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5 Tips for Planning a Road Trip When Traveling With Kids

Are you planning a road trip with your children? During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, road trips were a no-no with stay-at-home orders in effect. While the coronavirus is far from over, people are going about their lives as normally as possible.

A road trip can be great whether you and your spouse want to take your kids to Disney World or you’re divorced and want to spend quality time with your kids when they’re living with you.

Continue reading to learn about five tips to consider when road-tripping with little ones.

  1. Figure Out Your Rest Spots
Road Trip When Traveling With Kids
Road Trip When Traveling With Kids

If you’re the sort of road-tripper who keeps driving until you need to refuel your vehicle, that’s won’t work when kids are part of the road trip. It’s a good idea to stop at least every couple of hours to take a bathroom break, stretch your limbs, and get something to eat if necessary.

When you have children with you, it’s all the more important to take breaks. Otherwise, they’ll be miserable by the time you arrive at the destination. And you’ll probably get tired of hearing the question kids often ask on long road trips: “Are we there yet?”

Are there great restaurants along the way that will make a good rest stop? Are there attractions you can stop at to make the trip more interesting for your kids? Take some time out for a change of pace. Remember that the journey — not just the destination — should be fun.

  1. Bring Some Treats

It’s also a good idea to bring some treats for your kids — or you can stop to get some along the way. While you won’t want to encourage bad eating habits, allowing your kids to indulge on occasion can be okay. Perhaps they have a favorite fast food joint. You can stop for lunch or dinner on the way to your destination. Perhaps they’d love to go to an ice cream shop for a sweet treat. The goal is to make the trip more enjoyable by getting them something they like.

  1. Let Your Kids Take Photos

Allow your kids to get out of the vehicle and take pictures. Have your kids whip out their cameras if you go to roadside attractions. You might be surprised at what they decide to take pictures of. When you arrive at the destination, let your kids show what pictures were taken. You might even want to share some with family and friends on your social media accounts.

  1. Play Car Games

Another way to make a road trip more manageable for your kids is by playing car games. You might have your kids see how many different state license plates they can find on a specific stretch of highway. The one who finds the most state license plates will be declared the winner. You can also play the I Spy game to help everyone pass the time. Another option is to play a trivia game. Ensure the questions are age-appropriate so everyone can participate.

  1. Use the Right Vehicle

If you want to go on a road trip that everyone will enjoy, ensure the vehicle you use is appropriate. You shouldn’t try to stuff lots of people, pets, and luggage into a car that’s too small for everyone and everything. If you must, rent an appropriately sized vehicle. It doesn’t make sense to plan a trip and use the wrong vehicle. And that’s all the more the case if you’re traveling a long distance.

If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be able to plan a great road trip for you and your kids. Remember that road trips aren’t just about the destination. The journey there and back matters. And you’ll want to put even more effort into ensuring this is the case if you’re going with kids.

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