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From Aladdin to Indiana Jones – Family-friendly Winter Getaway 2018/19 in Jordan

From the enchanting “Lost City” of Petra to the “Valley of the Moon” Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan is a thrilling and wondrous destination. For both children’s and adults’ imaginations inspired by movies like “Indiana Jones”, “Aladdin” or “The Martian”, Jordan is the perfect backdrop for adventure and relaxation and an unforgettable family vacation this winter season. Jordan, an awe-inspiring and enchanting country continues to become one of the most popular winter destinations in 2018/19 for international travelers and the many reasons it continues to maintain recognition are obvious. From the temperate climate, ancient historical sites, beaches along the Red Sea and the famous Dead Sea, impressive desert landscape, innovative yet traditional food and warm-hearted people it offers limitless beauty adventure and offers a sunny haven amidst a snowy winter.


Jordan with kids

Jordan with kids


What makes Jordan even more appealing is that in the winter months, the scorching heat prevalent in the summer is much more subdued creating a warm and ambient experience for exploring. Families who are eager to explore, learn, relax and enjoy quality time together can enjoy the many activities and attractions in Jordan for an ideal winter family getaway. What’s more, Jordan has an intrinsically magical quality which can be felt from Aqaba to Amman that inspires imagination and sparks creativity.Jordan in the wintertime is bright, welcoming and filled with family-friendly hotels, sightseeing and won’t break the bank. A Jordanian winter getaway will offer not only a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience but endless memories for years to come.

Getting to Jordan

While Jordan actually has five airports, the two biggest are the Queen Alia International Airport in the capital city of Amman and the King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba. Direct flights fly into Jordan daily making it easy to access either via Amman or Aqaba. More low-cost airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair offer flights as well as the international airline Royal Jordanian Airlines.

What to do in Jordan for families

Delve into history in Petra

Families can explore through the tunnels, caverns and exciting passes through the “Lost City” of Petra, also known as the Red-Rose City. From the facade of the Treasury carved directly into the rock face to the Monastery, the Calligraphy, Siq, Theatre, and tombs families can enjoy exploring through this ancient city that was once inhabited by the Nabateans. History, adventure, and sightseeing all collide in this UNESCO World Heritage site that is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Families can join tours of Petra to make the most out of the experience with knowledgeable guides and locals in the area who provide an authentic insight.





Camping in the Wadi Rum Desert

Making memories under the starry night sky, families can camp out in the Wadi Rum desert and take in one the most breathtaking sunrises each morning. From simple, modest tents to luxury, “martian tents”, families can enjoy authentically Bedouin experiences in the desert. Outdoor cooking and story time over tea around the fire, camping is a bonding experience for the family and will be unlike any other camping experience. The Wadi Rum desert is a protected nature reserve that is tranquil, quiet and intense. Families can explore the vastness of the desert of Jeep Safari adventures or through a variety of hikes throughout the diverse landscape.

Ride Camels and Arabian Horses in Jordan

Another memorable way to explore the desert in on camelback. Families can enjoy meeting desert camels and riding these unique animals who thrive in the heat. Additionally, there are Arabian horses in the desert, offering families a thrilling adventure exploring the desert on purebred Arabian horses who are expertly trained. Another memorable family experience that can only be had in Jordan.

Float in the Dead Sea

The famous Dead Sea is found in Jordan, the lowest point on earth is an exciting destination for families. From floating in the highly salinated water to covering every inch of skin in the nutrient-mud that surrounds the area, the Dead Sea is a once-in-a-lifetime destination that is fun for all ages. Parents can enjoy a variety of spa retreats while kids can enjoy floating in the Dead Sea or splashing in the many pools in the resort area. Whether it is a day-trip to the Dead Sea or several days spent at the beachside resorts, the Dead Sea is a must for any family bucket list.

Snorkeling in the Red Sea

Known worldwide to the renowned snorkeling, the Red Sea is famous for the coral reef. Families can enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving along with a variety of other water sports from swimming, to paddleboarding and waterskiing in the Red Sea. The water is inviting and beautiful both above and below the surface. Additionally, Aqaba which is situated along the Red Sea offers families some of the best resorts in the world complete with pools, gym facilities, spas, and world-class dining. For families looking an an all-inclusive resort getaway, Aqaba has everything to offer.

Museums for all ages in Jordan

From the Children’s Museum of Amman to the Jordan Museum there is a lot to see and learn in a fun and interactive way. Families can explore these interesting museums throughout Amman that provide both fascinating information but also express Jordanian culture and traditions in meaningful ways.

Explore historical Jerash

An exciting look into history, families can explore the well-preserved ancient Greco-Roman ruins found in the historical city of Jerash. From the amphitheater to the Corinthian columns and much, much more, families can marvel at ancient artifacts and treasures in Jerash.

Where to eat in Jordan

From street food to fine dining, Jordanian food is authentic, flavorful and creative. Beyond this, families can enjoy exploring through the many markets (souks) and bazaars found in Jordan taking in the bright colors and smells of the spice market while sampling fresh fruit and dried nuts along with other sweet pastries and snacks.

The Wild Jordan Center is a particularly special destination for families visiting Amman, as it offers a cafe, a shop, craft workshops, comfortable lodging and one of the best views of the city. Owned by the esteemed Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, the Wild Jordan Center also have a family cafe and play area and accommodates vegan and gluten-free diets.

A visit to Beit Sitti is another fun cooking and culinary family experience where families can learn recipes and prepare an authentically Jordanian meal together. Founded by three sisters eager to keep their Grandmother’s legacy alive, Beit Sitti can accommodate large groups as well as dietary restrictions making it an ideal experience for families.

Families visiting Jordan will enjoy the crispy, hot falafel and extensive variety of food at Hashem, a famous culinary establishment in Amman serving up fresh falafel along with mezze-style dining that is budget friendly. A must for families visiting Jordan looking to enjoy authentic flavors and experience the local culture, that will accommodate even picky eaters.

Where to stay in Jordan

There are endless hotels and resorts found in Jordan which can accommodate families. From luxury all-inclusive resorts to modest apartment style rentals, families can find whatever suits them best while traveling in Jordan.One of the most popular options among families is a stay at the apartment-style Montana Residence situated in Amman. Family suites which include laundry facilities, kitchens, and outdoor garden place space make for a comfortable stay in Jordan.

Another great family option is the Kempinski Hotel Amman one of the best family-friendly hotels in Jordan including an airport shuttle. Families can enjoy the pool along with the outdoor play space and bowling alley, along with special kids meals and comfortable and central accommodation in Amman.

The possibilities are endless and families can enjoy a thrilling, exciting, and magical winter getaway in Jordan that will create memories to last a lifetime.

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