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Italy’s Hidden Gem: Why you should visit St Vincent

Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, with its fantastic culture and stunning surroundings. One fantastic holiday resort found within the country is Saint Vincent. The small town is located in the Aosta Valley region in North-Western Italy, and offers an incredible array of breath-taking nature and upscale modern activities.

Here are some of the reasons to book your visit to Saint Vincent.

The Natural Beauty of Falls of Baleine

The Falls of Baleine are one of the finest natural wonders in St Vincent, located at the northern tip of the leeward coast. Surrounded by volcanic coastal formations and steep cliffs, the sparkling waters plunge 60 feet into a crystal clear pool below.

The easiest and most popular way to get to the Falls of Baleine is via boat tour, with five moorings available to facilitate easy anchorage in the bay and footbath and bridge access.

the Falls of Baleine in St. Vincent

The Historic Settings of Layou

The Layou settlement is located just a short distance from the north of Buccament Bay, and boasts stone churches, dwelling houses, and a small beach with a crescent bay. Surrounded by a backdrop of rockscapes, the pretty village is also home to Layou Petroglyph Park.

Several Armerindian sites have been discovered in the town, but the meanings of the carvings in the park are still unknown. They continue to intrigue visitors to the island’s history and original inhabitants.

The Tranquil Settings of Montreal Gardens

The wonderfully picturesque Montreal Gardens are located in the Mesopotamia Valley. A narrow road leads right up to the vibrant oasis of tropical flowers, with a maze weaving through the colourful flora.

The gardens is home to an awe-inspiring array of hibiscus, flourishes of bougainvillea and rows of ginger, as well as towering giant tree ferns and palms.

The Action of the Casino de la Vallée

Casino de la Vallée is one of the largest and most renowned casinos in Europe, playing host to an exciting schedule of events and tournaments. The lavish venue will even be the setting of the PokerStars sponsored Italian Poker Tour (IPT) Grand Final in November.

To make your visit even more memorable, you can even take part in the IPT event yourself. To compete on the felt and possibly even earn some extra spending money, learn the rules, practice your best poker face and look to PokerStars for more details.

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