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Travelling with babies

Badly in need of a vacation but unsure about whether to take your toddler along or not? We hear you! Sure as hell, the thought of vacationing with the newest and the youngest family member is probably as exciting as it is scaring! But trust us, it is not as terrifying and difficult traveling with babies as it seems. It is just a matter of planning and packing smart. We have compiled a list of tricks and hacks to make travel planning easier with your little munchkins.


travelling with newborn

travelling with newborn


Tips for a safe and a hassle-free vacation with babies-

  • Keep your baby engrossed in activities and toys

To keep your child calm and stop him from getting bored and crappy, make sure that you carry an ample number of games, activities and his favorite toys with you.

  • Dress babies in proper clothing

Keep in mind the temperatures in your mode of transport as well as the weather of the destination you are heading to while dressing your baby for the journey.

  • Schedule your trips around your child’s sleep time

By planning a journey around your kid’s nap time, you will have the best possible hope of warranting that your little one does not cause any disturbances to your fellow travelers and has a comfortable journey.

  • Pack your stuff properly

While traveling with your baby, you cannot afford to forget or misplace anything related to them. So, it is of utmost importance to make a list and pack in advance. Also, for you to have your hands free while journeying with the kid, it is crucial that all the necessary belongings are well-packed into compartments in a way that you can easily find them when needed.

  • Time your feeding slots properly

Everyone knows that hungry babies are the crankiest. So, plan your journey timings in such a way that you can feed the baby at regular intervals.


Travel with baby

Travel with baby


Best places to vacation with babies-

  • Beaches

There is no place better to indulge in a great time with babies than at the sunny beaches. The soft sands and the warm waters are a perfect way to ensure that your tiny tots enjoy to their heart’s content. Just be sure to keep an eye on them always and do not forget to pack loads of baby-friendly sunscreen and hats for your little one.

  • All-inclusive resorts

Booking a suite at an all-inclusive resort is the safest and the most hassle-free way to have a lovely stay with your toddlers. With almost all activities and meals included, you won’t have to worry about venturing out of the resort with your babies unless you feel like doing so. Most of these places provide babyproofing services, thus assuring you of a worry-free vacation with your kiddies.

  • Vacation Rentals

House and apartment rentals allow you to spread out, and give baby plenty of open, safe space to play. A lot of these homes are great for children, because they include a washer and dryer (for any spills and accidents), and fully stocked kitchens (if you like to make baby’s food). You have all the comfort of home, which will help your little one feel cozy and at home too, which will make for a wonderful trip. Area specific rental sites such as CasaGo in Phoenix, Arizona, or Aruba Villa Vacation Homes in Aruba can offer you wonderful deals.

  • Cruises

While many parents might be skeptical about taking their tiny tots out in the open sea on a cruise, trust us, it is a great option for vacationing with kids without losing sleep. It is just a matter of choosing the right cruise for an excursion; while most cruises are family-friendly, there are some cruises, like the Disney cruise or the Bahamas cruise that are equipped to cater to especially small kids and babies. Replete with animated characters, family-friendly movies, shows and loads of entertaining games and activities, these cruises are ideal for traveling with babies.

  • Theme Parks

There are oodles of toddler-friendly theme parks around the globe which make for a wonderful getaway with infants. With many of these places involving baby spas, kid-friendly restaurants, tot-friendly rides, and various cartoon characters, you can rest assured that a visit to these theme parks would be entertaining for you as well as your little ones. Plan a vacation to a theme park to have a memorable day out with your tiny ones!

  • Popular Tourist Cities

Exploring the bustling urban setting with your toddlers is an ideal option for families with babies because most of the popular tourist cities are abuzz with attractions that cater to those below the age group of five years. From aquariums to gardens, from play areas to shows and from baby-friendly food joints to kid-friendly public transport hubs, you will not face any problems whenever you are traveling in big cities with babies.


Traveling with a kids

Traveling with a kids


Spots to avoid when traveling with babies-

  • Camping

Though there is no greater joy than camping for outdoorsy people, dragging your infants with you to the camping spots is not such a great idea. With primitive conditions, ample bugs and insects and minimal sanitation provisions, camping with your kiddos is a risky option.

  • Hiking

Embarking upon an arduous hike through the rugged terrain is highly inadvisable when traveling with infants. Not only will you end up endangering the safety of your munchkins, but you will also add to your work by carrying them around while hiking.

  • Any place which involves a non-stop journey of more than 6 hours

It is very tough to make the babies stay in one place, in the same position, for hours together. They are bound to get ratty and whiney as the journey time increases. To dodge such difficulties, avoid planning non-stop journeys of more than 6 hours.

  • Bed-and-Breakfast Places

BnBs are undisputedly the most economical and easiest accommodation options while traveling but they are not of much use when it comes to vacationing with babies. These places are not baby-friendly and will not be able to provide you with all the essential amenities. Plus, due to the close placement of rooms, it might be problematic if the baby starts crying as it is sure to disturb the other occupants.

  • Exotic destinations

Exotic destinations like South American and African countries are a strict no-no while traveling with tiny tots because of the strict immunization and vaccination pre-requisites of these countries. It is probably not worth the stress and the pain the babies are subjected to with these procedures.


Travelling with infants

Travelling with infants


Checklist of items which are a must while travelling with babies-

  1. Diapers
  2. Wipes
  3. Blankets
  4. Baby’s favorite toys
  5. Baby food
  6. Feeding kit
  7. Baby medications
  8. Heaps of extra clothing
  9. Disposable bags for used wipes and diapers
  10. A baby changing station
  11. Sanitizer
  12. Baby’s identification and travel documents

So, it’s easy right? A little preparation and planning for the travel adventure are all it takes to have a fun-filled holiday with your little ones!

As we begin life in 2018, we are starting to see more and more gadgets available to us, with an increase of gadgets being incorporated into the family home. 2018 is looking to be an even bigger year for technology therefore, we’ve decided to put together a list of gadgets every family home should have this year.


Must Have Gadgets in Every Family Home

Must Have Gadgets in Every Family Home



Portable Air Conditioner

Although this is something you may take with you when moving house, a Portable air conditioner is something that will really beneficial to have around the house. With the majority of houses without fitted air conditioner units in the UK, a portable AC will ensure that wherever you go around the house, you will stay cool! Why not visit Gear Hungry and check out this portable AC unit reviews here. If you have a browse through the pros & cons, you’ll easily be able to find one you like!

Robotic Hoover

With a lot of people working long hours 5 days a week and spending their weekends socialising with friends and family, a lot of people don’t have time to do some household chores. However, with a robotic hoover, you are able to ensure the hoovering gets done regularly without having to manually do it. This product is able to connect to your home’s WiFi and is controlled entirely from its companion Android and iOS apps which handle to scheduling. The on-board camera is able to collect a list of landmarks around the house to help map the layout of your home. Therefore, you don’t even need to be home to get the hoovering done. No one really liked hoovering the house anyway, so be sure to get your hands on one of these.

Smart Thermostat

Due to the unpredictable British weather, your thermostat needs to adjust accordingly many times throughout the day. However, the majority of people aren’t able to alter their thermostat because they are at work or are out of the house, therefore spending more money on heating bills than necessary. However, with the introduction of a smart thermostat, this is no longer a problem. The Ecobee4 Alexa-Enables Smart thermostat is an extension from your home’s temperature control system that doubles as yet another voice control hub. Making it a must have product for every household.

Samsung Washing Machine

Nobody wants to wait for the laundry to finish. That’s why, with the new Samsung QuickDrive washer, it promises to wash a load in just 39 minutes without using more water or energy! It also has an AddWash door so that you can add more to your load during the wash.

George Foreman Grill

George Foreman is a very recognised name nowadays, however it’s hard to believe that a number of households still don’t own a George Foreman grill! The grills produced by George Foreman are an excellent toll for cooking a range of different foods and takes little time to heat up. The slight forward tilt allows fat to fall into the drip tray, making it easily to clean up after use.

Smart Fridge

With its three built-in cameras, Wi-Fi and tablet, Samsung’s latest fridge offers everything you need and more in your kitchen appliance. The fridge includes a 21.5” touchscreen that allows you to stream your favourite music, TV and film from your Home TV or phone. The fridge has built in 5 Watt speaker that can keep the whole room entertained whilst you’re cooking your meals. The three cameras allow you to look inside your fridge wherever you are in the world, and you can see how empty your fridge is as you’ll never be able to fill all 550 Litres of it. So, the next time you go shopping, if you are unsure whether or not you have a certain product in your fridge, you can check!

Smart Lights

From smart plugs to smart thermostats, everything these days has a “smart” option for you to consider buying. This is no exception. If you want the most innovate and latest lights, then make sure you invest in smart lights.

Smart lights are able to connect to your phone and your Wi-Fi, making them controllable from the comfort of your phone. You are also able to change the colour of your lights to suit your mood. You can even set up schedules for them to turn on and off, meaning you don’t even need to move from your seat to turn off the light!

The new year has finally shown up, why not encourage your family to learn and grow in 2018 with these 6 family DIYs?

In this article, you’ll find out about how to create:

  • Terrariums
  • Sensory frames
  • Owl puppets
  • Dragons
  • Paint splatter stationary
  • Worry warriors

1.    Terrariums

For your older children, design your very own terrariums and make them from scratch.

The first step is to take your Polycarbonate sheet and cut it down to the size and shapes you desire. As you can see in the image here, they have cut the sheet into geometric shapes to create an upside-down diamond-like structure.

Leave one side open!

Once you’ve cut your shapes, use sealant or a pre-made frame to form your terrarium. The sealant will stick the sides together. Then, put a hinge on the last, un-stuck panel and the panel you want it to attach it to for an access point.

Next, allow the sealant to dry by holding the terrariums sides together with clamps, making sure not to allow leakage. Finally, you can place your plants and mini figurines in a beautiful display.

2.    Sensory frames

A sensory frame is perfect for those of you who have young children, babies or family members with autism, who find sensory play calming. Using their favourite textures and even some new ones, cut each into small shapes.

Secondly, superglue each texture onto separate pieces of cardboard and place them onto a board. Get them involved by allowing them to choose the textures and the order in which they get stuck down onto the board.

By doing this, you’ve created a touch/feel sensory board. But you can also create sensory boards that incorporate each of our senses if you’re up for a longer DIY task.

3.    Owl puppet

Instead of buying your children a new soft toy, get them to make a puppet! You can learn how to with this owl puppet step-by-step guide.  The only equipment you’ll need is:

  • Paper cup
  • Circle foam stickers (eyes)
  • Coloured card
  • Hole punch
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors (adults should accompany children using scissors)

4.    Dragons

This DIY is super simple and uses recycled equipment. All you’ll need is a toilet roll, tissue paper, googly eyes, glue and scissors. Plus, any other decorations you want – GLITTER!

The end result should like something like this fire-breathing dragon from

5.    Paint splatter stationary

Our fifth family DIY is one that will get messy, so prepare with newspaper and aprons! Place the newspaper anywhere you think paint could splash, or do this project outside.

Now that you’re prepared for the mess, cut some sticky-back plastic into the appropriate sizes – these will wrap around your notebooks, pencils and pens. Then place them on a tray and allow your kids to go wild splashing and flicking paint over the plain sheets.

Once dried and stuck to your chosen stationary, you’ll own personalised stationary with colourful paint splashed patterns.

For a more detailed guide, visit

6.    Worry warriors

Our last and simplest DIY needs only paint, paper and any other decorations of your choice – GLITTER! If your kids are only little, cut them a face shape out of card with eye holes (optional).

Allow your kids to decorate the face however they like! The idea is to create a face of a warrior that can tackle their worries. Hence its name, the worry warrior.

Enjoy your time with your family making each of these DIY ideas and let us know how they turned out in the comment section.

Traveling with children can be the most rewarding of experiences, after all, there’s nothing quite like rediscovering the world through the eyes of the kids. However, it can also be among the most challenging. The sheer number of new situations and surroundings can be quite overwhelming for the little ones—and that’s without considering how to pack your bags and ensure you have everything you need.

Traveling with children

Traveling with children


Thankfully, we’re here to help take the pressure off, and by following our helpful hints and tips you can rest assured that you will have everything you need readily to hand. Discover how best to pack your cabin bag or carry-on and get your next trip off to a perfect start—before you’ve even left the house.

What to pack

  • Documents

    Make sure you stow all of the relevant documents in a place that is both secure and easy to access. This might be the front pocket of your cabin bag or, for increased peace of mind, in a waist pack. This includes passports, tickets, boarding passes, visas and any medical documentation you might need to produce when requested. Once you are safely on board, you should store them so you can access them quickly when you pass through airport security at your destination.

  • Hygiene products

    Keeping the kids free of dirt, germs, and bacteria is always a challenge, and nowhere is this more important than while traveling. Anti-bacterial wipes and sprays are a godsend and will help the whole family to stay clean and minimize any infections. Additionally, pull-up diapers are a whole lot easier to manage while traveling, even if you don’t usually use them. Make sure you pack plenty of these items, especially on long-haul flights.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    Parents or pharmacists? Sometimes the distinction can be a little blurry with the number of products tucked away in your bathroom closet. However, while traveling, you can cut down your load by sticking to the essentials. These should include decongestants for the flight, anti-nausea medication, fever and pain relief medication, and allergy medication if you know your child has specific issues. This is probably all you will need while traveling, so pack anything else required while at your destination in your hold luggage.

  • Clothing

    Packing the right items of clothing in your cabin luggage is always tricky. This is particularly true if your destination has a drastically different climate to home. It’s a good idea to include many lightweight layers that can be easily taken off and put back on again. This will also ensure you have some fresh clothing for the kids in case of any accidents while on the plane. Additionally, take a thin blanket or oversize scarf to provide warmth while on the flight as the air conditioning can sometimes be uncomfortable for children.

  • Refreshments

    Most parents will have juice boxes to hand on any journey – long or short. However, cramped airplane seats pose a particular challenge, so it’s worth investing in a durable sippy-cup to minimize spillages and mess. Baby formula can still be brought onto flights in liquid form, however, you can also get hot water on the plane, so sometimes it’s better to pack the required amount of powder. Finally, make sure you pack a few sweet treats and snacks to keep the kids in good spirits.

  • Entertainment

    Keeping the kids entertained while on a long flight can be difficult—particularly when their favorite toys are too large to fit in a cabin bag. Here, technology can save the day, and a few choice apps, movies and TV shows on an iPad or tablet can keep even the most curious child entertained for hours. Additionally, make sure you pack an item with “comfort value”—such as a stuffed toy or blanket—to provide security and help your child drift off to sleep.

About the author:

Parker is a seasoned traveler and editor, currently working for Kaehler Luggage in Chicago, who has always had a penchant for style. As a self-proclaimed luggage aficionado, he regularly provides fellow travelers with his hard won advice on what kind of bags or cases are suitable and how best to pack for any type of vacation. Always in search of a new adventure, Parker has plenty of great travel stories and is constantly looking to create more.

When you are traveling abroad with the whole family, it can be difficult to keep the kids entertained. Few kids want to walk around an art museum for hours on end, and they’ll be sure to complain about it. If you plan to travel to the beautiful country of Switzerland, you may be worrying about what activities your family will do. To make sure your trip enjoyable for the entire family, here are 5 fun things to do with your kids in Switzerland this winter.

  • Aathal Dinosaur Museum

Location: Seegräben

When: Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-5pm

 Sunday: 10am-6pm

Monday: Closed

Tickets: $21 for adults; $11 for kids

Take yourself and your kids back to prehistoric times and explore the Aathal Dinosaur Museum, the only dinosaur museum in Switzerland. The kiddos can tour the different exhibits that showcase the past lives of dinosaurs. They can also see exhibits displaying what life would’ve been like for dinosaurs in modern times. Not only will your kids have a great time, but so will you. You can learn about the history of the Stegosaurus while seeing the archaic bones of a Pterosaurs. There are over 645 exhibits with 19 special dinosaur exhibits for you and your family to explore. The museum focuses its dinosaur displays on original bones that were found in Switzerland. You can find up to 42 dinosaur skull replications and 31 large-scale dinosaur models throughout the museum. If you want to learn more about the history of the dinosaur bones, you can sign up for a guided tour of the entire museum. It is the perfect activity for your whole family when you are visiting Switzerland. There is so much to see inside—you may even end up spending the entire day there!


Aathal Dinosaur Museum

Aathal Dinosaur Museum – Credit: Roland zh / Wikimedia Commons


  • Jungfraujoch

Location: Jungfraujoch

When: December to April

Tickets: $91

Your kids will be in awe of the extraordinary scenery of Switzerland visible from a train ride on the Jungfrau Railway. It will take you from Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station in Europe. Your train will be lined with windows so you can see the Swiss mountains as you travel beneath a man-made underground tunnel. This train will feel like a rollercoaster to your kids, though it’ll only be moving upwards. You’ll be able to sit back and relax as you enjoy the amazing views that Switzerland has to offer. Then in no time, you’ll arrive at Jungfraujoch at an elevation of 3,454 meters. Jungfraujoch sits in the Bernese Alps and is a saddle connecting the summits Jungfrau and Mönch. This will be an incredible journey for your whole family. Your kids will be in constant awe—and so will you. Once you arrive at the top of Jungfraujoch, you can visit the Sphinx Observatory to get a better view of the Bernese Alps. After, make your way over to the Top of Europe building and grab some dinner with an unbeatable view before your train departs. Everyone is sure to love this Swiss adventure, so don’t miss out on it when you visit.





  • Basel Zoo

Location: Basel

When: November-February


Tickets: $43 for families; $21 for adults; $19 for seniors; $15 for youth; $10 for children

You can never go wrong with bringing your kids to the zoo when traveling abroad. They’ll get to see new animals from around the world that they might have only seen on TV. At the Basel Zoo, you’ll see dwarf mongooses, macaque, white-faced saki, bison, kudu, okapi and other extraordinary animals! You can see a list of all the different types of animals on the Basel Zoo website. If you want to learn more information about the specific animals that live at the Basel Zoo, you can go on a guided tour. There are many types of tours you can take, including a tour of the zoo, monkey house, aquariums and more. You can even request a special theme for your tour to customize it to your kids’ interests! Some of these themes include evolution, camouflage, warnings and deception, bionics and more. All tours can be conducted in English—including the themed ones. Let your kids see some of the animals that roam the lands of Switzerland by taking them to the Basel Zoo.


Basel Zoo

Basel Zoo – Credit: © Traumrune / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0


  • Lenzerheide

Location: Graubünden

When: December to April

Tickets: $75 for adult day pass; $64 for senior day pass; $50 for youth day pass; $25 for children’s day pass

You can’t take your kids on a family vacation to Switzerland without visiting at least one ski resort. At Lenzerheide, all the activities and events are designed for family fun. Here, there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy! Spend your day skiing or snowboarding down the snowy Swiss mountains, or hop on a ski lift for a full view of the resort. If you have some skiing or snowboarding enthusiasts in your family, you can even take them for sunrise or moonlight rides down the slopes. Your kids will be jumping with excitement over the adventures they’ll have at Lenzerheide. And if you’re worried about missing out on sledding with them this winter, don’t! This resort has sleds that you can take down the bunny slopes with your kids. But the best part about this resort is that they have programs designated just for the little ones. Every day there is a new activity for your kids to enjoy. So check your travel dates to see what activity fits your kids’ interests the best, and plan accordingly! Some of the special activities include a mini cross country course, a night by the campfire, a trek through the resort’s Magic Forest, and a puppet show! A family trip to Lenzerheide will not let you down, so buy your tickets today.





  • Chillon Castle

Location: Veytaux

When: November to February


Tickets: $12.50 for adults; $6 for children

The Chillon Castle is located along the shores of the Geneva Lake and looks like it is straight out of a fairytale. The castle is surrounded by a fortress that protects it from the outside world. You can access the castle by crossing over a bridge that goes through this outer fortress. Your kids will love the authenticity of this real-life castle; it’ll be as if one of their video games (or books) is coming to life! Once you pass the fortress you can explore the grounds of the castle. Inside there are four courtyards, underground rooms, three formal banquet halls, chambers, a chapel and more. However, the best room in the entire castle is the weapons room. Your kids will rave over the original weaponry they have only seen online. They will love this castle and you’ll love the smile it brings to their faces. The castle’s staff even hosts special days designated for children. They can dress up as princesses for a day or play the role of a wizard’s apprentice! These are just two of the many special activities that your kids can participate in at the castle.  A tour of the Chillon Castle is perfect for any child who is a fantasy lover. You can even let your kids dress up in medieval times to get hilarious and adorable photos of your little kings and queens defending the Chillon Castle. It’s a perfectly magical place to visit as a family on your winter adventure!


Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle – Credit: Luca Florio / Flickr


So, want to make sure everyone in the family is satisfied with fun on your Swiss winter adventure? These are the things to put on the list!


Hannah Parker

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