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4 Tips to Help Your Kids Enjoy The Journey to Italy

Italy is one of those countries you must visit at least once in your lifetime- add it to your bucket list if you haven’t. The boot-shaped country fits multiple tastes. Verona is a romantic city, Naples is the perfect spot for pizza lovers, Florence is ideal for architects and Milan breaths fashion and luxury. You will definitely have an unforgettable time in Italy, but will your kids enjoy Italy as much as you will do? Sure!

Start by preparing your kids for the trip. Locate Italy in the world map, watch some videos and tell your kids a bit about Italy. For example, I choose some of the most famous monuments of Italy like the coliseum, iconic churches and cities to customize puzzles. My kids had a lot of fun with those puzzles and quickly became curious about Italy- they asked a lot of questions. So, if you want to order your own personalized puzzles, check this online printer– they offer a large collection of customizable products.

If you have decided to take your next vacations in Italy, consider these four tips to help your children be enthusiastic about your trip:

1. Take Your Kids to an Art Class

Even if your kids attend painting classes back at home, do not miss the opportunity to take them to an art workshop with professional Italian artists. For example, in Florence you will find several art studios and academies that offer short courses or single classes, which are ideal for families with tight travel schedules. There are also several museums in Florence to visit like the Accademia Gallery and Museo di San Marco. Even though going to museums is not always fun for kids, they need to learn to enjoy visiting museums a common way to do so is to create a small scavenger hunt where they need to find and point out pieces in advance; it keeps them engaged. Aside from art lessons, your kids can also take cooking lessons.

Bonus tip: If you want to immortalize your kid’s art experience in Italy, take your children’s artwork back home to transform them into unique pieces of art printed on canvas. (Check out these affortable rolled canvas to take a look specifications,if you’re interested in ordering your own).

2. Go to Venice During its Carnival

Even without its famous carnival, Venice is a magical city to visit with your partner or whole family. The Carnival of Venice started from the victory of the ¨ Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia¨. Since then, in February you will find multiple events and festivities scheduled all around Venice. Everywhere you walk especially in San Mark’s Square, you will see most people wearing elaborate costumes and masks. You can enjoy the parades of the Venice Carnival and take some great photographs. Buy your kids a traditional mask- they will enjoy themselves!

3. Have a Picnic at Lake Garda and Eat some ¨ gelato¨

Your greatest wish on your holidays is to get some rest. However, it seems impossible when you have kids. Well, I’ve got some good news for you: Garda is a lake with an astonishing view visited by hundreds of families. It located in northern Italy. If you go during summer, you can have a picnic at lake Garda, relax under the shades of a tree and jump in the water! Spoil your children with delicious Italian gelato (ice cream).

4. Have a Grasp of Basic Italian

The great part about traveling to foreign lands is that your kids get to hear a new language outside of their classroom. Do not warn your children about the spoken language- just see their first reaction. Language is part of the traveling experience for kids and it is so easy to teach them the basics; even if you do not speak Italian. For example, buongiorno! (good morning) – grazie (thank you)- prego (you’re welcome)- buon appetito (enjoy your meal). They will hear these words all the time; probably by the end your kids will teach you!

Do you have your bags ready? Pack asap and embark on an exciting adventure with your loved ones. Try not to miss the fabulous places mentioned before and the handy tips that will help you make the most out of your family trip to Italy.

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