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Travel Tips while Wallet-Watching

Traveling is a very rewarding, enlightening activity. Experiencing new cultures and places grants you a wealth of knowledge and stories, but can also be detrimental to the state of your wallet and check book should the proper preparation be ignored. For those who are on the hunt for passport stamps, new faces, and some self-discovery, and are hoping to live the troubadour lifestyle for extended periods, here are several ways to keep your overhead low while seeing the best that the world has to offer.

Book Your Lodgings Well In Advance

There is nothing more disheartening than struggling to find a place to stay once you reach your destination. Traveling on a budget means making preparations and being mindful of your limit. One common misconception is that this translates into having to sacrifice quality, which is certainly not the case. The world’s top destinations have luxurious lodgings available at affordable prices–all you have to do is a bit of research! Whether you’re traveling through Europe’s great cities and staying in small bed and breakfasts or hoping to experience the beaches flanking Honolulu hotels on Oahu, taking care of your temporary residence in advance will help put you at mental and financial ease!

Take Public Transport

Reading up a bit on the public transportation options available to you once you arrive is always a good idea. After a long day of walking around and seeing the sights, it’s nice to know that you can always grab a bus or a train to expedite your trip back. It’s also a great way to see a lot of a city for cheap. Scout out a route, grab a window seat, and have your camera ready!

Be Diligent In Your Food Search

If you’re in an area with a very unique cuisine, trying a bit of the famous dishes is a must for any traveler. However, restaurants try to capitalize on the fascination with local cuisines and charge tremendous amounts for items that you could get for much cheaper (and oftentimes of higher quality) elsewhere. It may be difficult to hold off, but for an adventurer hoping to go for the long run, don’t jump at the first selling fish and chips or currywurst at a premium. Take a quick stroll around the neighborhood, weigh your options, and most importantly, enjoy every minute once you dig in!

Keeping these simple things in mind will help you feel fulfilled and satisfied with your experience in each place you visit while also allowing your wallet to stay filled. The world is a terrific place, and you never know when you’ll be able to hit the road again once you’re through!

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