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6 Golden Rules Which Will Help You Enjoy Car Trips With Children

Sometimes it can be pretty hard to keep up the good mood in the long car rides. Sometimes it might even lead to arguments and scolding, and that is never right or welcome on a trip. Especially for our children, who might be struggling to endure long hour cars rides just because there is a lack of activity and it is hard to sit in one place for such a long time.


Car Trips With Children

Car Trips With Children

But that is not how it is supposed to be at all! In fact, if you want to enjoy and have a normal road trip with kids, you should keep up with these six golden rules created by positive parenthood gurus! Yes, these people exist, and they are going to share the best tips they have just for you! So – are you ready? After reading those rules, your life might chance for good!

Rule 1. In the driving car, there should not be any computer games and especially smartphones. And this rule actually works both for parents and children! Car rides are a perfect time when the whole family can be together and spend some time. So use that time to get to know each other more, share some memories and stories and just talk! Smartphones and computer games only interfere and not help you make stronger bonds with your kids. Therefore, put your phones into bags and start talking!

Rule 2. If you want to travel and have fun, it is necessary to come up with a few ideas for entertainment. Sometimes we might forget to enjoy ourselves, and this usually shows off then you and your spouse start discussing your problems at works, carrier and stuff you left at home. Don’t do that! It is pretty annoying, and kids don’t need to hear that at all. Because of that and the lack of attention to them, it is very unlikely that the little ones will sit quietly looking out the window. Everyone will be much calmer and happier if you will offer a bit of entertainment instead. It can be various road trip games, solving puzzles, singing you favorite songs, and so on. You can even prepare a little special “fun road trip” kit, full of paper, easy to wash paint, etc. Just remember that in the back seat you have a few little hungry for attention and activity fellows and try to be an artist for a bit. You will be amazed how much they will love doing something all together!

Rule 3. Every long trip should be divided into smaller fractions, so you and kids will get a chance to stop for a bit and exercise too. On the other hand, you can do a little game which will help children to travel as well. For example, divide the route in smaller fractions to help kids understand the length of the trip not by kilometers but by reached points or cities. Again, if you are going to drive through a few bigger towns, rivers, mountains or sculptures, make a short list of it and give them to your kids, so they will know where they are and will be looking forward to the next point. It will be a lot more fun for them to keep up with the road trip, they will know where you are right not and won’t ask you all the time. Plus it will keep them busy for a bit too!

Rule 4. Children should only be in the car if they are not hungry, thirsty, and they don’t want to go to a toilet. We mean, they definitely can be like that on a long trip, but hungry kids are going to be very noisy and not satisfied, and that might ruin the whole trip. So, better have a few snacks with you and bottle of water and stop by if they want to go to the toilet. They will be more relaxed and will be able to enjoy the trip a lot more.

Rule 5. Be attentive to children’s moods. Once again, if a child needs to go to the toilet – do that and don’t ask them to wait for an hour. It is always better to stop by for a little bit and get rid of bad child’s mood rather than drive for a few hours with a child being all angry and grunt. It is also crucial to make those stops to exercise a bit, to breathe some fresh air and to observe nature or cities around. You can even do a little running or play with a ball. Sitting in one position is pretty hard for adults, and it might be even more difficult for small kids. So moving a bit on long trips is necessary for sure. Follow this rule!

Rule 6. Driving with excessive noise in the back of the vehicle, because kids are screaming and fighting is not just only not pleasant for both children and parents, but it is also very unsafe. Screaming children might distract the driver, he won’t be able to concentrate and monitor the traffic right, and sometimes the risk of accidents get pretty high. Therefore, if your children somehow start to disagree because of sometimes don’t just turn around and try to calm them. You have to stop the car and get them out of there to calm kids down. After they are all quiet, and the problem is solved, the trip might continue. It is crucial to explain to your children that screaming or even fighting in a car is not acceptable under any circumstances, and they are really distracting the driver. It is also very important that you should keep yourself calm and don’t start to scream or scold kids too. You have to be calm and diplomatic because this is the main key to a pleasant road trip.


You Enjoy Car Trips With Children

You Enjoy Car Trips With Children




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