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How to grow your family bond and have moments of fun together?

There is something magical about spending time with your family. After all, the moments of laughter and joy transform into precious memories that can be reminisced. However, don’t you wish to spend more quality time with your family?

Unfortunately, you might not be dedicating as much time to your loved ones as you should. This decade of technological disruption has resulted in addictive distractions like smartphones. With the average time spent on mobile phones increasing, we’ve been spending less time elsewhere.


Ways to Create a Closer Family Bond

Ways to Create a Closer Family Bond


It is in your hands to grow your family bond and create priceless memories.

The Significance of Family Bonding

In the USA, there are more than 83 million families as of 2018. These families should be present for each other in both celebrations and trying times.

Bonding with your family is crucial as it:

  1. Helps establish a sense of belonging
  2. Increases self-esteem
  3. Nurtures positive behaviors
  4. Creates a stronger emotional bond
  5. Improves the quality of future communication between family members

Did you know that American families spend an average of 37 minutes of quality time together every day?

 If that seems alright to you, think again. Compare the figure to the 3 hours and 43 minutes spent on mobile by the average US adult. In other words, the time spent on our mobile versus time spent with our family is in a ratio of 6 is to 1.

Here is what you can do to spend more quality time with your family.

Play Video Games

Do you love playing games at home?

Well, it can become a household tradition. Research confirms that playing video games with your family can result in better family satisfaction and higher closeness. So all you must do is choose a game, set a time and start having some fun. However, make sure the game is G-rated.

Games can even strengthen your cognition by improving your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. What can be better than bonding over technology instead of letting it take over us? So whenever you get the chance to play a couple of video games with your family, take advantage of the opportunity.

Visit an Indoor Arcade

When life feels monotonous, families can benefit from planning excursions. Perhaps you should consider visiting indoor arcades in CT as they are both entertaining and engaging. If all goes well, you can even decide to go there every month. After all, life can seem very dull when you spend too much time on the premises of your home.

If you’re young at heart and you enjoy playing classic arcade games like Grab-N-Win or Pac Man, arcades are perfect. Do yourself a favor and visit and one soon. Whether it be adults or children, both will feel energized by the stimulating environment.

Travel Abroad For a Family Vacation

Planning a vacation abroad can help you appreciate your home even more. We get to see our lives with a fresh perspective after any trip. After all, when you see new and exotic places, you realize how you value the comfort of your home. Moreover, it will help you form memories that will never be forgotten.

Don’t worry about the details as it is possible to have a family vacation without stress. Whatever you do, don’t overpack for the trip. Moreover, instead of panicking, try to set expectations for your children. When you explain to them how the tour will be and ask them to act responsibly, they will oblige.

Arrange A Family Picnic

A trip to the beach and a game of volleyball is all you need to have a wonderful time.

As soon as you approach a weekend with the perfect weather, take advantage of the opportunity, and arrange a family picnic. If you haven’t been to Greenwich beach and you are from Connecticut, you must go there. However, don’t forget to keep the essentials like sunscreen and water before the picnic.

When children grow up, they look back at picnics with warmth in their hearts. Picnics aren’t a big deal for you as an adult, but don’t forget how incredible it is for a kid. Moreover, exposing yourself to a sunny day will result in a healthy intake of Vitamin D.

Cook A Meal Together

If you wish to encourage teamwork within your family, consider cooking a meal together. After all, it is an engaging task that requires careful attention. Moreover, it can help you encourage hygiene practices like washing fruit and vegetables and using clean cutlery.

When you take this endeavor, delegate tasks appropriately, and supervise the actions of the younger ones.

It is a pleasant surprise to see how involved your children get in this exercise. However, you need to be careful when it comes to safety. Keep sharp objects away from the reach of children and don’t let them get near the stove.

Plan a Dinner at Some Restaurant

Do you and your family have a favorite restaurant? If the answer is yes, you should consider planning a dinner there. This way, whoever usually cooks in your house can have a break, and everyone can enjoy a delicious dinner. After all, you should ensure that your family members can overcome and prevent burnout.

It isn’t compulsory to visit only one restaurant all the time. You can also experiment with different restaurants and try fun, exotic dishes. Exposing yourself to various cuisines with your family can be exciting. You can bond over Turkish delights or Chinese Schezwan rice.

Family Movie Night

When all else fails, a movie night can be your savior. Enjoying a bowl of popcorn over a movie with your loved ones is fantastic. Regardless of whether you visit a cinema or watch a film over your home entertainment system, you will bond together.

Technology can also act as a medium for your family to bond over. Watching some wholesome content can prove to be fantastic for your family. Regardless of whether you view a Disney movie or a family flick, it will be worth it at the end.

Final Thoughts

Family members are spending more time near each other than they previously did. But unfortunately, most attention is directed towards devices instead of loved ones. Therefore, family members are effectively neglecting those who deserve love and care the most because of technology.


How to Strengthen Family Bonds

How to Strengthen Family Bonds


It has become necessary to spend quality time with your loved ones, especially if you have children. After all, the more time that you spend with your family, the better you will get along. Consider planning trips abroad or a fun movie night, and you will never regret it. You can even visit an arcade or arrange a picnic as they can make your day more delightful

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Find her on Twitter: @audrey_throne.

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