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5 Things To Do As A Family In Turkey.

Turkey is a fascinating country and travel destination no matter what you’re into. If you’re coming to Turkey with your family, there’re plenty of things to do here to keep everyone smiling. Head on over to the My Adventure Store website for some inspiration. Or just keep reading! Here are 5 things your family can do together in Turkey.

1. Take a balloon ride in Cappadocia.

Lying in the center of modern day Turkey, Cappadocia is an historical city with many unique geological features. Take your family on a hot air balloon ride here, and marvel at the spectacular scenery below as you rise higher and higher up into the dawn sky. If anyone in your family is a budding photographer then the photo opportunities from this height are unending. It’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience, and your kids will most likely talk about it for days.

Balloons in Cappadocia

2. Visit the Istanbul Aquarium.

One of the best aquariums in the world, the Istanbul Aquarium houses over 15,000 different creatures from all over the world. It’s air-conditioned, clean, and an excellent way for your family to get away from the crowds in the city. Spend the day looking at all kinds of fish and creatures of the sea. If you can, try and time your visit to watch feeding time for the sharks. When you get tired of walking, catch a movie at one of two 5D cinemas inside. With the added wind and fog effects produced in these movie houses, you’ll feel like you’re actually in the movie!

3. Go beach bumming in Cesme.

Nestled on the Aegean coast, 85 km west of Izmir, Cesme (pronounced chesh-meh) is a charismatic seaside town that offers long stretches of sandy beach and blue-turquoise water. The pace of life out here is quite slow, and it’s the perfect place for a beach holiday with the family. Apart from swimming and sunbathing, it’s also possible to kite and windsurf here. For a little history, walk along the old streets and check out the Cesme castle. Stop for some ice-cream along the way.

4. Have fun at Aqua Land and Dolphin Land.

If your kids are in the mood for some fun, then head over to the Mediterranean coastal city of Antalya. This city – popular with tourists – hosts two theme parks: Aqua Land and Dolphin Land. A huge amusement park with water slides, splash pools and different water activities, Aqua Land is a fun day out for the whole family – especially if it’s baking hot outside! Remember to bring your bathers. At Dolphin Land, your children can swim with dolphins, and learn all about these fascinating creatures. You can also watch a number of entertaining water shows involving acrobatic sea lions and dolphins when you need a short break.

5. Visit the world’s largest miniature park.

Miniaturk is an open-air miniature park in Istanbul and a guaranteed fun day out for the whole family. Considered the largest miniature park in the world, the park is spread out over 60,000 square meters, and houses over 105 buildings, all 1/25th their original size (in other words: kids-sized). If you get tired of looking at small buildings, there’s also a playground and life-sized chessboard, plus a nice café for mum and dad.

Miniaturk in Istanbul, Turkey - The Maquette park Miniatürk

Traveling with a family can be challenging at times. Keeping everybody happy is difficult, and finding things to do that everyone will enjoy can require a little bit of research. So take note of the 5 suggestions above and save yourself some time. And most importantly, have fun!

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