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The amount of festivals there are globally is mind-blowing but most are limited to a certain age group. Children, and parents, are also looking for ways to have fun together in an environment that is safe for everyone.


7 Family-Friendly Festivals In The USA That Your Kids Will Love

7 Family-Friendly Festivals In The USA That Your Kids Will Love

Photo credit: Katrina Barber (Lollapalooza 2016)

Lucky enough, there are festivals that have transformed to allow children to experience something different. These select festivals based in the United States will allow the parents to let loose as they listen to their favorite musicians and also please children with the many activities catered to them.

Outside Lands

Where: San Francisco, CA

When: August

Considered one of the best music festivals in California, with global performers, like Janet Jackson or Florence + The Machine, finger-licking foods and art galleries, Outside Lands is a festival catered to all ages. Right at the Golden Gate Park, you will be able to boast about the killer performances while eating local foods with live paintings going on as well. It might sound overwhelming but it is definitely possible to do at once. Outside Lands also supports sustainability as the festival is home to Eco Lands which is an organization that sets up eco-friendly activities for all ages. Kids, and adults, can learn how to make the environment a cleaner place.


Where: Chicago, IL

When: August

Once considered as an alternative rock festival, Lollapalooza has slowly transformed into a family-friendly space. Right in the heart of Chicago, the festival brings in top performers that will make it a memorable experience. Those with kids won’t have to worry about their little ones getting hurt in the crowd as there is a specific section for them to rock out as well. Kidzapalooza has its own stage with different activities like karaoke, photo shoots and crafts. Not only that, children that are 10 and under get in for free with their parents.

Lightning in a Bottle

Where: Bradley, CA

When: May

Lightning in a Bottle can be referred to as the new Woodstock but with its own quirk. The festival bases itself on the concept of sustainability, wellness, music, art and cultural offering. It is definitely a festival where you will be able to learn much more than you expected as it will open your mind to new ideas. Children are also able to join in on the experience since it is open to all ages. The Lightning in a Bottle team even made a Facebook group for families to connect with one another because here, it’s all about loving one another.

Joshua Tree Music Festival

Where: Joshua Tree, CA

When: May

The Joshua Tree Music Festival is the perfect festival to enjoy as a family. It has described itself as a “family-friendly global music experience” and can definitely back up its proclamation.  Along with its vast variety of musicians and bands from all corners of the world, it also has activities specifically for children. While you are jamming out to your favorite band, kids can spend time at Kidsville which includes face painting, magic and improvisation shows, arts and crafts and a ton more.


Where: Bethlehem, PA

When: August

If you’re looking for a free, non-gated music festival, MusikFest is calling your name. In this 10-day festival, you can jam out to artists from different genres and taste the different flavors of the many food vendors. Children will also have a blast in the Spark Orthodontic Kinderplatz that has games, music and kid-friendly food. This is the perfect festival for families to spend their time together if they’re on a budget.


Where: Seattle, WA

When: September

Right when the summer is ending, Bumbershoot is here to keep the energy going. For families in the Pacific Northwest, this is the perfect festival to go to that offers music, food, art and much more. With national and regional performances, kids will also get to enjoy themselves with hands-on activities and interactive programs in a separate area just for them called Youngershoot. Children ages 10 and under also get in for free.

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Where: New Orleans, LA

When: April

An unforgettable way to roll in the summer is with the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. The 10-day culture fest has a large variety of music, like jazz, funk, Caribbean and blues, that perform on the multiple stages throughout the location. It also showcases the cultural heritage of New Orleans with its cuisine, craft stands and much more. For those wanting to get comfortable, foldable chairs, soft coolers and strollers are allowed in the festival.

Australia is the country full of tradition, different cultures and natural wonders that leave anyone breathless. Every part of it is special and amazing in its own way. They carry their own heritage and combined make Australia one of the most desirable tourist destinations.

In addition, this also makes it the perfect family destination where you can take your kids and have some quality vacation time with them. Western Australia, specifically, offers some very interesting spots that will hold the attention of the whole family. From animal sanctuaries to white beaches, this part of Australia offers a variety of activities and landscapes which will leave wonderful memories.

No matter if you choose one location or go on a road trip with your kids, you will certainly encounter interesting and unique adventures. With rich traditional values from Aboriginal people, a strong sense of nature preservation and friendly locals, you cannot leave this place without shading a few tears.    

Therefore, start packing and travel to one or more spots on our list. The fun and good time are guaranteed for all ages. 

1.      Cohunu Koala Park

A person can’t visit Australia without seeing their wildlife. Western Australia offers a lot of parks where you can spend time with animals such as koalas and kangaroos. Cohunu Koala Park is 40 minutes from Perth and spreads across the 14 hectares of land

Cohunu Koala Park

Cohunu Koala Park


The various attractions include talking to parrots, feeding the free roaming animals and observing how they behave in their natural habitat. You can see kangaroos, emus, deer and, of course, koalas. And those are not all the animals you can see and interact with at the Park. 

There is a Cohunu Park Railway that will take you on a ride through the whole park if the weather conditions are favourable. You can buy souvenirs at the local shop and take a photo with dinosaur replicas. This Park is a sure thing if you want to show your kids wonderful animal kingdom of Western Australia. 

2.      Great Sandy Desert

Desert is not something everyone has a chance to see. That’s why the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia is perfect and not so far away from civilization. This 609 kilometres big area contains gorgeous sand to let your children play and have fun. 


Great Sandy Desert

Great Sandy Desert


However, there is not much to see there but the sand, therefore, make sure that your tank is full. Also, take care of food and beverages, even though there are two roadhouses there, Pardoo and Sandfire. The coast is not so far away and is unhindered by civilization. It may not offer interesting attractions like Sahara does, but is certainly an amazing sight to experience during the road trip.

3.      Broome

Broome is coastal town some 2,240km away from Perth in the Kimberley region. This is a famous tourist spot with a rich offer. Cable Beach is the most visited tourist area here during the season from April to October. It is a perfect family resort where your children can have fun with riding the camels or learn how to surf.





Roebuck Bay is a popular place for migrating birds that come here from northern Asia. They can be observed in summer but also during the year. Since a lot of young birds stay until they’re old enough to migrate, Birds Australia built Broome Bird Observatory in 1988. This is a wonderful way to watch some of the rare and gorgeous shorebirds.

4.      Purnululu National Park

As a World Heritage Site, Purnululu National Park attracts a lot of visitors to its 239,723-hectare area. The sandstone domes of Bungle Bungle Range look like a giant beehive and are the focus of kid-friendly and family walking tours in Western Australia. This area is also an extraordinary geological terrain in the world due to karst areas formed in sandstone towers.


Purnululu National Park

Purnululu National Park


The tours offer various ways of travelling over a more than 50-kilometres area. You can fly in a small plane and enjoy the scenery from above. You can go on a three-day hike and visit Piccaninny Gorge accessible only on foot. Usually, the hikers are dropped from the helicopter to enjoy the landscapes and explore the natural wonders.

Besides these geological rarities, you will learn about the Aboriginal heritage in this region which is a 40,000-years long cultural legacy. There are many accommodation offers in the park and you can choose depending on your plans of activities. Also, try your vocal cords in the Cathedral Gorge famous for its acoustics. 

5.      Ningaloo Coast

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ningaloo Coast is the home of the largest Australia’s coral reef. This reef is rich in marine life like dolphins, manta rays and humpback whales. The beaches are an important breeding area for turtles like loggerhead and hawksbill. Ningaloo Coast is a home to 500 species of fish, 300 species of coral and 600 of molluscs, just to name the few among the marine world.


Ningaloo Coast

Ningaloo Coast


You can visit the Ningaloo Coast for a day or stay longer. Visitor Centre is available to help you organise your stay as well as to get you acquainted with what to expect. You can go kayaking and biking over dunes, swim with whale sharks, but also see a lot of other magnificent creatures. The best way to observe the rich underwater life is by snorkelling at Coral Bay.     

Green, loggerhead and hawksbill turtles living in the Ningaloo Coast are on the list of endangered species. You and your kids can spend time learning about these creatures at the Jurabi Turtle Centre and even participate in guiding baby turtles to the ocean. This is a unique experience even for adults since these baby turtles are in immediate danger from predators after they hatch. So you would help them survive and get to the ocean safely.

In the end

Families share special moments and create memories from amazing adventures they have. Western Australia is the perfect place to be one of those memorable experiences you will include in your family trip list. Just don’t forget to bring enough external memories to place all the photos you’ll make while there. 

Family vacations, especially those with small kids, are the most fun and the most stressful ones at the same time. They require a lot of research and organization, and there is an extra layer of planning to be done if you’re traveling to a place that isn’t specifically designed for kids. One such place is the wonderful island of Bora Bora. It is not far from being an absolute heaven on Earth, and it’s one of the top honeymoon destinations for newlyweds. A place anyone would want to enjoy, the crystal clear turquoise waters simply draw you in and make you forget about the busy world back home. So if you are planning a fun vacation with the kids to this small paradise, here are tips on how to make the most of it.

Traveling with Kids to Bora Bora

Traveling with Kids to Bora Bora – Image source:

Hit the beach

The first thing you will want to do when you arrive is get straight into the water. It is calm and very clear, so it might be a great place for your kids to learn how to swim if they don’t know how to already. However, make sure you keep an eye on them at all times, because there won’t be lifeguards on every beach you visit. If you want to be safe, Matira Beach is the main public beach of the island and it has calm waters and soft sand to enjoy. Bring some equipment to keep the kids occupied, like tools to make a sandcastle or a ball to throw around in the water. This is one of the few places that is completely kid-friendly, so expect to spend a lot of time here.

Go on tours

There is so much to see on the island, and you’re best off not wandering around alone. With a guide, you will not only make sure you don’t miss a crucial area, but you will also have someone local to explain to you everything you are seeing. A good tip is to book all of your tours in advance. This way, you will get the best prices and make sure that you have a spot on the tours that fit your schedule. When booking, make sure it’s a kid-friendly tour, and furthermore, that it has something that will actually be interesting for the kids. An endless walk through nature might not be the most exciting thing, especially when they get tired. Plenty of tours offer a children discount, so your kids might be able to come along at half the price, or even for free.

Bora Bora with Kids

Bora Bora with Kids – Image source:

Find the perfect accommodation

Getting good accommodation is crucial for a successful trip abroad, and this especially goes for islands such as Bora Bora. Not many places are kid-friendly, but there are some where you will find the perfect package. The gorgeous Le Meridien Bora Bora resort has an amazing beach villa with two separate bedrooms and a large shared space, perfect for a family stay. They even offer babysitting services, as well as snorkeling gear and child size windsurf boards. The best part? Kids that are sharing a room with their parents enjoy free accommodation and discounted meals, which sounds pretty perfect. You have to take into consideration the fact that kids don’t have as much energy as you, and they won’t be able to spend the whole day outside. This is why getting a beach villa or bungalow is a great way to stay close to nature and the action while still being able to rest up and regain energy. Make sure you book in advance and ensure the staff knows you are coming with children, because they might want to place you somewhere farther away from romantic couples so that you don’t have to worry about them having a problem with the noise your kids might make.


Enjoy the culture

There is so much history and culture in all of Polynesia, and Bora Bora is no exception. And don’t worry, it’s not all museums and boring tours – your kids will absolutely love seeing traditional crafts and learning about history through fascinating myths and statues. There are places where your kids can try to do some crafts themselves, like dying and styling some pareos, traditional, brightly colored clothing. If that’s not their cup of tea and they want something more active, they can try to learn one of Bora Bora’s traditional dances, or simply watch a performance in the city at night.

Meet the local wildlife

If there is one thing you simply must see in Bora Bora, it’s the turtles. It will be fun to see all of the turtles and to hear some stories about them. The center is small, but lovely and the staff will answer any questions you have about the animals. The second thing you will love to see is the stingrays. You can actually get right there in the water with them to pet them and swim alongside them. That is an experience that you really can’t get in many places in the world, so make sure you don’t miss out on it while you’re here. If you want to see something bigger, there are tours that offer dolphin and whale watching. They are mesmerizing to see and will definitely be something you will all remember. And if your kids are over eight years old and don’t have experience with diving, then taking an underwater scooter is an ideal way to see the magic that goes on underwater while staying comfortably dry and safe.


Bora Bora travel with Kids

Bora Bora travel with Kids – Image source:

Bora Bora will certainly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience both for you and your children, so you might want to wait until they are old enough to be able to remember and appreciate it. Yes, you might have to do some digging to find plenty of activities to keep them from getting bored, but if they like spending time outdoors, they are sure to have a lot of fun. And don’t forget that it’s your vacation too so maybe use that babysitting service and have a relaxing drink at the beach to get a taste of paradise.

One of the reasons that so many families are holidaying on Gozo is simply because the entire island is a family-friendly environment. While many singles and couples enjoy the busy nightlife in Malta, Gozo is the ideal location for a family holiday. With only 41,000 residents as of the latest census, the island is sparsely populated and there is a warm and welcoming atmosphere no matter where you go on Gozo. Looking for some family-friendly things to do on holiday?





Here are 18 suggestions sure to delight kids of all ages.

1. Visit the Cittadella

High atop a hill in Victoria sits the historic Cittadella where the Knights of St John helped the residents fight off the invading Ottomans in 1565. History and adventure rolled into one at the Cittadella.

2. Go Snorkelling with the Older Kids

This is not something you’d like to do with younger kids and those who can’t swim, but your older teens will love snorkelling along the coast. Older teens will also enjoy learning to dive and there are classes on the island that will rent equipment and teach your teens the basics.

3. Take the Entire Family Swimming at Ramla Bay

While dad takes the older kids snorkelling, mum might enjoy a day at the beach grabbing a little extra sun often lacking back home in the UK. Why not take the toddlers to the beach so they can build sand castles and their very own replica of the Cittadella you visited earlier in the week? Definitely should you spend a day with your little ones at Gozo’s most beautiful beach “Ramla Bay”.

4. A Day Trip to the Ggantija Temples

The little people may not understand the relevance of the Ggantija Temples, but mum, dad, and older kids will delight in ancient ruins which predate even Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt by a thousand years. This is the stuff alien sci-fi flicks are made of! Kids will enjoy romping around as you explore the site.

5. A Boat Ride to Comino and the Blue Lagoon

What kid doesn’t enjoy a boat ride? It is suggested that only seasoned boaters rent a self-drive over to Comino to see just how blue the Blue Lagoon really is. If you’ve not got experience, day tours are available from Gozo.

6. Visit Ta’ Mena Estate Petting Zoo

Ta’ Mena is a favourite amongst those who enjoy a glass of wine or two, but that’s not the only reason to visit the vineyards. Here they have a petting zoo for the little ones, so carry along your ‘taste’ of wine while your children fall in love with the island’s animals – tame ones, that is!

7. Let the Kids Pick Grapes and Strawberries at Ta’ Mena

Looking to extend your stay at Ta’ Mena just a little longer for an extra sip or two? After the petting zoo, have the kids wash their hand thoroughly, then let them pick grapes and strawberries fresh off the vines and bushes.

8. Visit the Historic Saltpans

Back home, we pay tons of money for sea salt. Here on Gozo, it is panned in the traditional manner and kids will love watching as the salt panners go about their business. Many have been doing this for countless generations and it truly is a family business!

9. A Boat Ride at Xlendi Watersports

Again, it is suggested that only experienced drivers hire a boat for a ride along the shore, but even if you aren’t a veteran boater, there are drivers who will give you a grand tour. Sometimes this is even better because along with the boat ride, they point out sights of interest.

10. Enjoy a Festa – Watch the Fireworks

Festi (plural of festa) are all important to the Gozitan culture. There isn’t a week in the year when Malta lacks a festa, many of which honour patron saints of local villages. Being largely a Catholic nation, Gozo and Malta delight in these colourful and joyous festivals. Be sure to enjoy the fireworks of which Malta is famous for.

11. Wander the Streets and Alleys of Victoria

It’s always fun to go exploring and little people will love the narrow alleyways and cobbled streets of Gozo’s capital, Victoria. You might even sneak a bite of street foods whilst roaming. These are the traditional Maltese delights.

12. Watch the Glass Blowers at Ta’ Dbiegi Crafts Village

Everyone from toddler to adult will enjoy watching the glass blowers form amazing shapes from hot, molten glass. The craftsmen at Ta’ Dbiegi have handed down the craft from generation to generation, just like the salt panners.

13. Visit the Rock Formations at Dwejra Point

While the Azure Window is no more, there are still plenty of lovely rock formations to photograph and enjoy. You can show a video on your mobile phone to older kids and talk about how in recent years, Gozo lost a national treasure when the Azure Window collapsed in a storm.

15. Villa Rundle Garden in ir’ Rabat

As you wander around the Rundle Garden in ir’ Rabat, let the little ones smell the flowers. You can enjoy a quick luncheon as well.

16. Play at One of the Islands Playgrounds

If you are looking for some more activity for the kids, the island has a variety of playgrounds that also provide mats, so kids don’t get bumped and bruised. Looking to sit a while as the kids work all that excess energy off? This the way to do it.

17. Play and Dine by Marsalforn

Walk the promenade and enjoy sandy beaches on the North Coast of Gozo. This is a popular tourist destination, but if you would prefer not to stay in a more crowded area, you can always rent a self-catering farmhouse. Make day trips to the village to enjoy the beach and promenade.

18. Hike or Bike Exploration by Day

Not an activity for toddlers, but families with older kids love to rent bikes to get about on while exploring the paths in and outside the villages. If you aren’t an avid cyclist, hiking is great as well.


Things to Do with Kids on Gozo, Malta

Things to Do with Kids on Gozo, Malta


Take your time seeing and exploring this amazing Mediterranean island, the second largest in the Maltese archipelago. You can always come back next year to explore the rest!