image source:

Here are some of the best pastime activities to include in your Tanzania-borne family holiday.

An exciting and informative Tanzanian safari

Most kids will go ecstatic at the mere thought of a wild African safari and the chance to see lions, leopards and moneys in their natural habitat. Depending on your travel budget, you can opt for a short safari tour and explore some of Tanzania’s wildlife areas such as the Serengeti, Tarangire and Tanganyika. Or, if finances allow it, treat your little explorer(s) with an amazing 12-day safari during which kids get a unique chance to learn interesting details about local culture, history, people, eco-system and see some of Tanzania’s landmark sites such as the slave market, cave prisons and House of Wonders in Cape Town, as well as various species found in National Parks Serengeti and Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater and much more.


Tanzanian safari

Tanzanian safari

Long days on sunny beaches

With white, silky beaches and clear azure waters, Tanzanian beaches are a perfect spot to spend a long summer day relaxing and having fun. Small kids can play in the sand, gather seashells and explore the area under the watchful eye of their parents, while older children have a chance to snorkel, dive and ride on dhows, traditional handmade boats extremely popular among tourists. If you are concerned about safety of your children at the beach, you can always opt for a trip to one of the swimming pools at a local resort instead. Or, if your family is adventurous, you can take a boat ride to the Zanzibar Archipelago and explore the island landscape either on your own or with a local guide onboard.


Tanzanian beaches

Tanzanian beaches

Try all the flavors of Tanzania

Spice tours are an excellent family activity for tourists visiting Tanzania and Zanzibar. Spice tours are very popular in Zanzibar because the island’s history is characterized by strong trade relations with Asia and Europe dating back to the 16th century. Tanzania’s trade used to be mostly centered on spices and herbs which where highly valued in Europe, and the country still ranks high on the world’s list of spice exporters. During the tour, your kids will get to see how different herbs are grown and harvested, how they are used, and even try out some refreshing new flavors.


flavors of Tanzania

flavors of Tanzania – Image source:

An island adventure in Zanzibar

If you prefer island resorts to mainland holidays, head off to Zanzibar and experience tropical paradise at its finest. With marvelous palm-fringed beaches, turquoise waters and lots of small neighboring islands for your family to explore, Zanzibar is a dream-come-true destination for lovers of hot summer days. With a moderate climate marked by average annual temperature of maximal 28°C in February, the Zanzibar Archipelago gathers four main islands and a few smaller ones, most of them still untouched by mass tourism. Brave little explorers can go bird watching or seashell hunting, while older kids can explore Zanzibar’s powdery beaches, go snorkeling in the coves and learn how to spearfish like true locals.


explore Zanzibar’s powdery beaches

explore Zanzibar’s powdery beaches

Witness the Great Migration in Serengeti

Often described at the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’, the Great Migration in Serengeti is an excellent chance for your kids to learn more about wildlife, Africa’s animal species and importance of movement for survival. Although the animals in the park are on the move during much of the year, the best months to go watching wildebeest and zebras migrate from Serengeti to Masai Mara are May-July. If you want to catch the animals on their return to Serengeti, plan your visit in October or November. As far as accommodation in Serengeti goes, there are numerous lodgings in the park itself, but make sure you book them on time as best deals are the first ones to go well before the peak season even begins. Let your kid watch zebras, antelopes and wildebeest in action through binoculars or give them a camera to make their own memories of the adventure.


gnus wild running Serengeti

gnus wild running Serengeti

Dhow rides, or a different type of safari

Families staying in Zanzibar should definitely try dhow safaris. The hand-crafted long boats with lateen sails date back to the period 600 B.C.E. to 600 C.E., the time of intense trade relations between Africa, Europe and Middle East when they were used to transport fruit, fresh water and merchandise. Dhows range in size from the smaller ones accommodating crews of up to 12 people, to the large ones manned by as many as 30 sailors. There is no better place than a dhow for your child to learn how to make different types of knots, tie a bowline, fit a rudder or hoist a sail. (A word of advice: be careful when letting your child play with electronics such as cameras and smartphones during a boat ride, as the local waters have seen many a phone slip-and-splash. In case your kid does manage to lose a valuable device during a dhow safari, ask a local about where you can shop for gadgets at reasonable prices or browse for best deals.)


Zanzibar dhow safaris

Zanzibar dhow safaris – Image source:

With its fascinating national parks, untamed wildlife, scenic beaches, intoxicating spice tours and enchanting dhow rides, Tanzania is the closest it gets to Eden on Earth. If you want to add a dash of tropical beauty and summertime adventure to your next holiday, this African pearl is the best place to go after relaxation, explorations and family fun.

The fact that your teenage child always stares at the phone and does not really respond to all the things that they used to does not mean that they do not like family holidays anymore. They are simply going through the phase in which they are not very keen of showing their enthusiasm. However, if you want to steal a smile or two on your Sydney vacation, offer them some activities that are really enjoyable. The good thing about having teenagers is that you can finally enjoy things that are a bit too edgy or dangerous if you have a smaller child, or simply to serious and hard to understand for kids. Here are some of the suggestions for you and your family.

Taking the Harbor Cruise and Visiting the Taronga Zoo

Your day can start with a nice early breakfast at the Darling Harbor. Once you are all ready to go, embark on a boat. It will show you the magnificent views of the Sydney coastline.

Sydney Harbor Cruise

Sydney Harbor Cruise

That is the best way to check out the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge from up close. After this lovely tour, the adventure begins. Your cruise will move from the sea to the air.


Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo


Sky Safari Gondola will take you from the waterfront to the entrance of the Taronga Zoo. It means that you and your family will get a glimpse of the Zoo from the skies before entering it. Once you are inside, you will have all the time in the world to explore it. The Zoo boasts around 3000 animals. They are from all over the world and if you plan your time there well, you can catch the vulture feeding time. Your teen would love that.

Exploring the Wildlife Behind the Scenes

While visiting the Taronga Zoo will be perfect for those that love animals, this tour will take you one step closer to the everyday life of the Zoo. It is just the thing for those teens that think about volunteering or even working in the Zoo. Namely, you will be given the tour of the Zoo from behind the scenes.

Exploring the Wildlife

Exploring the Wildlife

You will get to see how the food is being prepared or talk to the zookeepers and hear their stories. The most awesome part for most teens is that you get to pet some of the less dangerous animals and even get their photo taken while holding a lizard or being close to a koala.

Having Fun at Madam Tussauds

The visit to the world famous museum should definitely be on your bucket list. With modern celebrities like Jonny Depp, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, you can explore the museum and have your photo taken with all the celebrity figures.

Sydney Madam Tussauds

Sydney Madam Tussauds

If you can keep the secret, nobody has to know that these were figures and not real people. The figures are that good. There are many interactive games at this museum. For example, perhaps your kid would love an opportunity to play a guitar with Taylor Swift.

Learning about Cultural Heritage

You can steal yourself for a day at a museum in Sydney, but if you really want to make it fun for your kid, opt for some of the ghost tours of Sydney. While you will certainly get your dose of chills down the spine, you will also give your child a chance to learn more about the cultural heritage of the city in a fun way.

Sydney Cultural Heritage

Sydney Cultural Heritage

All those old streets and buildings have more than just ghost stories to show for. Ghost tours will tell you more about the cursed Aboriginal sites and introduce your teen with this amazing culture. The entire story would be incomplete without a Victorian haunted mansion and a visit to a graveyard.

Going on a Randwick Adventure

To enjoy the Sydney surroundings on a much lighter note, but still taking a glimpse of the city’s past, it is a great idea to find authentic Victorian accommodation in Randwick area.

Randwick Adventure

Randwick Adventure

From day to day, you and your family can enjoy riding horses and even watching the races. The surrounding is stunning and peaceful, but there is always something to do around the horses and the stables, so you will never be bored.

Taking a Look at the Deep Waters at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary

Imagine the smile on your teens face once you tell them that they will be able to take a dip with the sharks. Manly Sea Life Sanctuary will allow children over the 14 years of age to take part in their Shark Dive Xtreme attraction in which you get to dive with the sharks, massive manta rays, turtles and other amazing creatures.

Sydney Sea Life Sanctuary

Sydney Sea Life Sanctuary

Of course, there is a very fixed set of rules that you need to obey to enjoy this attraction. If that is too much rush for you, just enjoy the view of the awesome Life Sanctuary.

Enjoying the Sydney Tower Eye

If there is one thing that your teen will appreciate, then it is the adrenaline rush and a little something to show for it. That is precisely the experience you and your brave family will get if you give Sydney Tower Eye a chance to amaze you. You will be securely tied and perfectly safe. However, you will be almost 800 ft above the ground and you will have the 360 degrees view of Sydney and the surroundings.

Sydney Tower Eye

Sydney Tower Eye

Moreover, you will get the certificate of completion and the coolest family photo of this adventure. Also, this is a great way to have a lot of fun without breaking the budget since that is definitely something to think about when you are on a family vacation. You need to be careful because this is definitely not something that people who have issues with heights should do.

Festival of the Winds, Bondi beach

You and your family may be just as happy spending a peaceful day at a beach and enjoying the sea and the weather. Luckily, there is a plethora of beaches in Sydney, but just to spice things up a bit, try to be on the Bondi beach somewhere in September. That will put you in the middle of the Festival of the Winds when you can observe brave windsurfers while enjoying your day.

Festival of the Winds, Bondi beach

Festival of the Winds, Bondi beach




San Francisco is an enthralling city full of life and energy. It is irrefutably one of the best cities in North America for a vacation with family and kids. The city has something for all age groups. Your kids are going to have some memorable experiences in San Francisco. Moreover, there are some really amazing places that you can go for free, without having to worry about breaking into your savings.

In this article, you will find out about some tourist attractions that your kids will love, and, of course, later, thank you for getting them there. Here is a list of 7 fun places that are kids-friendly and also easy with money.

  • San Francisco Zoo

I still have to come across a kid who doesn’t fancy going to animal zoos. All kids love zoo trips and your kid too will love the San Francisco zoo trip. The San Francisco Zoo provides excellent nature-focused interactions where kids not only see these animals but also learn about these animals. This particular zoo is home to more than 1000 exotic, endangered and rescued animals. It domiciles more than 250 species. In addition, the zoo houses several native and foreign plants.

San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco Zoo – Image source:

The zoo is located just a few steps from the Pacific Ocean on the western side of the city. Be prepared to see some tigers, gorillas and penguins.  Moreover, a few rare animals such as black rhinoceros, polar bears and snow leopard too can be seen.

  • Cable Car Ride

You have to take your kids for this super cool cable car ride on Lombard Street. It is usually very uncommon to get to ride this San Franciscan cable car. These cable cars are traditional mode of transportation still very much functional for the general public. These rides are undoubtedly one of the best ways to get around. City sightseeing in San Francisco is a must if you want to really absorb the city and make the most of your time here. There are some really good San Francisco sightseeing tours (half and full day) that take place almost on a daily basis. These tours will come in handy as they will allow you to visit almost all popular attractions and sights at your own pace with a tour guide. With the help of the tour companies, exploring San Francisco becomes comfortable especially with kids.

San Francisco Cable Car Ride

San Francisco Cable Car Ride – Image source:

  • Alcatraz Island

You cannot miss out on going to this infamous Alcatraz Island, which was formerly known as a military prison. Alcatraz Island is now a tiny little island in the San Francisco Bay gaining attention from tourists worldwide. This particular island is one of the most heavily visited islands on planet Earth. You can visit this island during the daytime as well the night time. Tourists with kids in particular prefer the night trips since the level of adventure just goes high during the nights. A piece of advice before visiting the island is to make sure that you have the ferry and entry tickets well in advance. Since the island is so popular, it, sometimes, becomes difficult to get tickets of preferred day and time. Therefore, it is a good idea to get in touch with some local Alcatraz cruise tour companies that provide you with customized tour packages inclusive of the island and ferry tickets.

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island – Image source:

  • Visit Chinatown With Your Kids

San Francisco is home to the highest number of Chinese immigrants in the whole of the United States. Chinatown in San Francisco should not be missed as it still offers a very pristine feel to it. It is vibrant, colorful, lively and very exotic looking place. Your kids will love the vigor and festive aspect of the place. You also get some really cool things to take back home to your friends and family. Fortune cookies, kites and chirping crickets are some of the most popular souvenirs.  Your kids will love watching the Chinese culture. As a parent, you can also teach them a little about the Chinese culture along the way of having fun.

San Francisco Chinatown

San Francisco Chinatown- Image source:

  • Explore Fisherman’s Wharf

There are several tourist attractions on Fisherman’s Wharf that your kids will love to visit. Colorful boats, street performances, good places to eat and so forth are a few of the adorable things to do on the Fisherman’s Wharf. Besides, you must also take your kids to the popular Was Museum and Ripley’s Believe it or not. Also, you can try the Musee Mechanique, a place that locates massive collection of old-fashioned arcade games.

San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf

San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf – Image source:

Make sure that if you decide to go behind the touristy façade, you keep a watch on your kids because it is a working pier and has no guard rails.

  • Explore SF Bay

If you fancy getting an overview of the San Francisco skyline, then opt for bay cruises in San Francisco. These San Francisco Bay Cruise tours let you ride under the Golden Gate Bridge and pass through the Alcatraz Island. However, the Golden Gate Bridge Bay Cruise is the most popular San Francisco Bay Cruise Tour. You get to see some spectacular views of the SF shoreline. It runs several times a day and is not expensive at all. The kids too will love being on the cruise and watch valuable landmarks of San Francisco from the waters.

San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay – Image source:

  • Ocean Beach

There is something between the beaches and kids; at the beach, kids leave no stones unturned in making sure that they have as much fun as they can. Their fancies run wild, build sand castles and fly kites.

Ocean beach, in San Francisco, is a family beach. It is a very long, flat beach providing kids with flawless sand for beach play. Unarguably, Ocean beach is the best beach to play around and fly kites.

San Francisco Beach

San Francisco Beach – Image source:

All the places mentioned are worth visiting as they really have a lot to offer families with kids. Besides, these places won’t even be hard on your pockets as most of them either charge nothing or charge less. Enjoy your stay in San Francisco and have fun!


Traveling allows you to explore the world we live in. As adults, many of us find that traveling creates wonderful memories that we can draw on happily for the rest of our lives.

The same is very much true for children. Especially if they’re over the age of 10.

To take kids places to is to teach them to see it up close and understand the beauty that awaits them as they grow up. A single trip can offer exposure to new culture, rainbows spread across the canyons of a rainforest or the way that a monument put up two hundred years ago is still standing today.


Traveling with Kids Over the Age of 10

Traveling with Kids Over the Age of 10

Navigate the world wisely — by both travel method and activity — with the youngsters in your life using the following tips:

1) Prepare Before You Go

Older kids have different needs than their younger counterparts. Before you go, proper preparation is vital.

Start with a list of all the items you’ll need for the trip. Create a separate checklist for each kid. The checklist should include all the belongings they are going to take with them as well as all vital documents they may need to have on hand while traveling.

Make sure each child has a train ticket and all other important documents such as a passport tucked somewhere safe and easy to reach before you get on the train.

2) Plan Short Trips

For shorter trips — roughly anything under two hours — children over 10 are typically good travelers.

Many kids love getting in the car for a quick day of fun at the shore or to a local amusement park. Make traveling with them even easier by having at least one snack on hand for each hour of travel. Healthy snacks for kids like dried nuts and fruit are excellent as they store easily and leave no crumbs.

3) Venture on Longer Trips

Longer trips require more preparation.

Many older kids are avid readers. Buy a few classic favorite kid’s books and designate them for car use only. This gives kids something to do each trip that you know they’ll love. A set of the Anne of Green Gables books or the Harry Potter series can last awhile too.

4) Take a Road Trip

Road trips are perfect for older kids because they are old enough to sit in the car for longer periods of time. Take advantage of this fact and bring them along to see America firsthand.

Ask the kids to help plan the trip by looking up unique and exciting road trip destinations before you go anywhere. Letting them engage in trip planning activities helps them develop critical thinking skills.

A car makes an ideal means of travel with kids. Older kids can stretch out in the back seat. Parents can stop for meals or scenery whenever they please.

No car? Buses go just about everywhere, too. Whether you’re planning a long distance trip from one state to another or just a quick tour of New York City, travel by bus with kids over 10 can be an ideal way to travel. Many tour bus companies allow people to hop off and then hop — providing you with additional flexibility.

5) Travel by Plane

Traveling by plane, even with older kids, often requires specific preparation. It is important to make sure that you have all the details well in advance. Prepare the kids you’re traveling with on what they can expect and how they should behave.

Here’s a handy list of tips for plane travel with kids that is sure to make any planned flight easier. Print it out and keep in on hand before boarding.

6) Consider Train Travel

Taking the train can be a great way to relax and let someone else do the driving. Long distance train travel allows kids the chance to view the world right from their own windows. Kids older than 10 can be trusted to carry their own bags and even get off and on the train by themselves.

7) Go by Boat

Traveling by boat can be one of the most memorable ways to get from one place to another. Boats can go places that are hard to get to by other means. Many families choose to take a cruise as their family vacation each year.

When cruising with older kids, look for cruises that have specific activities organized around the needs of kids over ten. Many cruises have special programs for kids this age that allow them to interact with their peers and even enjoy shows and meals designed just for them.

8) Keep Them Occupied

No matter the method by which you travel, keep the kids occupied. Older kids enjoy playing games. Buy a few travel versions of favorite children’s board games — like Othello or Rummikub — to have on hand.

A deck of cards also can also provide kids with endless possibilities that everyone can enjoy at the same time.

9) Use Travel Apps and Maps

Give kids a detailed map to trace the trip as it takes place from the window of the car or have them watch the miles go by on an iPhone. Travel apps for kids are widely available and can make the hours go by faster.

If you already have the trip planned out, have your kids look at the map, give them a list of pre-approved activities and let them choose! Let them pick out three or four places or activities they think the entire family will enjoy.

10) Relate Your Travels to School Work

Learning can take place everywhere and anywhere.

In winter months, ask your child’s teachers what they’re learning in social studies or English. If you’re visiting Washington D.C., seeing the halls of the Supreme Court or touring the White House can make history come alive.

During the summer, teachers often assign kids a summer reading list. Look for ways to tie in the books your child is reading through school with the places they’re traveling during this time. Ask your child to do a bit of research and find out which books on the reading list have a specific connection to your planned summer vacation destination.

However You Travel, Do It Together!

Travel with Kids Over the Age of 10

Travel with Kids Over the Age of 10

Taking kids on a trip can help families grow closer together. Older children often remember trips they’ve taken with parents and family members for the rest of their lives.

With the right planning and careful attention to detail, the entire family can have a fun trip while opening their minds to the wonders of our world and the joy of being together as a family.

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