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Things to do with Kids in the Maldives

The Maldives is popular all over the world as an exotic honeymoon. With white-sand beaches, pristine blue ocean water, turquoise lagoons, lush-green islands, and a glorious underwater world, Maldives stands tall and proud to offer the best time to its visitors.

But little do we know that this “Treasure Island” is also an ideal destination for families to visit with their kids. With many adventures, thrill-seeking, and fun activities to entertain you, we are obliged to say that there won’t be a second that you’ll regret.

Most Maldives luxury resorts, like the Park Hyatt, discovered in a television show Unwind Maldives on Travelxp HD have some of the best kids’ clubs you’ll find anywhere, as well as an excellent menu of activities suitable for all, from babies to toddlers to teenagers. From snorkeling and dolphin spotting to beach games, treasure hunts, and pizza making, your children will have a great time.

Whatever your preference, the Maldives is a ready-made family vacation just waiting to be unwrapped, with plenty of unforgettable memories to be made for the young and young-at-heart.

List of Things to do in the Maldives with Kids

Family holidays are all about the fun and happiness of children, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top nine things to do in the Maldives with kids which can be enjoyed by everyone.

  1. It Beach Time

Beach days are always a good idea to spend for fun moments with your family. Since the beach is the main attraction in the Maldives, spending some time on the sand with your children is the best thing you could do on the vacation.

The combination of water and sand encourages free play and inspires most children’s imaginations to make fantastic, undirected games and activities. Swimming, building sandcastles, feeding rays, beach games, running with kites, searching for seashells, beach volleyball, treasure hunts, and other fun activities are common here.

  1. Party at Kid’s Club

Finding a fantastic holiday resort with a kids’ club with plenty of kid-pleasing amenities is the first step toward a peaceful family vacation. Kids Clubs in the Maldives usually provide a variety of kid-friendly amenities such as pools, sports, toys, and playgrounds, and many even offer classes such as painting, dancing, and even cooking. Most children’s clubs have friendly, active, and responsive staff, as well as a variety of imaginative and sporty activities.

So, if you need to spend some time to regain the romance in your life, dropping the kids at the club would be a great option. The safety of your kids is their utmost moto, so there’s no need for you to worry.

  1. Go Cruising

In the Maldives, you and your children will have one of the best island-hopping trips by cruising, as you will be able to choose from over 1900 islands while sailing along the Maldives’ coastlines. There are several comfortable cruises available in the Maldives’ waters that provide a luxurious experience when moving from one island to the next. By selecting the sunset cruise, your children will also have the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking desk view of the sun setting on the horizon.

  1. Snorkeling and watch the coral reefs

Coral reef snorkeling is an excellent addition to your Maldives family vacation. The blue lagoons that surround the islands are home to coral reefs that are ideal for snorkeling in the Maldives. If your resort does not have its own reef, you will most likely take free snorkeling trips to nearby reefs led by marine biologists to enjoy the hypnotic marine life. You and your children will have the opportunity to see harmless coral sharks, stingrays, turtles, and schools of fish, which is sure to entice any water lover and add an incredible experience to your vacation.

  1. Much thrilling water sports

Water sports should be your top priority when planning a family vacation to the Maldives with your children. Most Maldives islands have calm and calming waves near the beaches, so you don’t have to worry about your children’s well-being. You can try scuba diving or canoeing, and you can even charter a cruise to paddle across the Maldives’ tranquil waters. The sight of eagle rays, giant turtles, and dolphins swimming past you while diving will make the experience worthwhile, and your children will undoubtedly enjoy this magnificent experience.

  1. Watch the Dolphins play

Being in the Maldives allows you to observe the marine environment in its most natural and untouched state. The Maldivian enclave is known for its diverse marine life, especially manta rays and whale sharks, which you can observe in their natural habitat. The Maldives also has many species of dolphins that can be seen swimming in the nearby waters.

A Dolphin-watching safari is one of the most exciting and moving family activities you can do while in the Maldives. Watch them frolic and play like kids in the wake of the Dhoni ships, jumping and doing their fun tricks. Although nothing in wildlife can be assured, there is no better place to see wild dolphins playing in their natural habitat than right here in the Maldives. Muli Channel in the Meemu Atoll is the best place to spot dolphins according to India, the host of Unwind Maldives which broadcasts on Travelxp HD TV. You can watch the show now on the Travelxp app.

  1. Watch the whales from submarines

If you or your children are afraid of going underwater by diving but also want to see the beauty of the sea up close, the Submarine trip is for you. A miniature submarine tour allows you to get up close and personal with all the sea has to offer, whether it’s sunken ships or shoals, stunning multicolored fish, or something else. Adults and children alike enjoy this adrenaline-pumping experience. The whale submarine ride is reasonably priced and is arranged by several resorts and hotels during the day and evening.

  1. Cooking tour

If your children enjoy seafood, the Maldivian private cooking experience is not to be missed. This small tour will begin when you meet your guide in Male, and you will then have the opportunity to choose your favorite ingredients from the local market. After collecting the ingredients, your guide will assist you in preparing some delectable Maldivian dishes, and you will be able to sample your own creations. This tour can accommodate a maximum of four people at a time and lasts approximately three hours.

  1. Stay at water villas

The stunning luxury kids-friendly resorts take the phrase “ocean view” to a whole new level, delighting their smallest guests with continuous excitement and extravagance. The water villas, with their spectacular views and direct access to the Indian Ocean, are a sign of luxury in the Maldives, and many visitors want to spend at least a few nights.

  1. Outdoor theatre and dining

Your kids and you can enjoy your favorite movie in outdoor cinemas, under an open starry sky on a soft and comfortable sofa. There are numerous resorts and hotels in the Maldives that, upon special request, arrange beachside alfresco cinema. While watching the film, you will also be able to sample some of the best Maldivian cuisines. One of the most famous activities here is alfresco beachside dining. If you are enjoying the feast on your villa’s private beach or on a secluded island, you will undoubtedly love the sight of sea vistas and the sand softly touching your feet.

There are obviously many things to do in the Maldives with Kids that will keep them happy and thrilled, and neither you nor your child will be bored. These activities will not only make the trip more enjoyable, but they will also help your children learn new things and leave them with positive and happy memories. So, schedule your trip to the Maldives and provide your children with the fun vacation they deserve!

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