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Sumba Island – Family Guide To Visit The Gem Island Of Indonesia

Are you thinking of taking a much-deserved break from the noise of your overwhelming life? Are you seeking to spend some quality time with your family? Visit Sumba, Indonesia’s best-kept secret! Home to over 17,000 islands and unimaginable scenic beauty, Indonesia is truly a wonder to behold. One of the least discovered and least unexplored islands of this Southeast Asian gem is none other than the Sumba Island in Indonesia.

Located in Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara province, Sumba is the melting pot of indigenous cultures, rich history, friendly locals, unique traditions and diversity that beckons you towards it.

Sumba is truly the newest hotspot for tourists wishing to broaden their horizons in the world of exotic traveling. The 11,000 km2 area is dotted with pristine beaches with waves that clam your soul, rolling hills, swaying palm trees, rice terraces and an abundance of wildlife. While Sumba is relatively undiscovered and will be a treat for the brave and adventurous at heart, why not enjoy this gorgeous island with your family? From unforgettable views, waterfalls that will submerge you in joy, and beautiful secluded beaches; this trip will be the perfect getaway for you and your family.

Granted, traveling with kids is never easy, but the experience is almost always worth the hassle of meticulously planning every detail to ensure a worry-free excursion. Sumba’s unspoiled beauty is the perfect holiday destination for your family because you can reconnect with nature without the obstruction of development. Read on to find out about the best attractions, fun activities and do and do not’s when it comes to traveling to Sumba Island in Indonesia with kids!

Must-Visit places

Weekuri Lake/Lagoon

This magical salt-water lake in South-west Sumba is sure to be enjoyed by the entire family-especially the young ones! Crystal clear blue waters, waves flowing in and out from under the rocks greeting the constant flow of the water and the marine life clearly visible, this is one place you will never regret visiting. Perfect for swimming and snorkeling, pack your swimsuits and lather the kids with sunscreen to enjoy a serene afternoon amidst the lovely waters.

Explore the local villages


Children are the most beautiful and innocent, loving creatures that adapt to almost any environment that offers love, serenity, and acceptance. Children will gaze in awe at the marvelous stone-walled entrances and unique architecture. The villages and the locals in Sumba are friendly and kind and most certainly even more welcoming to children from around the globe. Visit the Prai Ijing village that is near Waikabubak or experience the true colors of Sumba at the Kampung Tarung cultural village to witness a display of traditional huts, merry children running around, witness the cultural textiles and traditional hand-made fabrics and history that is reflected in every distinct piece displayed for all those who wish to explore this unique village. Why not take the young inquisitive minds to the Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute to acquaint them with the history, culture, and traditions of this beautiful region in a fun and learning-integrated manner?

Hit the beaches!


Ah, sun, sand, and sound of laughter erupting from the little ones, it doesn’t get better than this! Sumba is home to some of the most stunning beaches with clean white sand, rugged coastlines that play flirtatiously with the rolling waves, and the rocks eroded by the serene flow of the blue lagoons. Head over to the Walakiri with amazing mangroves and dual-textured sand that breaks into a firework of colors as the sun sets in the horizon or the Bawana Beach with the highest arched cliff that is the most picturesque spot for a family photo. It’s never too early to introduce the kids to exhilarating water sports! The Ratenggaro Beach is the best getaway for surfers because it hosts long and high waves that can be enjoyed by people of all age-with caution and the right gear, of course! The gorgeous Puru Kambera Beach offers a home to icy blue water surrounded by a pristine stretch of sand complemented by a lush, green savannah to add the cherry to the top. Give your children some binoculars and a camera and let them run far and wide into the clean sand, with no fear, and absolute contentment. Oh, and did we mention that Sumba is famous for its wild horses? The kids will scream in glee!

The Eco-friendly luxury: Nihiwatu Resort

Treat your family to the best of both worlds; wilderness and opulence at the most luxuriously sustainable resort in the world.  This marvelous piece of property in Sumba island supports the awesome Sumba Foundation that is aimed at giving back to the local communities. It is one of the most ecologically-friendly and sustainable resorts in the world and is truly worth all the bucks spent on it. The Nihiwatu resort is no less than a paradise for the young ones for they offer a kid-specific itinerary for the young at heart! From creativity workshops, adventure hunts, stable of rider-friendly horses and classes on horse grooming to movie time, myths and legends and so much more await the arrival of your kids. Trust us; this is a magical resort that promises to deliver an unmatched and unforgettable experience for the entire family.


Celebrity approved!

This beautiful island has hosted David Beckham and his family, what’s stopping you? Beckham was spotted in Sumba as he took his kids to the infamous Sumba foundation to teach English and football to the local kids. Countless rich people, celebrities and those seeking a perfect getaway to nature’s endless magic are seen crowding the island by every passing year.

Helpful tips for traveling to Sumba with kids:

Make sure to pack any essentials such as sunscreen, medicines and a first-aid kit. Baby-wipes, diapers, safe snacks, clean water, and extra clothes! Always carry a car-seat or carrier if your child is too small. Electronic devices will be your savior; sometimes kids will be kids don’t be stiffy about extra screen time. Sumba is an ecological, unspoiled territory with wilderness and exotic beauty. It will be in the best interest of the entire family if you respect the local culture and preserve the untouched beauty of the place. Encourage them to explore and hand them a camera to document a lifetime of memoirs!

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