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Top 10 things to do with kids when in Boston

Finally, the time has come for you and your family to spend some quality time together, and not anywhere, but in one of the greatest and most historic cities in America, and one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities too.

The whole region of Boston is very much easy to navigate on foot, and that makes it so much more special for a trip with your kids. The whole area of Boston is filled with museums, parks, historical sites, zoos, family attractions, and it is all reachable by just a short trip with the subway, bus or commuter rail.




To shorten your planning time and plan the best route and visit everything, here is a list of 10 “a must” visit places in Boston for you and your family.

  • Boston duck tours – you cannot allow yourself to be in Boston and not have the Boston Duck Tour, this is a big “a must” thing to do. The tour is taken by a W.W.II amphibious style landing vehicle (very cool), and it takes you past Boston landmarks, and the whole tour is presented with a lot of humor, which is fun for the kids because they will learn about Boston through jokes and humor. The tour takes you to Charles River and ends with a spectacular view of Boston skylines. Hint: look for an online discount for early booking!
  • The Freedom Trail – walking through this historical and one of the oldest cities in the US is pretty fun, especially if you know your history and want to pass it over to your kids. The Freedom Trail includes most of the notable landmarks in Boston, and it is marked in detail and so easy to track. It is best to use a guided tour, and learn all about the Old South Meeting House, Faneuil Hall, the Granary Burial Ground and much more, however, if you know your history, you can do the trail for free (if you know it good, if not, don’t confuse your kids, take a tour).
  • A visit to the museum – you can choose from a countless number of museums in Boston, from historical to science museums, and whatever you choose you won’t make a mistake. Because you are with your kids, visit the Boston Children Museum, founded in 1913. Here your kids will be able to interact with exhibits and learn a lot through play and games on a huge inside playground designed for learning, which is always fun! Hint: visit the museum Friday from 5 pm to 9 pm, then the admission is only $1.
  • New England Aquarium – if you are looking for a fun time, this is the place where it is so hard not to have fun. Penguins, sharks, sea turtles and hundreds of other varieties will be more than enough for your kids to go wild. Your kids will be able to hold in their hands’ sea stars and crabs at the aquarium touch tank, then visit the four-story Giant Ocean Tank presenting the beauties of the Caribbean coral reef, see the sea lions. Make sure to buy tickets online because the line at the entrance can be quite long, especially during weekends, and also check the schedule for special activities, they are the most fun, like feeding the penguins, or some training session.
  • LEGOLAND Discovery Center – Lego is fun for everyone, not just kids, especially when you wake up the kid in you. Racing Lego cars, building blocks, and seeing Boston’s best buildings replica made all out of Lego blocks. There are two indoor rides, Merlin’s Apprentice where you pedal to go higher, and Kingdom Quest Laser Rider where you can laser zap your enemies. Also, make sure you visit the Lego Master Builder Academy, where master builders will build anything from Lego blocks, it is fascinating! The visit is planned to take you 2-3 hours, but don’t be surprised if you spend your whole day here!
  • Museum of science – yes, another museum, but this one is special, especially if your kid is into science. If not, this visit should hook him/her up. This museum holds the largest air-insulated Van De Graaff generator, and nothing beats indoor lightings, right? It is nearly impossible to visit all the exhibits, not to forget the seasonal exhibits, but be sure to visit the Investigation Station, the live animal exhibits and of course, the planetarium!
  • td garden boston – also, a big “a must”, a very popular landmark, a home of the Celtics and the Bruins, and home of many other events. Whether you’d like to enjoy a hockey or ball game or visit a concert or a wrestling show, you’ll surely have a ton of fun. You will feel the spirit of Gift shops, food courts, all freshly renovated to fit the modern Boston style. Proposal – Purchase td garden tickets, take your kids to a Bruins game, kids simply love hockey, and bring more money, prices at the Garden can be pretty high!
  • Franklin Park Zoo – this zoo is designed to entertain young visitors and spread on 72 acres it is a day filled with fun. For the youngest, there is the Franklin Farm where petting sheep and dwarf goats are always welcomed and can be a thrilling experience for your kid. Be sure to visit the Gorilla Encounter at the Tropical Forest exhibit every day at 2 p.m., and see the lions and zebras in the wide-open Giraffe Savana. Hint: wear comfy shoes, there is a lot of walking if you want to catch all of the exhibits, but hey, it’s worth it!
  • Whale watching cruises – spectacular, and a great experience for any age. Humpback, minke finback and right whales return every year to the Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary to feed, and they can put up a real show jumping and slapping in the water with incredible ease, considering they can weight up to 40 tons. The most recommended cruise is held by the Boston Harbor Cruises, and it lasts for 3 hours of pure entertainment. Of course, if you want to go to the whale watching cruise, visit Boston from late March to mid-November!
  • The Esplanade – taking a break is always good, and when you need a break, head to the Esplanade, a parkland stretching for 3 miles along the Charles River. You can do almost everything here, walk, bike, have fun at the playgrounds, rent a boat, or just have a family picnic. Also, there are a lot of events all year long, from concerts to family movies!

Have fun!

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