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10 Top-Rated Tourist Attraction Points in Dubai

The fashion capital of the Middle East, the dream city, most visited place on the planet, the best infrastructure, the city of skyscrapers, are all the synonyms of Dubai. This city can be your next destination for the holiday, the family outing, for travelling, it’s up to your choice that for what reason you are visiting the city.

So if you are all set for the Dubai tour, then you can book a Dubai tour package from a reputated tour agent. Because once you booked a Dubai tour package of then you need not worry about anything, the best thing about booking a package is that everything is pre-planned like your hotel is booked before you reach, your all-day schedule is ready, you need not wait in the long queues, you need not travel in the local transport and lots more.

I am 100% sure that if you are visiting Dubai once, then you don’t want to leave the city. You read a lot about Dubai from lots of articles, but here, I have something very special to tell you about the city.

So just forget all the things you had read before, let’s have a fresh start with something interesting.

Here I will tell you about 10 top-rated tourist attractions points of Dubai.

Here is a list of 10 Top rated tourist attractions points.

1 Burj Khalifa.

2- Desert Safari.

3- Dubai mall.

4- Palm Jumeirah.

5- Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo.

6- Ferrari world.

7- Dhow cruise

8- Atlantis the palm

9- Ski Dubai

10- Jumeirah Beach Park

1.  Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa

Why is it Famous?

Have you ever seen any city amid clouds? if your answer is no, then you do that. Burj Khalifa is the only building in the entire world that can do this. This building is the perfect example of a skyscraper. On the 125th floor of this building, has the world’s largest observation deck from where you can see Dubai in the midst of clouds.

What We do Here?

World’s tallest building, the world’s best infrastructure, apart from keeping 6 such records, the Burj Khalifa has a lot to offer to its visitors. Burj Khalifa has a restaurant, movie hall, and club too. If you have a dream to have food over the clouds, then your wish can be completed on the 185th floor of the building.

How to Reach Here?

Metro is far better, compared to another way of transport. Burj Khalifa is very well connected to the Dubai metro. Dubai Mall is the nearest metro station for Burj Khalifa. Dubai airport terminals 1 and 3 have a direct metro for Burj Khalifa.

Best Time to Visit this Place

People don’t have words to explain their experience of Burj Khalifa’s visit. No words can define, the view comes from the top of the building. But for the awesome view, management divides timings into two ways prime and non- prime.

1st – prime hours

3 pm to 6 pm

Ticket price on prime hours- AED210

2nd – Non-Prime hours

8.30 am to 2.30 pm

7 pm to 11 pm

Ticket price on non-prime hours- AED135

2. Desert Safari

Desert Safari
Desert Safari

Why is it famous?

Dinner in the desert, camel rides, a safari in one of the most powerful vehicles by land rover, skiing, biking in dunes, wildlife photography, camping under the stars in the endless Arabian desert, these are the reasons that make the Dubai desert safari, world-famous.

What do we do Here?

Wake up with the first ray of sun, sleeping under the countless stars, camping, and having dinner in proper Arabic style, these are the most happening things you can do in the desert. Apart from that, you can do morning safari, evening safari, overnight safari, which makes desert come alive.

How to Reach Here?

Desert is 58 KM away from the city, by road you can reach safari within 37 minutes. If you don’t like to travel by road, then only a travel agent and a travel company can help you.

Best Time to Visit this Place:

The best time to visit the desert safari is “before sunrise and after sunset. But if you miss those times, so need not worry, the desert is always ready to welcome the visitors who come to feel the beauty of it.

3. The Dubai Mall

Why is it Famous?

The size of the Dubai mall is equally over 50 football grounds. The mall holds the records of the world’s largest mall. The mall has more than 1, 000 shops, and the world’s largest shop, snow park, adventure place, KidZania for kids. The Dubai Mall is the best destination for shopping, fun, and entertainment all over the world.

What we do Here?

Underwater photography, indoor sports, having food from moreover 300 outlets, these are the basic things that you can do in the Dubai mall. For kids, the mall has a different section which KidZania, where kids can learn about the life of their role model and learn while playing. Apart from that, the mall has the largest sweet shop.

How to Reach Here?

Metro is the safest, cheap, and timesaving way for the Dubai Mall. Burj Khalifa is the nearest metro station for the Dubai Mall. For the Dubai Mall, you can take the blue line metro, the blue line metro is direct for the Dubai Mall.

Best Time to Visit this Place

The festive season is the best time to visit the Dubai Mall. If you really want to feel the beauty of the Dubai mall, then visit the mall from November to April.

4. Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah
Palm Jumeirah

Why is it Famous?

Palm Island includes three islands, first palm jebel, second is Palm Deira, and the third one is Palm Jumeirah. And Palm Jumeirah is one place. Palm Island is the world’s first and largest artificial island made by humans. Palm Jumeirah.

What We do Here?

This place is a heaven for those people who love water bodies more than any other thing. The best thing you can do here is underwater swimming, swimming with sharks, and dolphins. This place is also famous for boating, for the banana ride, for a paddle ride.

How to Reach Here?

The monorail is the best way for Palm Jumeirah. For monorail, take the metro from the nearest metro station.

Best Time to Visit this Place

The best time to visit the palm island is between November to April. The peak season starts from January to February.

5. Underwater Zoo and Dubai Aquarium

Why is it Famous?

Dubai aquarium is famous for the world’s largest aquarium with 10 million litre capacity. Apart from its size Aquarium is famous for underwater diving, cage diving, underwater photography, and for lots more. Over 30,000 marine creatures in the aquarium.

What We do Here?

Dubai aquarium becomes the best option for those people who want to swim in the ocean, but their fear of the ocean does not give permission to do that. In the aquarium, you can do underwater photography, cage diving swims with over 30,000 marine creatures.

How to Reach Here?

By metro, you can easily come to the Aquarium and underwater zoo. The aquarium and underwater zoo are located in the mall of Dubai. The Dubai mall is easily reachable by the metro.

Best Time to Visit this Place

The best time to visit the Aquarium and underwater zoo from November to April.

Mon- Fri 10 am to 11 pm, Sat-Sun 10 am to 12 am.

6. Ferrari World

Why is it Famous?

All over the world, they know Ferrari for the most powerful cars in the world. When someone heard the name of Ferrari, the image of the fastest car automatically comes into the mind. So just imagine the Ferrari name is more than enough for all the things, then when you visit the Ferrari World, I am 100% sure that you don’t have words to express your feelings of the Ferrari world.

We locate the Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi, in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The world is famous for the fastest roller coaster for the best rides.

What We do Here?

Ferrari’s world has many things to do. As you people know, the Ferrari world for the fastest roller coaster rides. Apart from that, you can go-karting, riding cars with professionals, kids ride, and kids karting. For visitors, the Ferrari world has a cultural show.

How to Reach Here?

For the Ferrari world, the cheapest and the best way is Buses of RTA Dubai. But if you don’t want to travel by bus, then you have 3 ways to go to the Ferrari world.

1st- Bus- distance- 96 km – time -1.35 hour.

2nd-Taxi- distance- 96 km – time- 57 minute.

3rd- Drive- distance- 96 km – time-57 minute.

Best Time to Visit this Place

During cultural events, the Ferrari world is the best place to visit. In cultural events, the park organizes light and sound shows and apart from the show world, best racers come to perform in the event.

7. Dhow Cruise

Why is it Famous?

Although Dubai is the world’s first futuristic city, apart from the modernisation, skyscrapers.

But Dubai has a second face too. The second face of Dubai is like, where you find the old and cultural Dubai, where you enjoy the real taste of Dubai, like the dress, food, dance, living hood, etc.

And if you want to see both faces of Dubai, then you have to visit Dhow cruise. Dhow cruise is the bridge between Morden Dubai and old Dubai.

What We do Here?

We all know Dhow cruise is one of its kind. In this ride/ show you meet the whole of Dubai, the modern Dubai, and old Dubai. You have plenty of things to do at Dhow cruise. You can ask your tour operator to include Dhow cruise in your Dubai Tour package.

1st- Sightseeing.

2nd- Taste the real Dubai like real food of Dubai, Drinks of Dubai, etc.

3rd- Cultural program.

4. Cruise Party

How to Reach Here?

The best way for a Dhow cruise is the Dubai metro. Jumeirah lake towers are the nearest metro station for the Dhow cruise. Apart from the metro, you have 3 ways to go to Dhow cruise.

1st- Bus.

2nd- Taxi.

3rd- Drive.

Best Time to Visit this Place

If you really want to feel the real Dubai, then every evening is the perfect time to visit Dhow cruise. Because every evening, Dhow cruise is ready to make you feel the real Dubai.

8. Atlantis the Palm

Why is it Famous?

Dubai is full of luxury hotels and resorts. Every hotel called itself the best hotel in Dubai. But if you want to experience the true luxury and lavishness, then come to Atlantis the palm. Atlantis the palm is a super luxury hotel on the palm island. The hotel has over 1500 super luxury rooms and the best thing about the hotel is; The hotel has its own aquarium, and the aquarium is home for over 65,000 marine animals.

What We do Here?

Atlantis the palm is the true example of fun with luxury. The hotel has its own private beach, where you can complete all the wishes which you have to do at the beach, like underwater diving, underwater photography, swims with sharks and with other marine animals.

How to Reach Here?

Dubai Metro is the best way of travelling in Dubai. But for the Atlantis the palm, Dubai metro can partially help you out. So apart from the metro, you have only one option left, that is mono-rail. The palm island has its personal mono-rail for visitors.

Best Time to Visit this Place

From April to May is the best time to visit Atlantis the Palm. From April to May, Dubai’s temperature touches it’s the highest limit. So If you are searching for a place, where you are affected by the Temperature of Dubai. Then Atlantis the palm is the one and only place.

9. Ski Dubai

Why is it Famous?

Dubai has lots of things, for the visitors and for the locals too. Which are the milestones for all the world’s, but the worst thing about Dubai is the temperature? So if I say that, there is a place in Dubai, where you can touch the snow and play with snow. Then, I have the one only place in Dubai; it is called ski Dubai.

Ski Dubai is a snow park that has the coldest temperature of Dubai 1 degree Celsius. In the summers, Ski Dubai is a place where everybody wants to come.

What We do Here?

Ice skiing, watching penguin parades, enjoying the ice skiing, underwater viewing of penguins, these are the most happening things, which you can do in the ski Dubai. Penguin parades are eye candy for every visitor.

How to Reach Here?

Ski Dubai is located in the mall of Dubai. And for the Dubai Mall, the metro is the best and very convenient. If you are coming from Dubai airport, then take the blue line metro.

Best Time to Visit this Place

The festive season is the best time to visit ski Dubai. And if you love penguins, and want to watch the penguin parade, then visit the park between 12 pm to 9 pm.

10. Jumeirah Beach Park

Why is it Famous?

If you want to enjoy the park and beach, then Jumeirah Beach park is the best place for you. Dubai has plenty of places to visit, but Jumeirah Beach park is the best place for family picnics and outing too.

What We do Here?

Jumeirah Beach park is well known for beach sports. You can do Underwater diving, wildlife encounters, banana ride, jet packing, kite surfing, barbeque, cycling, etc at the park. If you have booked a Dubai Tour package then your tour planner might have included all these things in the package.

How to Reach Here?

For Jumeirah Beach Park, no metro is available, but by bus, you can reach nearby the park. From gold sukh, you can take an 8 number bus for the park.

Best Time to Visit this Place

From 7 am to 10 pm, except for Thursday and Friday. On Thursday and Friday, the park will open for visitors at 11 am.


Above, in this article, I have told you about the 10 top-rated places in Dubai. So if you are planning a tour of Dubai then you must have to visit these places because without visiting these places, You’re Dubai tour is worthless. And If you’re already booked a Dubai tour package then, ask your travel company if they include all these places in the Dubai tour or not.

“Have a safe journey”

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