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10 Reasons for Long Term Family Travel

Having a family is not an excuse to stop travelling. Indeed, having children is the best reason to travel!

1. Education.

Travel is one of the best educations you could provide for your child. Instead of reading about elephants they could get up close and personal by feeding, bathing, and playing with these gentle giants. Instead of studying volcanoes they could actually climb one!

When children live their learning, the knowledge gained will stay with them for a lifetime.

2. Discover each other.

How well do we really know each other? When our lives are filled with work, school, and schedules there is not much room for quality family time. Families who travel long term are spending most of their waking hours together and their amazing experiences bring them closer.

3. Being Fully Present.

How often are we spending time with our family but our minds are elsewhere? Jobs, bills, chores, and maintenance fill our thoughts. These to-do-lists will barely exist when you are on the road. Instead you will find your thoughts on the present moment, enjoying yourself and your family.

4. Building Bonds.

There are not many things that will build your family bonds like seeing the world together. You will grow together, learn together, discover together, and your family will become closer as a result!

5. Raising Global Citizens.

There is no doubt that seeing the world through their own two eyes will change them, and your children will become better people because of it. The world is a wondrous place and seeing it will help your children to understand the beauty of all humanity.

6. Fostering Appreciation.

How can we appreciate the abundance in our lives when we have nothing to compare it to? All too often we take our lives for granted. Seeing and understanding how people less fortunate than ourselves live will make us appreciate our own lives so much more.

7. Inspiring a Volunteer Spirit.

Hopefully at some point in your trip you will take the time to help others. There are so many opportunities for families to make a positive impact in the world. Whatever you and your children are passionate about, from helping animals to teaching English to caring for the environment, taking the time to volunteer will not only make a positive impact on those in need but on your family as well.

8. Leading by Example.

Involve your children in your goal for long term travel and they will see that whatever they set their mind to they can achieve. You will be their inspiration to follow their own dreams!

9. Follow Your Bliss.

The whole family can have input on your itinerary. What have you always wanted to do? Maybe climb the Great Wall of China or camp your way through New Zealand? Create your own Family Bucket List and do the things you have always dreamed of.

10. Opening up a World of Opportunity.

Ultimately, a parent?s number one goal is to raise their children to be happy adults. What better way to do this than to show your children what the entire world has to offer? Our lives and careers don?t have to be defined by what is available in our own backyard. Travel will broaden horizons and open a world of possibilities for your children.

About the Author

Amy is a mother, wife, world traveller, and environmentalist. She and her husband are living their dream of raising their two boys as global citizens. Traveling slow with the little ones in tow, and letting the world be their teacher! You can find more inspiring articles written by Amy on her blog, World School Adventures, or contact her on twitter @worldschooled and Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/WorldschoolAdventures

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