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18 Amazing Things to Do with Kids in Sicily

Going on vacation with children is not an easy task but it can be one of the most memorable times you spend together as a family. As you visit places, you build memories together that only you alone will ever share. So, when you think that you won’t have much enjoyment when you go on vacation with the kids, remember that taking them along with you strengthens the bond between parents and children even further. So go along and make that dream holiday with your kids in tow!


Things to Do with Kids in Sicily

Things to Do with Kids in Sicily – Image by https://flic.kr/p/5QxkPp

Holidaying in Sicily with your children is easier more than ever as the people there are very warm-hearted and are open to catering to little guests as well. As you prepare for your visit to the Mediterranean island, make sure to book suitable lodgings, there are many villas for rent in Sicily available online to make your stay extra cozy and comfortable. In the meantime, here are a few suggestions of things you can do with your kids.

  1. Mt. Etna Excursion. Make it a thrilling adventure for your children by taking them to visit the majestic volcano. You can take the cable car ride which will bring you to a certain point on the slope of the volcano. During the ride, you get to watch the volcano in all her glory. Otherwise, you can get a guide and a car ride up to the crater to have a better feeling of the place. Children would consider it a big adventure especially for boys! Go in comfortable clothes and walking shoes and bring your sense of adventure with you!
  2. Bioparco in Palermo. Located in Carini, this is the largest zoo in all of Sicily, housing a large number of animals including various reptiles and a botanical garden. Most kids love the zoo and for sure your entire family will like the atmosphere of the place with its dinosaur park.
  3. Madonie Adventure Park. This is an ideal area where you can let your kids test their strength, endurance and agility as they try to hurdle the courses. Activities include rope ladder-walking, tree climbing, and cable slides. Levels of difficulty depend on the age of children so there’s always something appropriate for every child and teenager. You can also inquire about mountain biking, horseback riding, or hiking across the area.
  4. International Puppets Museum. A time-out from the outside, this is a good place to bring your children to see the wide collection of traditional Sicilian puppets and also from around the world.
  5. Museum of Toys. Children love toys. When you bring them to a place packed with these, they will be delighted. This museum allows you to educate your children as they discover ancient toys in the forms of dolls, board games and cockhorses.
  6. Etna Adventure Park. Children love playing in the water, more so if there are different ways to have fun. This water park is full of attractions to keep you and your kids amused. Try the various water slides and be entertained by different shows and attractions. Check out their pre-historic park which exhibits life-sized dinosaurs.
  7. Chocolate Experience. Drive off to Modica to witness how they make their chocolate following the original and ancient recipe of the Aztecs as brought by the Spaniards in olden times. Enjoy every tasty treat!
  8. Archaeological Education. Sicily is perfect for learning something about the history and culture of the place. The island is full of temples and castles. Visit the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, the Greek Theater in Taormina, the castle in Erice, and other amazingly well-preserved buildings.
  9. Island-hopping. Go on a boat excursion around the Aeolian Islands to experience a trek to the craters of Stromboli and Vulcano. The children will be excited to see the “Sciara del Fuoco.”
  10. 10. Park of Nebrodi. If you are interested in nature jaunts, it is ideal to also bring your children to this place. In summer, you will be amazed by the flowering Euglena sanguinea which is a kind of algae that thrives on the bottom of the lake Biviere, turning it into a red colour.
  11. Park of Alcantara. It would be interesting to walk around the banks to see flora and fauna. It is also possible to descend near the water for some playing around and have a picnic.
  12. Island of the Rabbits. Here you will find a beautiful beach where your children can play along fine, white sand and even possibly chance to spot a particular kind of sea turtle, the Caretta caretta. A lot of the flora in this area is African in origin of which you cannot find the same in any other part of Italy.
  13. Vendicari Nature Reserve. If you haven’t experienced watching migratory birds, this is the ideal place to visit. December is the best time where you can see various kinds of birds – royal swans, wild geese, kingfishers and other avian species. In autumn, the pink flamingoes arrive, as well as turtle doves, stone curlews, Kentish plovers and more. A number of species of mammals also call this home.
  14. Gelato Adventure. Kids love sweets and when it gets hot, a cold, tasty treat is always welcome. Sicily is known for the gelato and there are so many flavours available. Try all the flavours to discover your favourite!
  15. Agritourism Activities. Why not bring your children to experience picking fruits from the trees or harvesting grapes? In an agritourism farm, the children can also learn how to ride horses and learn a few things about farm life.
  16. The Beaches. This is perhaps the most popular thing tourists do in Sicily. You can’t miss the beautiful beaches of the island and your children will surely love playing around. There are the beaches near the bigger cities and there are the hidden gems not so commercialized. In Stromboli, you might want to visit the beaches where the sand is black. You can also take the cable car to Mazzaro, a beach resort near Taormina.
  17. Water activities. Sicily is surrounded by water and there are a lot of fun activities to keep the entire family busy. You can go on boat trips and snorkel and fish. The children might also enjoy an adventure on pedal boats.
  18. Eureka! This is an archaeological workshop for children where they can visit the Archaeological Museum and the Archaeological Park of Syracuse to have a glimpse of the life of Archimedes. There are different activities including discovery games, colouring and drawing. Materials are provided and parents take part in the workshop.


Mondello beach Palermo Sicily with Kids

Mondello beach Palermo Sicily with Kids – Image by https://flic.kr/p/aynPvV


With Kids in Sicily

With Kids in Sicily – Image by v

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