At Thredbo (an Australian Ski resort) in February 2011

VagabondFamily.org is built for parents or soon to be parents who want something different for themselves and their children. Living a travel (or nomadic) lifestyle throws a lot of challenges your way and we are here (as a group) to help you prepare, plan and live a less common lifestyle with your children.

Whether your planning an open-ended trip or a trip from 1 to 12 months the advice on this website will go a significant way to making your travels much more enjoyable, for both you as parents and your children.

Who are we?

We become a Vagabond Family (no fixed abode) in January 2010, we have now been on the road for more than 3320 (according to the sidebar on http://ourtravellifestyle.com). Tracy sums it up best when she says “After realizing they were discontent with their life in Australia and surviving our first overseas family holiday, her husband came up with a mad scheme to travel the world with their children in search of a place they wanted to call home.” Well, we are still on the journey and probably will be for a long time to come. Life is good!

tracy vagabond family

Tracy Burns

In 2010 Tracy and her family left on a mad adventure to travel the world and search for a place they wanted to call home. Five years later they’ve found a number of places they’d love to call home and explored 20 countries. Tracy blogs about their adventures on www.ourtravellifestyle.com

… You can contact Tracy Burns either through twitter (@tracy_burns) or Facebook.

colin vagabond family

Colin Burns

By profession, I am a web developer and entrepreneur. For 6 years I ran my own web development firm before selling it to another larger firm in 2008. After working for that company for 15 months I decided it was time to go out on my own again (this happened just before the decision to become nomads occurred). Nowadays whilst traveling I have several large and loyal clients that I service out of Australia.

You can contact Colin Burns either through twitter (@ccburns) or Facebook.


Alyssa Mott

This year I self-diagnosed my condition: “Travellers ADHD”. We are taking advantage of my parental leave from my job as Project Manager, have rented out our house in Perth, Australia and have dragged our kids to Asia for four months to enjoy the warm weather and cheap living. When we started on our journey we had 3 kids under 3. We are having a great time and the kids are loving having both parents around every day.

You can contact Alyssa Mott either through twitter (@) or Facebook.

It takes more than two!

Like with any site of this size, it really isn’t just about us. To create a great community resource we need assistance from all sorts of people from guest writing contributions to community support.

If you would like to write for us, submit a family travel guest blog post, publish a guest article about family travel, please take a look at the “write for us” page as we are always looking for new fresh articles of interest for our community and contact us.

The future of VagabondFamily.org

This is just the beginning of VagabondFamily.org. We have some fantastically ambitious goals for this community which we will be revealing very soon. Over the next few months, we will be recruiting a group of dedicated Region Experts to help you get all the information you will ever need to travel to and around a particular region. We will also be recruiting Community Managers to help bring online some fantastic resources that have either never existed before or have taken hours and hours to research on your own.

We can’t wait to share all of these exciting initiatives with you, but for now, we are focused on growing the family profiles of VagabondFamily.org into a fantastic resource to all of you, so get on over there and add your profile if you haven’t already.