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Great Leisure Cruise Options for 2022

Leisure cruises are a great option for people who want to enjoy their vacation on the water exploring new locations and indulging in fun activities, music, and entertainment along the way. After a stressful year of dealing with the social conditions caused by the global pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, life is expected to resume by next year, and there is no better way to head into the year than an amazing trip on a leisure cruise with the Great Lakes Cruises.

Read on as we take a closer look at some of the great options for the Great Lakes Cruises 2022.

Victory Cruise Lines 2022

Victory Cruise Lines offer a wonderful opportunity to explore the Great Lakes with a curated mix of music, entertainment, food, knowledge, and adventure. The twin vessels, Victoria I and II, provide all guests the trademark luxury experience with unmatched onboard amenities and optional services.

For the 2022 lineup, the Victory Cruise Lines offer four different itineraries, all based around the exploration of the Great Lakes region. You can choose between the expertly designed itineraries, including the Lakeside Treasures aboard Victory I (16 days), Great Lakes Grand Discovery (13 days), Splendor of the Great Lakes (11 days), and Montreal to Detroit (11 days).

Pearl Seas Cruises 2022

Aside from the grand Victory Cruise line, the Great Lakes Cruises offers a compact and more personalized experience in the form of the Pearl Seas Cruises. You can travel along the Great Seas, indulging in the wonderful food and regional cuisines while exploring the culture and heritage of each unique location.

The Pearl Seas Cruises offer two different itineraries for 2022, including the Great Lakes and Georgian Bay (12 days) and the Great Lakes Cruise (8 days).

Ponant Explorer Cruises 2022

Alternatively, you can opt for an intimate luxurious journey along the Great Lakes on board the Le Champlain and Le Bellot cruises that offer a highly personal experience for all their guests.

The Ponant Explorer Cruises offer three different itineraries for the next year, Including Canada to the American East Coast (15 days), St. Lawrence River and American East Coast (13 days), and the Great Lakes of North America (8 days).

Viking Expedition Cruises 2022

The leisure cruise trip along the Great Lakes onboard the industry veteran Ocantis cruise offers unmatched luxury and adventure. The cruise offers four different 8-day itineraries for the next year, including the Viking Niagara & the Great Lakes Cruise, the Viking Undiscovered Great Lakes Cruise, the Viking Great Lakes Explorer Cruise, and the Viking Canadian Discovery Cruise.

Blount Cruises 2022

The Grande Caribe and Grande Mariner cruises offer an intimate luxurious journey along the Great Lakes on compact vessels that can expertly navigate their way around the Great Lakes.

Windstar Cruises 2022

The revamped Star Pride is the perfect cruise to book if you are in the search of a premium cruise experience with unmatched luxury and comfort. The limited number of guests aboard this large vessel ensures that each guest receives special attention and intimate luxurious services. You can count on the Windstar Cruises to deliver an extraordinary experience of the Great Lakes.

Hapag Lloyd Cruises 2022

The charming Hanseatic Inspiration cruise is the best way to experience the Great Lakes by indulging in the best a luxury cruise has to offer. The exceptional food combined with the exciting expeditions and opportunities for observation of the Great Lakes delivers an unmatched cruise experience for its guests.

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