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How to reduce the cost of International Flights

I have never met someone who does not want to travel and explore new places that they could simply relax and enjoy the scenery.

Everybody I know really loves to take time out from their busy schedule and take their families to beautiful places. However, money can sometimes get in the way of their plans. There are some who only earn enough to provide for their family’s basic necessities. Hence, whatever dreams they have for their family in terms of traveling are sometimes postponed until they could afford to pay for the luxurious trip. What they do not know is that trips abroad can also be budget-friendly.

Since airfares tend to be the largest portion of any international travel budget we decided to take a look a some ways that you can reduce the cost of international flights. Most Airlines have promotions or sales on seats so finding out about these sales is the first step.

The first thing you have to do is to visit the websites of several airline companies and get on their mailing list so that you can be informed of the fantastic deals they have to offer every month or year. Specifically, you could get in the mailing list of the following airlines: Air Asia, Ryan Air, Easy Jet, Jetstar and Virgin. These airline companies mentioned above are the ones which usually offer ticket sales several times a year. Once you are on their mailing list you will be informed about their deals first. Alternatively check out some online deal aggregators to see what specials they have on international flights. 

Now, if you have a particular destination in mind, you just have to search for the flight details of the airline companies. To make it easier for you, you could also like their Facebook Fan Page because, more often than not, the admins of their fan pages always keep their aficionados posted by updating the status with relevant issues regarding the company and its flights before sending an email to their subscribers. The next thing you have to take into consideration is your capability to pay for the fares whenever they are at a discount. This means that you should either have some money allocated to the flights or be willing to use your credit card to pay for your tickets. Generally, the best tickets are sold six to twelve months before the departure date. This will give you enough time to save for the holiday.

Most airlines offer Flyday Fridays. If not, they also have a similar deal where once in every week they offer a last-minute discount on selected routes. So, if you need to book at the last minute, Friday’s are a perfect time. Nevertheless, if you are not always online, you could opt to look around. There are travel agencies that also offer discounts. The only downside of this is that they charge you with service fees. But, then again, it really doesn’t hurt to try. Who knows, you could probably get a huge discount.

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