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Top 10 Natural Wonders to Take Your Kids before They’re Grown Up

There are unlimited miraculous wonders that have been created by nature. Every time you will visit a natural wonder, it will make you thoughtful and compel to question yourself about its magical presence. The best thing to do while your kids are still in the growing years is to educate them by taking them to these wonders. This will enable them to experience the wonders from close distance and learn great things about them.

The top 10 natural wonders where you must take your kids before they’re grown up are listed out here:

  • Sahara

World’s largest hot desert Sahara, in Northern Africa tops the list of the natural wonders. It is mostly occupied with hard, barren, rocky plateaus and less of sand. This desert gets scanty rainfall, even less than three inches on an average. A proper guided tour of Sahara will let your kids know about desert life and make them mentally strong to counter adverse situations in life.

  • Mount Everest

A thrilling trip to this highest mountain on Earth with an altitude of 29,029 ft. with the ClearTrip coupons will be an unforgettable experience for your kids. Your kids can either take part in small trekking expeditions or just witness the spectacular views of Mount Everest from close vicinity. This mountain located on the border of Nepal and Tibet will inculcate craze for thrill and adventure in them.

  • Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the only coral reef in the world that can be seen from space. This largest reef stretches over 3000 kilometers or 1,900 miles to be precise. Its structure is made by living organisms like dolphins, sea snakes, whales, green sea turtles, etc. During their visit to this beautiful place, your kids will encounter uncountable species of marine animals which will enrich their knowledge base.

  • The Giant’s Causeway

Ireland has got the Giant Steps that will confuse you to think that it might have been manmade. The truth is it is the outcome of ocean waves cutting the rocks for almost thousands of years. This breathtaking natural wonder in the UK provides a relaxing learning environment to your kids, and they will enjoy exploring the secrets of this place.

  • Grand Canyon

Located in the Northern Arizona of the United States, the Grand Canyon is an attractive tourist landscape. It has been carved by the Colorado River for millions of years and has got a depth of 1 mile and is 277 miles long. Visiting this place with your kids by availing the flight ticket offers will help them to understand the power of natural forces and Mother Nature.

  • Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge of Utah is home to spectacular red sandstone cliffs. This is a 300 feet high and 270 feet wide arch of sandstone formed naturally which makes a beautiful and unique place to visit with your kids. These cliffs have been shaped by Mother Nature and are considered as one of the beautiful natural places in the world.

  • Victoria Falls

No other waterfall in the world can be as aesthetically beautiful as the Victoria Falls of Zimbabwe. The breathtaking view of the waterfall is something to admire and fall in love with. This will not only leave your kid awe-struck with wonder but will help him, or her realize how magnificent and beautiful nature can be.

  • Columbia Icefields

A visit to the icefields of Columbia located in the Alberta Canadian Rockies will give your kids a real-life opportunity to witness glacier and take part in the thrilling adventures. The Columbia ice fields receiving up to 23 feet of snowfall every year feed the vital most glaciers namely Athabasca, Dome, Castleguard, Stutfield, Columbia, and the Saskatchewan Glaciers.

  • Amazon

Amazon, the largest river on the planet in terms of volume is another natural wonder to visit with your kids. It has been a home to more than 3000 divine species that are yet to be discovered. The wildlife found in the Amazon rainforest is an unparallel beauty consisting of varied biodiversity. Kid’s will hear new sounds, see new species of animals and get the experience of wild jungle life during their visit to this place.

  • Vredefort Dome

The Vredefort Dome in the southwest of Johannesburg, South Africa has formed two billion years ago when a meteorite ranging about 10km in diameter had hit the earth surface. The 300 km wide impact created in this place has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site now. Your visit to this place with kids will be a fun experience where they will learn some astronomical facts.

So, these were the top 10 natural wonders that your children truly deserve to know about. Tick off this bucket list before your kids grow up and become busy in their academic life. Take them along with you and let them have an experience of a lifetime.

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