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15 Fun Things To Do with Kids in UK

Family days out are meant to be fun, exciting, as well as interactive especially for the kids. The key objective is to ensure that they live to remember the fun moments. Depending on your kids’ age, likes and preferences, you will be able to take on a number of activities to make every moment count.


Fun Things To Do with Kids in UK

Fun Things To Do with Kids in UK

  • Nature walk in the National Forest at Conkers

CONKERS is located in Swadlincote, Derbyshire and offers a great scenery where the kids can play and run around. This England woodland is filled with activity allowing you feel the ground as you walk barefoot on the paths or simply create games and make the best of the outdoors.

  • Explore the Edinburgh Castle

Voted as UK’s top heritage attraction, this is a must see for all kids. It is rich in history and holds amazing artefacts. They are bound to appreciate the firing of the medieval Mons Meg cannon at 1pm on a daily basis. The surrounding is accommodating for both the young and older kids. It features some steep inclines that make the adventure worth it. The only downside is that the inclines are not pushchair friendly.

  • Fun-filled outdoor activities in Bewilderwood

Located on the outskirts of Wroxham, this site offers about 50 acres of woodland. If you love to handout in the outdoors, his is the perfect place to take your kids. The activities range from tree climbing, hiding in tree houses, den building, as well as crossing rope bridges. The park also features a number of cartoon characters. During special occasions such as Halloween or Easter, visit this woods their seasonal events.

  • Explore the Wistow Maze

Located in Wistow, Leicestershire your kids will have fun moments racing across the three-mile pathways. Surrounding the environment are shops, a gallery, as well as a model village so you can grab a meal as well as buy stuff to remember the day.

  • Run wild in the underwater street

Located in Liverpool, Merseyside your kids will appreciate what the underwater street has to offer. It will boost their social life as this street is interactive and you can always let them loose without the fear that they may lose their way.

  • Take the high wire risk

Visit Ashley Heath, Dorst and test your adrenaline at the Moors Valley Country Park. This is recommended for the older kids who are looking for an exciting adventure. They will get to walk through rope and wire and test their appreciation for height. Send chills down their spine for the right reasons.

  • Explore sea life at its best

You do not have to go to any ocean to show your kids the best of sea life up close. Visit the London aquarium located in South Bank, London and explore the various sea life species. It offers a great view for the kids and the rest of the family. You will sit next to the tiger sharks and other fish and watch them swim about. This is fun as well as educational.

  • Build castles on sand

At the Skegness beach located in Skegness, Lincolnshire, you can have your kids build castles as well as anything they can think of with their creative minds. It is interactive for the whole family and ideal for the hot seasons. Simply remember to pack some sunscreen, bucket and shovel. This activity will accommodate right about every kid.


Things To Do with Kids in UK

Things To Do with Kids in UK

  • Vintage fair diversity

If you are thinking of taking your kids to a fair, Lifton, Devon is the place to visit. It is filled with a number of rides that will have your kids wanting more. The diversity ensures that you can always take on different games and rides thus ensuring that you can spend lots of time together having fun. It features state of the art technology to ensure that your kids get exactly what they want. Take advantage of promo codes by visiting this website to save on costs.

  • Ride hard and fast at Thorpe Park

This is for the thrill lovers who are seeking to push their adrenaline levels. This adventure park focuses on giving you a scare that is fun filled. It features about 25 thrills and attractions allowing your kids to choose what they can take on. Depending on your kids’ age, they can take of the different rides.

  • Explore nature at Eden Project

Eden project is located St. Austell, Cornwall and it offers five biomes of green nature to explore. These eco-attractions have something for everyone thus making it a recommended scenery for the entire family. It is both fun, interactive as you engage a question and answer session, as well as educational.

  • Nature and wildlife at its best at WildRootz

Take your kids to the Pensthorpe Wildlife and Gardens located at Fakenham, Norfolk. Ideal for the younger ones, they can let loose and run wild as they explore the best of nature. Do not expect them to get back home with their clothes clean. They get to run around and play with the mud. You can work with promo codes from Eurocamp to help you schedule for camping holidays.

  • Explore historical navy and warships at Portsmouth

Allow your kids to see some of the coolest warships and submarine from historical moments. They have probably watched movies with these aspects and allowing them to go up close to one of them is the coolest thing ever. This is home to two historic warships and a World War II submarine. Also, visit the action stations where they can take on the climbing tower, rope course, as well as quest games.

  • Wildlife at London Zoo

Wildlife will always be a key attraction for kids to explore. The London Zoo is a scientific zoo with more than 750 species of animals. Your kids will be able to see what they see on television and satisfy their curiosity. It is fun and exciting as the animals offer a natural setting for kids to make the best of.

  • Play at the Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World

This is a great attraction to give your kids a play session with different rides, an indoor play area, as well as splash zone. Peppa features roller coasters that our kids can exploit. The Lost Kingdom is definitely worth the visit when you are here.

Top UK attractions for kids

Top UK attractions for kids


Take on the above activities with your kids and make every moment count. Your kids will love it and so will you. No matter where you are in the UK, you can always look forward to fun activities.

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