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Travel Tribe; An Online Platform That Makes It Free to Travel the World

I was four years old, standing on the summit looking down the steep white slopes of Dizin resort. I heard my coach saying “let’s go”. I hear the rest of this story  from my mom after 27 years today; telling me how proud she felt to see her 3 year old daughter ski from the summit so elegantly among all those adults.

As a mountaineer, an avid hiker, camper, tennis player, wrestler, volleyball player; he always pushed me and my siblings to try various sports. When traveling, he’s always chose roadtripping and took roads less traveled. My father has always took us on a search to discover the untapped destinations. By consistently pushing me out of my comfort zone, he rewarded me a life of adventure.

Kudos to Vagabond family and all you amazing parents that give the gift of travel to kids.

Free to Travel the World

Free to Travel the World

I grew up in Iran and moved to the US in 2012. Not knowing anyone or having a clue how to begin a life in the US. But, it was easy and exciting. I grew up with an attitude to walk off the beaten path to discover my potential capabilities and meet friends on the journey. So, moving to a new country and living as an expat was not hard at all.

Living in San Francisco brought me friends from all over the world. Friends with colorful cultures that opened my eyes to new stories, hobbies, and conversations. Conversations that led to wondering about new adventures. I wondered. And, as my parents taught me, I wandered to find answers.

Two years ago, I vagabonded in Oaxaca, to learn Spanish and Surfing. Puerto Escondido is a popular destination for surfers of the world, and as it’s name suggests it is a hidden treasure to tourists. So, I met inspiring people every hour of the day. I got to hear life stories that I could never imagine possible. I got to rediscover myself through their humility in doing “impossible” things. Story after story, I learned that despite all our differences, we are all essentially the same. I was at home within my tribe of travellers. And there, I started thinking “what if I could travel anywhere and meet these inspiring people everywhere. How can I guarantee to meet as many people in travel tribe as my life allows?”

When I returned to the US, I found it ridiculous that travel-tribers were trapped behind 9-5 office jobs. They were missing out on living their true life. They followed their travel dreams on instagram and facebook of their traveling friends.

They were scared about the financial burdens of traveling. Knowing that world travel doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, I decided to dedicate my life to spread opportunities for others to experience what i experienced. Travtribe is born to spread the experience of authentic travel by removing financial obstacles. As a media startup, we promote travelers and share their inspiring stories to enlarge their follower base. Moreover, to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and travel. We turn travelers into social media influencers that can make money by creating online content.

I grew up traveling. I learned to embrace the unknown and live an adventurous life. I intend to create the same opportunity for all other wanderlusters around the world.

I believe travel is the sole reason that we are on earth; to dream, sail, meet and discover. After all, the world is too big and our time is so limited.

Shar BehzadianShar is the Founder of Travtribe; a Travel media startup that democratizes vagabonding by  promoting and creating opportunities for world travelers. The startup utilizes technology and travel to scale citizen diplomacy, one handshake at a time.


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