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Ever wonder what to do in Tokyo with your kids?

Worry no more!

We have prepared 10 amazing things to do in Tokyo for you and your family.

This list will help you and your kids enjoy the city and its many attractions and activities. Don’t forget to purchase advance tickets to some attractions as they get enormous numbers of visitors all year round!

Enjoy Tokyo with your kids!

  • Visit Tokyo Disney Resort

The kids will have a blast on the rides including Space Mountain, Dumbo the flying elephant, and Pirates of The Caribbean rides. Meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse and watch the parade! This resort is great for children below 12. You can also visit Tokyo Disney Sea which is geared towards older kids and adults. The park has seven ports of calls that use sea myths and legends for its amazing shows, unique rides, and attractions

Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort

  • Studio Ghibli Museum Tour

Studio Ghibli produces movies from famed Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. It’s filled with interactive animation displays, exhibits, gadgets and rooftop gardens with a giant robot. Don’t miss the huge plush cat bus play area with an adult version. The studio is best known for its anime feature films and has also produced several short films, television commercials, and one television film. Kids would definitely love the place would not want to leave.

Studio Ghibli Museum

Studio Ghibli Museum

  • Play at Hakuhinkan Toy Park

Play at Hakuhinkan Toy Park with your children, and you will find something for everyone! Babies will love the stuffed toys; toddlers will be impressed with all the toy cars. Children will enjoy the huge toy racetrack and your teenagers will love all the latest video games and gadgets. You can even purchase toys from the well-stocked vending machines here. A great place to visit when in Tokyo with kids.

Hakuhinkan Toy Park

Hakuhinkan Toy Park

  • Island Trip at Odaiba

Head to Odaiba for the day and enjoy the fascinating sites on this man-made island. The kids will enjoy a visit to the uniquely designed Fuji TV building where you can head to the observation deck for great views. Hit the arcades and try out the latest and greatest in electronic games. The island of Odaiba is a delightful place to visit with a giant Ferris wheel, Marine Park, public beaches and the Statue of Liberty replica. Visit Toyota Mega Web showroom to see cars not available outside Japan and kids can drive a Hybrid electric motor on a course.

Island Trip at Odaiba

Island Trip at Odaiba

  • Imperial Palace and Gardens Excursion

The Imperial Palace and Gardens is one of the most beautiful places in Tokyo. Some children may not be intrigued by the palace and the details of the royal family’s lives, but regardless, the grounds and gardens make a good open air destination to wander with the kids and let them run about while you enjoy the stunning views of the palace. The palace is open only 2 days a year, January 2 and December 23. It’s a 10-minute walk from Tokyo Station.

Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace

  • National Museum of Science and Nature Sightseeing

The National Museum of Science and Nature is one of the best Tokyo attractions to enjoy with the kids on a rainy day. Check out the dinosaur, animal and space exhibits. Be sure to visit Theater360 where you stand on a bridge in a sphere and watch a movie in 3D; this creates a floating sensation. Located in Ueno Park. This is a superb natural history museum, with beautiful, curiosity-inspiring exhibits exploring the animal and plant kingdoms and the prehistoric world. Ideal for high school students and younger.

National Museum of Science and Nature

National Museum of Science and Nature

  • Kidzania Outing

This is a scaled down city only for children, finish with a pizza shop, channel, bank and infirmary. Your kids will get to experience occupations, for example, reading the news, making pizza, or flying a plane. After they receive their compensation in play cash they can open a bank account and get their own card that they can use to buy Kidzania items. Great for children age 3-15 and a parent must stay with them. This Tokyo fascination caters predominantly to Japanese kids, however, most exercises should be possible with no learning of Japanese.



  • Underwater Adventure at Tokyo Sealife Park

Tokyo Sea Life Aquarium is another one of the fun things to do in Tokyo with kids. Your toddlers and small children will love the colorful fish, sharks, seahorses and penguins. This Tokyo attraction is located in Kasai Rinkai Park which has a beach and Ferris wheel. Tokyo Sea Life Park provides educational fun for the whole family. This well-designed aquarium features numerous habitats that mimic bodies of water from around the world, like the Caribbean Sea, Indian Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Tokyo Sealife Park

Tokyo Sealife Park

  • Enjoy the Rides at Tokyo Dome City

Tokyo Dome City Attractions is an amusement park facility provided with 24 types of attractions for children and adults to enjoy extensively. It is located in the center of Tokyo with easy access, and many facilities adjoin the park, such as souvenir shops and various types of restaurants. Tokyo Dome is another one of the fun things to do in Tokyo with kids. Ride the roller coaster through the centerless Ferris wheel, play virtual sports, and watch the synchronized lights and water show. There are also several restaurants, a 4D ride, and bowling here.

Tokyo Dome City

Tokyo Dome City

  • Build at Legoland Discovery Center

Let children exercise their creativity and broaden their imaginations. A hands-on destination with lots of blocks (big and small), a play area, model builds of Tokyo and a short ride where you shoot at different targets. The highlight might be the game where you try to walk through a hallway the fastest while avoiding laser beams (it’s right at the end of the museum and can be easily overlooked).

Legoland Discovery Center

Legoland Discovery Center

Did you enjoy the 10 amazing things to do in Tokyo? Be sure to try all the activities on the list to make the most of your stay in the city.

What do you think of the activities in Tokyo for you and your family?

Be sure to leave a comment below. Share this list also to your friends who are planning to visit Tokyo with their kids.

About the author: My name is Carolyn Ballard. I’m a passionate traveler and the founder of DesToDis as well. I created the blog with the main aim to share guidelines, tips and my personal experiences on all things travel. By this way, I hope to inspire and help people to wander around the world safely and easily.

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Gone are the days when you needed to hire a travel agent to plan out your trip. Now you can do all the planning yourself, right from your smartphone.

You can book tickets, make restaurant and hotel reservations, find cool places to hang out, look up the history of the city you’re traveling to and get taxis or rental cars anywhere you are.


Top 5 Travel Apps to Make Your Journey More Exciting

Top 5 Travel Apps to Make Your Journey More Exciting

When these apps make planning so convenient and hassle free, it’s easier to sit back and relax and enjoy your journey. Listed below are five of the best travel apps:


This app is available for both Android and IOS devices. It is the finest in class when it comes to booking flights and hotels. The app is extremely easy to use and lets you find the best hotel and flight deals.

It has a clean design and a unique search filter for flights called Agony. What this does is that it shows you the flights with the least amount of layover and hassle first and then longer but cheaper flights later so that you can pick those that suit you best.

There is a filter for booking hotels called Ecstasy which sorts hotels while taking into account various factors such as price, amenities and guest reviews, to help you get the best overnight experience possible.

It also lets you create fare alerts for a particular search so the app can alert you when there’s a good deal on it. The app is free to download and use.


This free app is available for both Android and IOS devices. Once you’re done booking flights and making reservations, you still have a lot of work left to do. There will be several emails in your inbox containing flight numbers, flight times, confirmation numbers and other important info and it can be a huge hassle to keep track of it all.

TripIt helps you organize all of that information into an active itinerary that you can access at any time on your phone. All you have to do is forward all the necessary emails to the app itself.

The app is really simple-to-use and is immensely helpful. It shows you your flight number, hotel reservation, rental car reservation, and even lets you save directions to your hotel in the itinerary and gives you weather reports for your journey there. The app works offline too so it’s there whenever you need it.

Google Translate

The app is available for both Android and IOS devices. Being in a foreign country and not knowing the local language can be an immensely frustrating experience. This is where Google Translate comes in the picture. It supports up to 90 different languages.

All you have to do is choose the language you want to translate from and the language you want to translate to and the app does the job for you. You can hear the written translation and save it in a digital phrasebook for later access.

It has a great new feature called Conversation mode, where it translates a spoken conversation between two people in real time. Just input the two languages that will be used and the app listens for a phrase, translates it, then speaks it out loud for the duration of the conversation.

The only downside is that the app can be a little too literal so sometimes colloquial phrases don’t translate properly. Another amazing feature is Word Lens, where you  point the camera at a sign or phrase you want to translate and the app does it for you. The best part is that you can do all this offline so the app is always there for you. Plus, it’s completely free.


The app is available for both Android and IOS devices. Once you’ve traveled to a new place on your journey, you start looking for things to do. Foursquare shows you places of interests that you might want to visit, such as museums, monuments and parks. It even shows you the best places to eat and shop from.

While there aren’t any lengthy reviews on the app itself, other users leave by short reviews and tidbits about a particular place which are helpful. You can use the app to plan your trip before leaving your hotel  by just entering the location you will be going to and then browsing through the various categories such as ‘Arts & Entertainment’ and ‘Nightlife’.

The app has a ton of recommendations for places to visit and its huge database ensures that it will have something for you, no matter where you are.

A new feature in the app called “What’s good here” pinpoints your location and then shows you the best places available nearby. If you’re sitting in a restaurant, the app will automatically give you tips about the place. All this is completely free.


This great new app is only available for IOS at the moment. What this app does differently than the rests that it collects info from various social media outlets and combines it to bring you information about whatever is going on near your current location. Unlike other apps though, it is completely social media powered. There is a broad range of social media sources for you to sift through. For example, if you are in a new city and you search for pasta, the app will search through different social networks such as Yelp and Foursquare and present the results to you in a list.

The app is really useful and lets you discover new things which you may not have found otherwise. The only downside is that the results vary according to how many people post about that place, so remote locations will not have many results. The app costs $2.99.

Going on vacation to Southern California doesn’t have to break the bank. Anaheim, California, offers much more than just the family-favorite Disneyland, arguably the city’s most famous attraction. Which is great for families on a stricter traveler budget because Disneyland comes with a fairly substantial price tag of roughly $119 per ticket during its peak season.

Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of entertainment options that can be visited by families with kids of all ages and are free or very budget-friendly, if you’re willing to look for them. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of affordable activities in and around the city.

Angel Stadium

2000 E Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, CA 92806

Cost: Tickets from $10+, Kids under 3 are free and don’t require a ticket

[Source: Bryce Edwards/Flickr]

Enjoy “America’s favorite pastime” by catching a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball game at Angel Stadium. The stadium is the fourth-oldest active MLB stadium and can seat more than 45,000 people. Besides the typical and tasty ballpark foods, your kids will love singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” cheering on the home team, getting players’ autographs after the game and who knows, they might even get lucky enough to catch a foul or home run ball!

Bowers Museum

2002 N Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92706

Cost: $13-15 for adults, Kids under 12 are free

[Source: Ray/Flickr]

Located just 6 miles from Anaheim, Bowers Museum boasts more than 120,000 works of art from all over the world in its collection. In addition to its permanent collection, the museum also features traveling exhibitions. Adults 18 and over will enjoy Thirsty Thursdays, on the first Thursday of the month, with live music, themed food and drinks, and hands-on art making. Bowers Museum also has Kidseum, a high-tech and interactive kids museum that lets children’s imaginations run while while they explore and learn about art, archaeology and world cultures.

Balboa Pier

Newport Beach, CA 92661

Cost: Free

[Source: Cobber99/Flickr]

Take a trip to the California coast by visiting the iconic Balboa Pier on Newport Beach. All you need is a beach towel, some sunscreen, and a picnic lunch to have the makings of a perfect beach day. Rent a bike for only $10 a day at nearby bike rental shops, and tour the streets or catch a ferry to Balboa Island for only $1. Be sure to stick around to catch an incredible sunset in the evening. Your kids will love splashing in the ocean and building sand castles, and if they happen to tire of those, head to the harbor side and ride the old-fashioned carousel.

Yorba Regional Park

7600 E La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92807

Cost: $3-5 parking fee

[Source: Mike’s Birds/Flickr]

Get away from the bustle of the city by escaping to Yorba Regional Park. This park is next to the Santa Ana River and contains 4 sparkling lakes, creating the perfect setting for a family picnic on one of the 400 picnic tables. There are also a couple of playgrounds your children can get their energy out on. For families with older children, Wheel Fun Rentals offers bike, kayak, and paddle boat rentals to explore land or lake. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, try biking the 20-mile Santa Ana River Trail all the way to the ocean.

Adventure City

1238 S Beach Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92804

Cost: $17.95 per ticket, free parking

[Source: Jeremy Miles/Flickr]

While Adventure City is one of the smaller theme parks in California, and yes, your kids will probably tell you it’s no Disneyland, Adventure City still provides all the amusement park fun your family is looking for. Plus, it’s a lot more affordable to take your family to than Disneyland. The park is ideal for younger children, but adults and kids alike will appreciate the short wait in lines. If your toddler enjoyed the Crank ‘n’ Roll or your elementary-aged son loved the Rewind Racers ride, they can jump back in line and in no time will be all smiles riding it again. Along with the traditional amusement park rides, Adventure city also boasts a rock wall, arcade, and a petting farm, which is always a big hit with the kids.

Camelot Golfland

3200 E Carpenter Ave, Anaheim, CA 92806

Cost: Tickets from $7.99+

[Camelot Golfland Facebook]

Camelot Golfland is home to the largest mini golf course in the country. However, the facility offers much more than just challenging mini golf courses. You and your kids can also race each other on the Fastcar Raceway, ride bumper boats, battle in laser tag, or play at the giant video game arcade. And to recharge after all that fun, get your family the totally kid-approved pepperoni pizza and cool off with an icee or shake. Camelot Golfland is an entertaining and very affordable option for any size family with kids.

Discovery Cube

2500 N Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Cost: Adults – $17.95, Kids (3-14) – $12.95

[Source: John Watson/Flickr]

Discovery Cube is a science museum with more than 100 hands-on exhibits and interactive programs. You and your kids can spend an afternoon learning about the science of hockey, getting educated about recycling, taking a simulated helicopter tour over Los Angeles, and seeing planet earth like you’ve never seen it before. We can guarantee you’ve never had this much fun learning! (Just don’t blame us if your kids don’t want to go back to their regular classroom after this visit.) Also, make sure you keep on the lookout for special events like Bubblefest or Rocket Launch.

To really be nice on your bank account, be sure to book an affordable hotel as your base to all of Anaheim’s attractions. Here are a few of our top picks for budget-friendly hotels in Anaheim, California:

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Anaheim (1 Blk/Disneyland(R))

1240 South Walnut, Anaheim, CA 92802

Phone: (714) 535-0300

Hotel Pepper Tree

2375 W Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801

Phone: (714) 774-7370

Budget Inn

1108 North Harbor Boulevard, Santa Ana, CA 92703

Phone: (714) 554-1177

Next Stop: Denver, Colorado

Traveling with your children is exciting, and whether this is a first time or another adventure to add to your child’s travel list, it is going to be fun!

Denver, Colorado is a beautiful city covered in beautiful trees, shrubbery, and flowers. Many lakes and ponds are situated around the town with amazing scenic parks and paths to experience them. Depending on the time of year in Colorado, you may even see a snow-covered landscape!


Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado

(Source:,1000×1000,075,f.jpg )

Traveling with kids is an excellent time for bonding as well as helping them to learn about and experience a new location they might have never thought about otherwise! Welcome to Colorado!

Quality Time

Denver, Colorado offers some of a unique landscaping you will find. It is home to over thousands of animals, insects, and plants which will give you a fantastic view to share with your family. Kids can be a handful when traveling, but I have some of the best sites to see that will keep you and your children entertained!

Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum


Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum

Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum

(Source: )

This farm museum is open between May and October and offers some of the most amazing and unique experiences you would not be able to get anywhere else. This farm museum has cows you can feed and milk, ducks and geese you can feed, and baby chicks that you can experience hatching.

After experiencing the amazing animals and getting your hands dirty in the process, you can also wash laundry by hand, learn how irrigation for crops works, and teach your children about the hard work that goes into farming. This is a wonderfully unique experience that will give you many memories of this trip!

Downtown Aquarium

Downtown Aquarium

Downtown Aquarium

(Source: )

This aquarium is a beautifully designed building that lights up the night. This aquarium features sea life from the beach to shipwrecks, and from the rainforest to the coral that is always hiding underwater. The sea life will amaze you and your children and give you the feeling of being underwater.

If the feeling of being underwater excites your little ones, perhaps they would also love to watch the mermaid show. You can watch them underwater every 60 minutes on certain days and even dine while watching them. What will make the mermaid show stand out for your kids is that they will swim alongside the sea life, including sharks!

Children’s Museum of Denver

Children’s Museum of Denver

Children’s Museum of Denver

(Source:×225.jpg )

The children’s museum helps develop the education and hands-on learning activities for children. There are many exhibits for you to experience with your child from climbing mountain paths for incredible views to balancing on kayaks and climbing boulders. They even have places for children under three to learn and have fun.

This museum tries to engage children by offering a wide variety of things they may like to do or explore. From a book corner to a fresh market for dining, to learning about bubbles, water, and gravity, and to even teaching your child healthy food options, how to build, and do it yourself assembly, this museum has it all! This museum aims to engage your child and help them to understand how their surroundings work and develop an interest in the science and mathematics fields.

Confluence Park

Confluence Park

Confluence Park

(Source: )

Confluence Park is made to encompass where Cherry Creek and the South Platte River meet. This park has beautiful grass and flowers, as well is designed with viewing in mind. The shoreline of the water has concrete sitting areas with steps. You can descend into the water of the Cherry Creek that is separated just a small length by rocks from the South Platte River.

This Park is a beautiful spot to take your family for a picnic and to get into the water to experience flowing currents. This park is a beautiful and unique park to experience in Denver. Your children will love being by the riverside and being able to partake in playing in the shallow water of the creek.

Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo

(Source:×449).jpg?format=1000w )

This is a zoo you should let your children experience. It is over 80-acres of animals, plants, insects, and adventure waiting to happen! At the Denver Zoo, you can see some amazing animals that are not available at other zoos, such as the Maned Wolf, Double-Wattled Cassowary, Asiatic Black Bear, and even the Aye-Aye (which I saw for the first time, ever, here at this zoo).

The species of animals that they care for, and help keep from being endangered, is humbling to experience. This experience will help your children learn more about animals they did not know about and may have never seen before.

The Denver Zoo is also known for its conservation efforts. The zoo staff works hard to research the animal’s needs, help them with breeding, and make sure the animals are healthy and well cared for by veterinarians. They have over 3,500 mouths to feed and animals to share with your family.

You can also experience the wonderful, humbling experience of feeding giraffes and partake in water shows. If you sit up front at the water shows, you WILL get wet!

End of the Day

While during the day you are enjoying your kids or thinking about the adventures you have just experienced with your family; this is one trip they will always remember. These activities range from things you can do during the day to things you can enjoy at night.

Staying at kid-friendly hotels will give your downtime a small bit of fun. Some kid-friendly hotels include pools, playgrounds, and activity rooms. These are ideal to keep your kids busy if you just want to relax before the next day of fun!

Where are some of your fondest places you have visited? Do you enjoy revisiting places to try new things? What are some of your favorite memories of traveling with your kids? I like hearing about your travels and experiences, so if you have been to an incredible place, let me know all about it




 I’m Alanta who the mother of two wonderful children. I have been writing informational blog posts for parents for a few years now. I hope I can help you with your questions and concerns with parenting. You can visit her blog at TopTenStrollers




Explore Dubai On The City Tour

Dubai is an astounding metropolitan city which has transformed from a desert into a masterpiece of architecture. This has increased the popularity of Dubai globally. It has become a tourist destination for many people from across the world. With some of the biggest tourist attractions including the tallest building in the world to hotels and much more, it became a major city of the Middle East. When you are in Dubai even for a short period of time the best way for you to explore the city is by taking a Dubai city tour.


Explore Dubai

Explore Dubai

The people who want to spend some time exploring the water sports and adventures can also take advantage of this tour. It will give a great opportunity to explore the whole city in less time and more comfortably. You will get to observe the best and the most popular sights of the city. These include the first manmade island of the UAE, the beautiful beaches of Dubai, Jumeirah mosque, the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab and so many other exciting places.

Fun In Water

After this amazing city tour, you can try out the water sports along with some truly amazing water activities. You can taste the real luxury of a yacht in Dubai effortlessly. To hire a yacht in Dubai is very easy and you have a lot of different yachts to choose from. These yachts are available in different passenger capacities and levels of luxury to cater everyone’s individual needs. They are equipped with all the modern amenities along with hi-tech gadgets onboard. They make your yachting escapade a really comfortable & an unforgettable one. You will be served with great food and chilled soft drinks on the yacht. They even have BBQ on demand if you wish to enjoy it aboard.

Fun In Water Dubai

Fun In Water Dubai

You can even enjoy a fishing trip on the yacht. Since all these yachts are well equipped with the best facilities and cool fish detecting gadgets onboard they assure you to have a great catch and don’t return empty handed. Fishing is always a fun activity but it adds up even more to the fun when you get a chance to fish In Dubai. The experience of fishing in Dubai warm waters and a cool breeze is something very relaxing. You can also savor eating the catch onboard as they provide their guests with BBQ on demand. The best part is that the views are simply spectacular and this makes the whole trip a superb one. The neat and clean Dubai coastline and the sunset are something worth feasting your eyes with. The yacht ride is the easiest and most enjoyable way to explore the Dubai waters.

Dubai Water Fun

Dubai Water Fun

Many people wish to explore the city in a desire to see the tradition and want to know better about its culture along with the enjoyment of doing fun activities. The Dhow cruise dinner in Dubai is the ideal way to explore the cultural and traditional side of the city. The dhow cruise is a traditional wooden boat which is beautifully decorated and is a major attraction for many people. The ride will start from the marina which is a beautiful harbor area. The dhow will take you through the canals of the marina with an amazing view of the tall skyscrapers and the beautiful Dubai skyline. There will be a delectable buffet and soft drinks for you onboard. After you are done with enjoying your food and the views you will be entertained by several entertainers performing fun dances and other stuff. It is a perfect place for party celebrations and much more.

Fun In The Sun

Coming back on land we have another fantastic adventure for you that shouldn’t be overlooked when in Dubai. Dubai has a vast mesmerizing desert which has a lot of options for desert sports and adventure activities for its guests. The desert safari Dubai has all fun activities from dune bashing, camel riding, quad biking, sand surfing and a lot of other fun activities.

Dubai safari

Dubai safari

They have a delectable buffet in the middle of the desert and chilled drinks for their guests. You will be enjoying the view of the desert and the sunset accompanied by bonfire and hookah smoking in the Bedouin camp. This will surely be an experience of a lifetime. Remember to try these five activities on your Dubai trip and have a bag of unforgettable memories.


Becoming an expat family choosing Koh Samui is not a bad idea if you know everything about Thailand and like its culture. This is the complete guide of costs and conditions for those who have decided to live on Koh Samui with their families and kids. Perhaps you have once been in Koh Samui but it doesn’t mean that you have discovered everything about it. There are many details that can surprise you or give additional useful info.

Why go to Koh Samui?

When you choose Koh Samui as your next home you should be ready for millions of adventures and culture shock if you are unfamiliar with it. Actually, it’s a great experience and life event. You can become the witness of so many interesting things that your lifestyle can change its direction and become even better. Just try to guess why rich pensioners from different counties leave to Koh Samui to spend the rest of their life there. This is a wonderland that makes you feel you are in heaven.


Why go to Koh Samui

Why go to Koh Samui

Its tropical weather, huge and breathtaking beaches with mind-blowing views, healing and relaxing nature, delightful food are the most common things you’ll meet on Koh Samui. Compared with many islands, it’s one of the best in Thailand. The most popular beach on this island is Chaweng Beach. It is beautiful and affordable at the same time. On any given day, you will have the opportunity to snorkel, kayak, hike or let the wind play with your hair whilst scooting around the island.

There are plenty of opportunities for foreigners to find work on the island, but keep in mind that visas can be quite effort. Budget travelers are usually happy here as well as luxury seekers.

What Is the Cost of Living in Koh Samui?

On of the main reasons people move to Thailand and especially to Koh Samui is because it’s cheap and damn fantastic at the same time. Every moment spent here is awesome. It’s full of adventures and fascination. However, the fact is that while housing is affordable enough, food items can be quite expensive, especially if you’re partial to imported foods like wine, cheese, olives and the like.


Why go to Koh Samui

Why go to Koh Samui

As for branded clothes like Nike and beauty products such as anti-wrinkle-skin, you are supposed to find them in high prices. But overall, this part of the planet is still considered as one of the cheapest places to live in SE Asia. Supermarket food items and entertainment is generally the same all over Thailand.

Long term apartment in Samui

Now, let’s discuss the prices of long-term apartments in Samui. Below you’ll find a list of condo rental prices based on a pool of property and on condos within walking distance to an MRT/BTS station. Remember that these are the most common prices but they can vary from place to place and from facilities to facilities.

2 Bed 2 Bath Condo, 65 Sq. m (central Bangkok) – ?40-45,000

2 Bed 1 Bath 65 Sq. m (4 stops to central = ?17-20,000

1 bed, 50 Sq. m (central Bangkok) – ?30-35,000

1 bed, 40 Sq. m (4 stops to central = ?12-20,000

30 Sq. m (4 stops to central = ?8,000-9,000

Modern studio, 30 Sq. m (central Bangkok =?13-16,000

Utilities, 1-month, 2 people, 65 Sq. m condo = ?2500

Internet – 16 MB (True) =?799

Cleaner (per month, 3 x per week) = ?3,000


1 litre of premium gasoline =?41

Public taxi trip (8 Km) = ?180 (Base rate ?35)

Uber Black taxi ride (6.5 Km) =?158

Monthly train ticket: BTS = ?1,100 (Rabbit card) – MRT – ?1,499


Lunch for 2 (Black Canyon café): 2 coffees, 2 main meals =?400 Baht

2 adult tickets to the movies =?360

1 cocktail drink in downtown club = ?250

Grande Cappuccino in Starbucks =?120

1 beer in neighborhood bar (500ml or 1pt.) = ?100 Baht

1 month prepaid mobile tariff with 3GB (DTAC) = ?399 + vat

1 month gym membership at True Fitness (Asoke)= ?2,099 (dependent on sales rep and promotions)

1 package of Marlboro cigarettes= ?90

How Much Do You Need to Live in Koh Samui Per Month?

The standard costs for living per month in Koh Samui are as follows: a single male or female is going to spend ?50,000. A couple will actually spend ?75,000. A couple with baby under 2 years old will spend ?80,000. This amount includes rent, Internet access, gym membership, food and going out for once or twice a week. If you plan living far from the center, then you’ll save much money.


Live in Koh Samui

Live in Koh Samui

Compared with Bangkok people planning to live in Koh Samui or Phuket, can expect to spend about 10-15% less, depending on their drinking habits. Researches show that you may pay less rent on the islands, but instead eating can be more expensive than in the capital city. You would spend more on socializing in Koh Samui. The fact is that it’s more enjoyable to live on islands than in the city center but tings become even more inspiring when you learn that rentals are cheaper on islands than in Bangkok.

Living in Koh Samui with Kids

The best part about this idea is that kids like having fun and Koh Samui is one of the best destinations or children. If you plan living on Koh Samui with your family and kids you should do a thorough research and count everything more carefully. Try to make a list and move according to your plan to make everything as effortless as possible. Also, learn something about the educational system in Thailand to decide how your kids are going to spend their childhood and youth.


Living in Koh Samui with Kids

Living in Koh Samui with Kids

If they are old enough to discuss this issue with them, then you’d better consider their thoughts, opinions and expectations regarding this interesting culture and country. The most common origins for new Thai expats mainly include Australians, English, Germans, French, the Scandinavian nations, Hong Kong and Singapore. The most popular places to settle are of course Bangkok, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and some other islands.